Are you planning on publishing a short video on YouTube, and wonder if it will still be eligible for monetization?

It’s common to wonder if very short videos can even monetized at all – especially when the video would be even shorter than the ads that may appear before it!

So, what is the minimum video length? In this article I’ll be answering that question, along with whether or not you should publish the video as a YouTube Short instead.

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Have you ever thought about how YouTubers get paid – and what actually helps creators grow on the platform?

It’s common for YouTubers to ask for likes at the end of their videos, but does this actually help them make money? In fact, what do likes actually do?

These are great questions, and the answer is actually pretty interesting.

So, in this article I’ll be answering these questions, as well as talking about the other factors that help creators make money on YouTube. If you’re a creator yourself or you simply want to help your favorite YouTubers out, you’ll certainly learn how!

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When choosing a niche or simply measuring your business progress, it’s easy to focus on your total audience size.

We all want to have as big of an audience as possible. We see websites with hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors and think,

“Why couldn’t that be me? What am I doing wrong? My content is a lot better then theirs, and look how successful they are!”

This is a dangerous way to think, and can set you up for the wrong targets.

The reality is, it is possible to make 10x the income with an audience a fraction of the size, and it’s dependent on several different factors.

Let’s look over some of these now, and prove that audience size – for the most part, doesn’t matter when it comes to online business success.

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Every action you take in business either costs you money, or it costs you time.

As entrepreneurs, it goes without saying that we very well may be low on both of these. From the new business owner working a full-time job on top of running their business, to the cash-strapped company that can’t afford to make that extra hire, we are often spread extremely thin without much to show for it.

Unfortunately, unless we change the way that we approach business, it is easy to stay stuck in this trap forever.

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Google recently released an update targeting product review websites, which has sent Amazon Affiliates scrambling.

It makes sense. Amazon affiliates have been hit hard this last year, with Amazon cutting commission rates and making it even more challenging to make money with the program.

But is Google’s product review update the final nail in the coffin?

No, and in this article I’ll show you why it can actually be a good thing.

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If you’ve registered for Amazon’s affiliate program, you probably realized pretty quickly that Amazon doesn’t exactly make it easy to promote their products.

Manually going over to their website and grabbing their link is a tedious process.

Then – if you actually play by the rules, you aren’t even allowed to download the pictures from the listing. You have to fetch them from the API, which can take even more time.

It’s a huge hassle.

Fortunately, developers have recognized the need to simplify this process, and have developed a number of WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates to use.

Truth be told, they can save a lot of time and make it even easier to promote products within your content – among a number of other useful features!

In this article, I will be covering the top Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress, including both free and paid options.

Note that only plugins specifically designed for Amazon’s affiliate program will be mentioned. Link cloaking plugins for example – which are good for other affiliate marketing channels, aren’t allowed by Amazon, so they won’t be mentioned.

Let’s get to it!

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