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TJ Maxx is an incredibly popular retail chain, with more than 1,200 stores in the United States – selling clothing, toys, home goods, and gift items at discount prices.

When you consider that TJX Companies – the owner of TJ Maxx, also owns Marshalls, HomeGoods and other similar stores, their number of total retail stores actually ends up being over 4,500!

Therefore, any time this company makes a move, it is big news.

But does TJ Maxx take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

Does TJ Maxx Accept Apple Pay?

Fortunately, it does seem that Apple Pay is now accepted at all TJ Maxx stores.

This change originally started to roll out in 2019. Reports from consumers have indicated that beginning in 2019, some stores began not only to accept Apple Pay, but to actively advertise that they do so.

During this time, other people mentioned that their local stores weren’t yet accepting it – however, that now seems to have changed.

Therefore, you can feel confident during your next shopping trip that TJ Maxx does in fact accept Apple Pay at all of their stores. It also appears that TJ Maxx accepts Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and all other NFC-based contactless payment options.

Of course, it is still helpful to bring a backup payment method just in case. You never know when your phone will die, or there’s also the odd chance that the store may experience technical difficulties.

How To Confirm That Your Local TJ Maxx Accepts Apple Pay

Of course, the surest way to confirm whether or not your local TJ Maxx accepts Apple Pay is to call them.

However, if they are closed or you’d rather not place a phone call, there is a way you can do this directly on your iPhone or iPad as well.

TJ Maxx Apple Pay Acceptance

To start, open up the Maps app on your phone. Make sure you’re using Apple Maps (simply called ‘Maps’) that came preinstalled on your device, and not a third-party application like Google Maps.

Next, type in ‘TJ Maxx’ and look for your local store.

Click on it, and scroll down. Under the ‘Useful To Know’ section, you should either see the Apple Pay logo, or a phrase that says “Accepts Apple Pay”. You can see this indicated in the screenshot above (the logo is there on the right-hand side.)

Does TJ Maxx Take Apple Pay Online?

In addition to their retail stores, it does appear that TJ Maxx also takes Apple Pay online – both when visiting their online store in Safari, and also while using the official T.J.Maxx app.

TJ Maxx Apple Pay Online

When it comes time to make your purchase, you are presented with three payment options – Checkout, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Simply click on the Apple Pay button and continue your purchase as usual.

What Other Payment Methods Does TJ Maxx Accept?

In addition to Apple Pay, there are a wide variety of other payment methods that are accepted at TJ Maxx stores. Some of these include the following:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Most major debit cards
  • Most major credit cards
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Any other NFC-based contactless payment options
  • PayPal (when shopping online)
  • TJx Gift Cards (which also work at Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, and other TJx stores)
  • TJ Maxx Gift Cards

Note that TJ Maxx also has their own credit credit card, the TJX Rewards® credit card, which you can also store inside of your Apple Wallet.

Maximizing Cash Back At TJ Maxx With Apple Pay

If you’re an owner of the Apple Card, you likely know that Apple offers 2% cash back for every purchase made with Apple Pay, with a few exceptions.

While certain retailers will earn you 3% cash back, TJ Maxx unfortunately isn’t on that list. Therefore, you will only earn the standard 2% cash back when shopping at TJ Maxx with Apple Pay and the Apple Card.

However, if you have the TJX Rewards card, this will offer you 5% cash back on all qualifying purchases made at TJX stores – TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post to name a few.

Therefore, if you shop frequently at TJ Maxx, it may be worth picking up this card. There is no annual fee, so it is worth considering!


Does TJ Maxx accept Apple Pay? Fortunately they do – Apple Pay is accepted at a payment option at all TJ Maxx stores, as well as online or through their app.

Therefore, you can shop with ease knowing your desired payment option will be accepted.

Enjoy up to 2% cash back with the Apple Card, or if you shop at TJX stores frequently, consider picking up the TJX Rewards card for up to 5% cash back on all purchases at their stores.

And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them using the comment form below!


TJ Maxx and TJX are registered trademarks of their owners. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by TJ Maxx in any way. We are not speaking in any official capacity, and cannot guarantee accuracy of this information as facts may change at any time. For the most up-to-date information, contact TJ Maxx directly or visit their official website. TJ Maxx and TJX names are used only for nominative fair use.





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