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Ross Dress For Less is an extremely popular discount retailer, with over 1,600 stores in the U.S alone.

It’s a wonderful place to shop for clothing and other household items, at bargain prices.

But does Ross take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

Does Ross Accept Apple Pay?

If you’re a fan of using Apple Pay on your iPhone, then I have great news! Ross does in fact accept Apple Pay at all of their stores.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful that Ross has adapted with the advances in technology, and have decided to equip all of their stores with registers capable of utilizing Apple Pay (and Samsung Pay too, for that matter.)

This means that you should have no problem utilizing Apple Pay at any of its stores. However, it is always wise to carry an additional payment method with you just in case your phone dies, or you experience any technical difficulties.

If you’ve never used Apple Pay before, it essentially allows you to keep a digital version of your credit cards with you in your phone. You can then pay directly from your phone using the contactless card readers available at Ross Stores.

Note that Ross does not have any sort of online store, or app that you can shop from. Therefore, Apple Pay is only available for use in their retail stores.

Confirming Your Local Ross Stores Accepts Apple Pay

If you’d like to confirm that your local Ross store accepts Apple Pay or you need additional assurance, there is a way to check without needing to call the store.

To do this, simply open up Apple Maps, and search for your local Ross.

Then, click on it and scroll down. Look for a section that says “Useful To Know”. There, it should either show the Apple Pay logo, or a statement that says, “Accepts Apple Pay”.

You can see this illustrated in the picture above.

Of course, this step is largely unnecessary, as we’ve already confirmed that Ross accepts Apple Pay in all stores. However, this can be useful for other retailers such as Michaels (who only accepts Apple Pay at certain stores at the time of writing.)

What Other Payment Methods Does Ross Accept?

In addition to Apple Pay, Ross Dress For Less also accepts the following payment methods at their stores:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Samsung Pay
  • Check
  • Most major debit cards
  • Most major credit cards
  • Ross gift cards
  • Cash (of course!)

At this time, it does not seem that Ross supports Google Pay as a payment option. However, if Google Pay continues to grow in popularity, we predict it may be accepted in the future.

The Apple Card, and Cash Back

Like all purchases done using Apple Pay, you are eligible for cash back rewards when shopping at Ross with Apple Pay.

For Apple Pay purchases, Apple is currently offering 2% cash back when shopping at Ross with the Apple Card.

While so merchants will earn you 3% cash back, unfortunately Ross isn’t on that list.

However, 2% for general purchases is still considered to be pretty good among credit card users.


Does Ross take Apple Pay? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Apple Pay is accepted at all Ross stores, making it a great payment option if you choose to shop there.

While you should always bring a backup payment option just in case, you can feel confident that Apple Pay will be accepted during your next Ross shopping trip.

Have fun!


Ross Dress For Less is a registered trademark of its owner. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Ross in any way. We are not speaking in any official capacity, and cannot guarantee accuracy of this information as facts may change at any time. For the most up-to-date information, contact Ross directly or visit their official website. Ross name is used only for nominative fair use.

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