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By: James McAllister


Some of the worlds best bloggers today were completely clueless when they first started blogging. In fact, most bloggers started blogging as a hobby rather than a profession, completely clueless about what lied ahead of them. Beginning blogging could be a wonderful experience, which may eventually play a big part of your life. However, there are a few important things to know before you start.

1. Blogging Is Never Easy

If there’s one thing you should know before you begin blogging, it’s that you shouldn’t expect to have an easy time. Blogging for profit is never an easy experience, no matter who you’ve been told it from. If you’re serious about starting a blog, expect to invest a lot of time in it. We’re not talking days, weeks, or even months. We’re talkingĀ years of time. Years of investment. It may take years before you start making any serious money. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Don’t Focus On The Money

If you don’t actually enjoy blogging, you’re never going to stick around long enough to make money. Because it can take such a long time to start making serious money, if it’s your only incentive to blog, your blog is most likely going to fail. I’ve always had the mindset that the money is just a bonus – and if you think of it that way, you’re more likely to stick around until it becomes a full time job.

3. Find Your Niche

This one ties in closely to number 2 – if you don’t find a niche you’re interested out, you’ll get bored. You’ll begin thinking of blogging more as a job than as a hobby. If you find something you’re truly passionate about, you’ll enjoy blogging and the money will come along with it.

4. You’ll Have To Learn Marketing

Writing the content for a blog is only half the work. Unless you’re already super popular, you’ll also have to market your website. This means everything from actively participating on social media websites to blog commenting and more. In fact, marketing is such an important part of creating a website that you perhaps shouldn’t blog everyday, just so you have more time to market.

5. It Will Pay Off

Despite all the statements here, making a living online is still completely possible. If you’re committed and dedicated enough to succeed, I guarantee you will. By finding your niche and sticking with it, you will make money, and your time will have been well worth it.

Experienced bloggers – what other tips would you share to beginners? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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