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With over 4,400 locations in the U.S and over 6,800 worldwide, Dairy Queen is undoubtedly one of the largest fast food chains in America.

Best known for their hamburgers and ice cream offerings (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love their Blizzards), they are a wonderful place to stop by for a quick meal.

But does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay?

Fortunately, it does appear that now in 2022, Dairy Queen does in fact accept Apple Pay at most of their locations. It seems that the launch of Apple Pay started to really take off around 2019, which is around the same time that Taco Bell introduced Apple Pay as well.

To test, we sought out Dairy Queens in Washington, California, Texas, New York, and North Dakota. We also looked for a mix of both urban and rural locations.

In each location that we tested, Apple Pay was supported as a payment option.

Note however that Dairy Queen operates under a franchise model, with individual owners. Just like deals and promotions may only happen at participating locations, the same idea may be true with Apple Pay.

Roll out of Apple Pay seems to be happening over time, and it is possible that your local Dairy Queen does not yet accept Apple Pay, and may choose not to accept it in the future. Let’s look into how you can find out for yourself.

How To Determine If Your Local Dairy Queen Accepts Apple Pay

In order to find out whether or not your local Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay, you have two options.

You can either call the restaurant directly and ask, or you can use the Maps app that comes installed with all iOS devices.

Finding Dairy Queen Locations With Apple Pay

Here are the directions:

  1. Open up the ‘Maps’ app on your iPhone or iPad. Note that this has to be Apple Maps, not a third-party application like Google Maps.
  2. Type in your local Dairy Queen. If you have location services off, you should also type in your city.
  3. Click on the Dairy Queen of your choosing, and scroll down. Locate a section called ‘Useful To Know’.
  4. Within this section, look for either the Apple Pay logo, or a line that says “Accepts Apple Pay.” If either of these are present, then that specific Dairy Queen does in fact support Apple Pay.

This is one way to check that only takes a few seconds.

However, even if the Apple Maps app shows that your desired location does accept Apple Pay, it is still wise to bring a secondary payment option just in case.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay In The Drive-Thru?

Dairy Queen Apple Pay Drive-Thru

It does appear that many of the Dairy Queen locations offering Apple Pay inside at the register, also offer Apple Pay when going through the drive-thru as well.

Here, I’ve managed to locate a Facebook post by a Dairy Queen in Gardner, Kansas, confirming that DQ does in fact offer Apple Pay in the drive-thru as well.

Of course, this may not be supported at all locations, which is why bringing a back-up option is always a good idea.

When going through the drive-thru, be sure to ask the employee if Apple Pay is supported. Apple Pay support may also be indicated by an Apple Pay sticker on the drive-thru window.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay For Online Orders?

Payment Options In The Dairy Queen App

In order to find out wither Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay when ordering online, I went and downloaded the official Dairy Queen app.

Unfortunately, it appears that Apple Pay is not accepted when purchasing online. The only option that appeared was to enter a credit or debit card.

This was the case even for locations that accept Apple Pay when ordering at the location itself.

What Other Payment Methods Does Dairy Queen Accept?

Of course, if you are unable to use Apple Pay for whatever reason, Dairy Queen also accepts a number of other payment options. These include:

  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Other NFC contactless payment options
  • Cash
  • American Express
  • Discover Cards
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Most major debit cards
  • Most major credit cards
  • Dairy Queen gift cards

Using The Apple Card At Dairy Queen

When paying with Apple Pay and the Apple Card, you are eligible for up to 2% cash back on all purchases (Dairy Queen is not one of the merchants that grants 3%.)

2% is standard for credit cards, and many other cash back cards also offer up to 2% on general purchases.

However, if you order Dairy Queen frequently, it may be a better deal to opt for a credit card that offers bonus cash back on restaurant purchases. Typically, these cards can give you up to 5% cash back.

Over time, these additional savings can really add up!

What Other Fast Food Restaurants Accept Apple Pay?

Looking for something other than Dairy Queen? We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some other fast food restaurants that also accept Apple Pay:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Wendy’s
  • Taco Bell
  • Chili’s
  • Subway
  • KFC
  • Chick-fil-A

Of course, this list is not complete. Check if your desired restaurant uses Apple Pay using Apple Maps and the instructions above.


Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay? It seems to vary by location. However, it does seem as if the overwhelming majority – if not all locations do now accept Apple Pay in 2022.

Of course, in order to be absolutely sure, you should contact the restaurant or look it up using Apple Maps.

And don’t forget to bring a backup payment option just in case!

Enjoy your meal,

– James McAllister


Dairy Queen is a registered trademark of its owner. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Dairy Queen in any way. We are not speaking in any official capacity, and cannot guarantee accuracy of this information as facts may change at any time. For the most up-to-date information, contact Dairy Queen directly or visit their official website. The Dairy Queen name is used only for nominative fair use.

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