Are you trying to sign into Facebook, but are receiving the following error?

“The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled.”

This error can be frustrating to experience, especially if you aren’t sure why it’s appearing, or what you can do to fix it.

Thankfully, both the cause and solution are rather straightforward. So, in this article, I’ll be showing you how to solve it for good!

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 Are you trying to call someone, but getting a message similar to the following?

“The person you’re trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.” Or, “The person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time.”

This is known as an ‘intercept message’, and can be quite alarming to experience!

But what actually causes this message to play, and why would a person not be accepting a calls? The truth is, it usually occurs for reasons that most people wouldn’t expect!

So, in this article, I’ll be going over 7 different reasons why the person you’re trying to reach would be unable to accept calls, and what can be done to solve it.

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Have you recently checked USPS tracking, and noticed a bright red message that says ‘Processing Exception’ at the top of it?

Sometimes the full message will also read ‘Processing Exception – Other Delay’, ‘Processing Exception – Weather Delay’, or in rare cases, ‘The postal service has identified a problem with the processing of this item.’

But what do these messages actually mean? What causes them, and how will it affect the delivery of your package?

These are all excellent questions. In this article, I’ll be covering this message in detail, along with what you can do to get your package as quickly as possible.

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Are you sick of seeing Marketplace listings from sellers that are too far away from you?

This can be annoying, especially if you know there’s no way you’d ever be able to purchase those items.

Thankfully, Facebook allows you to restrict the listings to just your local area, and turning this setting on is actually quite simple!

So, in this article I’ll be showing you step-by-step how you can set Facebook Marketplace to local only, and even set it so you only see listings within a certain number of miles from your house.

Let’s get started!

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Did you know that Shein will sometimes allow you to get a refund on your purchase, without actually requiring you to return the items?

It’s true!

However, in order for a returnless refund to be granted, your return request must meet certain criteria.

In this article, I’ll be sharing what those criteria actually are. I’ll also be sharing some tips to help you get a refund without having to return the item, even when you otherwise would have to. So, I highly recommend reading this article all the way through – hopefully preventing Shein from requiring a return!

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If you’ve ordered a package internationally and it’s being shipped via FedEx, at some point you’ll see a message saying ‘international shipment release import.’

But what does this message actually mean?

In this article, I’ll be answering that question. I’ll also cover what will happen next, when your package is likely to arrive, and what to do if FedEx tracking gets stuck on this message for several days or longer.

So, let’s get into it!

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