Are you planning on posting a message on a Discord channel, but want your message to be hidden from others?

Currently, there are several different ways to hide messages on Discord – either from specific people, or from everyone entirely.

Depending on the specific goal you have in mind, the method you’ll want to use to hide your message can vary.

So, in this article, let’s look over the different ways to hide messages on Discord, so you can choose the method that’s right for you!

1. Use Spoiler Tags

Discord Spoiler Example

The first, and most common way to hide messages on Discord is to use spoiler tags.

Spoiler tags will temporarily hide the message wrapped within the tags. If somebody wants to view the hidden content, all they have to do is click on the text that’s being hidden by a spoiler tag, and the message will reveal itself to that person only.

This makes it great for hiding certain content that may spoil or shock certain users, hence the ‘spoiler’ name. Its usage is popular in Discord servers in which stories, movies, tv shows or games are discussed, where certain discussions can spoil critical plot lines or surprises for others.

Using Spoiler Tag Discord

To use a spoiler tag on Discord, all you have to do is highlight the text you want to mark as a spoiler. Then, click on the icon that looks like an eyeball.

Alternatively, you can wrap the text in || tags, like this. ||

On most English keyboards, the | key can be accessed by holding shift, and pressing on the \ key.

Note that some servers require any content that may be deemed as a spoiler to be wrapped in spoiler tags. So, this is something to keep in mind!

2. Send Out A Blank Message To Push Them Off The Screen

The next strategy to use if you want to hide a message on Discord – but not necessarily prevent people from seeing it, is to send a large blank message that pushes it off the screen.

This is exactly what it sounds like.

Sending a large, clear blank message effectively clears the current chat window, pushing all of the messages that are currently on it off the screen. This requires people to manually scroll up if they want to view the previously posted messages.

Of course, many people won’t bother, or if they were AFK for a minute they may not even realize that a blank message was even sent, once other people start chatting again.

To learn how to send a blank message on Discord – as well as copy several templates, click here!

3. Send Them Privately

If you want to hide messages from specific groups of people, then you should be mindful of where you send them!

Discord makes it easy to hold conversations with specific groups of people – from large servers with hundreds of thousands of members, to one-on-one direct messages with individual people.

Some features that are less commonly used however are group messages, and private channels.

If you’ll be regularly sending messages you only want visible to select groups of people, you have a lot of options.

For example, you could create a separate server just for those people, start a private group DM, or assign them a special role in your server.

Then, create a new channel and lock it so only members with that role can join.

Note that you can only have up to 250 different roles on one Discord server, and a group DM can only have up to 10 members.

So, keep these limits in mind when deciding how you want to limit messages to a specific group!

Tip: If your server is small, avoid creating too many member-specific channels. This may hurt participation in the main channels, which can cause your server to appear inactive or make it less appealing to new members.

4. Use Moderator Privileges To Delete Them

Finally, if you are an owner or staff member of a server and you want a message to be hidden from everyone, you can use your moderator privileges to delete it.

This will immediately make it hidden from everyone on the server, including other staff members.

Usually, it’s a good idea to delete messages that break your server rules as quickly as possible, and issue punishment if it’s warranted.

Of course, even without moderator privileges, you can always delete your own messages at any time as well. This is as simple as right-clicking on your message, and pressing the delete button.


Currently, there are many different ways to hide messages from others on Discord.

While the spoiler tag is the most common method to hide Discord messages, other methods may be better suited for your specific situation. So, understanding all of them will give you a lot of options to work with.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about hiding messages on Discord, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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