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By: James McAllister


When Adsense was first released, you were only allowed to have one ad unit on a web page at one time. However, since then, Google has increased the amount of units you’re allowed to have up to three. But is using all 3 available units actually a good idea? Did you know it’s actually possible to increase your profit by displaying less ads? Ironic, right? Here’s why. 

First, you need to understand how Google’s Adsense bot works. The bot scans the page the ad is displayed on, scanning for keywords on the page. The keywords the bot finds will affect what ads are displayed on your page.

Every unit you place on your page is competing to display advertisements. Google wants to make more money, so they’re going to display the ad with the highest cost per click. Great, right? Maybe not.

After all, what if those ads aren’t being clicked?

Google gives priority to the advertisements that are placed higher up on the page. So if your top ads aren’t being clicked, all the ads below that are being clicked are earning less money. Depending on your niche and the amount of content on the page, the difference in your advertisements CPC may be drastic.

I experienced this firsthand a while ago. My Adsense earnings almost doubled overnight, simply due to moving an advertisement around. My highest clicked ad was in the middle of the page, while my lowest clicked one was at the top. I removed the pointless ad at the top of the page, and suddenly, the ad in the middle starting earning a ton more per click.

If you remove the useless advertisements that aren’t being clicked, your ads that are being clicked will start making more money, which is exactly why less units may make you more money.

If you have units that aren’t performing well, try removing them. The key to maximizing your profit with Google Adsense is to experiment, so by removing ads that aren’t making much money, you may actually end up making more. Try it out!

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