Usage of Apple Pay has grown dramatically in recent years. And with the increase in demand, we’ve also seen an increase in stores that accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Therefore, we wanted to put together this mega list of all the various stores that accept Apple Pay. We’ve sought out this information and verified its accuracy by contacting the companies directly, checking their official websites, and verifying with Apple to ensure Apple Pay is accepted.

Additionally, we have broken the stores, retailers and websites into categories, then alphabetized them so specific companies are quick to check. So if you’re wondering what stores take Apple Pay, you’re about to see an enormous list.

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Ordering from marketplace websites like Etsy can be scary.

Doubly so in fact, when you consider that Etsy is mostly made up of small, independent sellers rather than trustworthy businesses with a reputation to protect.

Therefore, it’s perfectly reasonable to question whether or not ordering on their platform is safe or not.

However, while there are a a few scammers on Etsy, the majority of sellers are perfectly legitimate, and even in the case of scams, Etsy should stand by you.

But how do you know if an Etsy seller is legit before purchasing? In this article, I’ll cover 6 top tips.

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If you’ve ever spent much time following content creators (especially on social media), you may have stumbled upon a Linktree link.

These are links that are most commonly found in people’s Instagram, Twitter or TikTok bios, and creators encourage people to click on them. They are usually abbreviated to followed by the creator’s link.

But actually are linktrees, and are they safe to click on?

Let’s find out!

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While there are many places you can buy pumpkins each year, many families seek them out at Walmart due to Walmart’s friendly pricing.

But does Walmart sell pumpkins, and if so  – how much do they cost? Are they sold outside of just October and November?

Let’s find out!

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Did you know that there are over 9,500 7-Eleven stores in the United States Alone?

While best well known for being one of the world’s largest convenience store chains in America, many 7-Eleven stores also have gas stations as well, that can be used to refuel your car.

But does 7-Eleven take EBT or food stamps, and if so, what items are eligible?

In this article, we cover everything that you need to know.

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