When starting a new blog, one of the most questionable things is how often you should update it. How often you should publish a new blog post. Some say that if you want to rank above your competitors, you need to publish a new article everyday. But is this true? Should you blog everyday? 

For New Blogs:

Chances are, you probably don’t need to. In fact, blogging every day may actually hurt you, and here’s why.

Starting up a new blog takes up a lot of time. You have to design it, set all your options, even set up social media profiles. Writing a new blog article every day on top of all that really takes up a lot of time.

And with no time, you’re missing the most important aspect of owning a website – marketing.

After all, what good is having a ton of content if there’s nobody there to read it? What point is there to blogging everyday if it’s going to take a long time for it to rank?

With no visitors, you surely aren’t going to get any backlinks. With no visitors, you’re not going to have people sharing your article on social networks. It’s almost like you’re talking to yourself.

But that’s not what you want – you want visitors, because visitors are what turn your content into money.

So if your blog is new, you need to spend more time getting your name out there. Building exposure to your blog. Bringing in visitors and building a loyal following. Don’t spend time every day creating content if it’s not going to get read.

Now you may be asking yourself, what good is having visitors if you don’t already have a ton of content to read? Wouldn’t that leave a bad impression on your site?

Not really. I began marketing this site after I published my first real post, and never received any complaints regarding a lack of content. Instead, I already had a few loyal readers that came back to my new posts without me even asking them to. Those posts got shares, and got my site off to a good start. Some of those people still hang around to this day!

As a general consensus, I prefer to spend about 80% of my time marketing and 20% of my time writing. Those numbers may vary a bit depending on how much time you have to work on your site each day.

For Blogs With An Audience:

When you do have an audience, you don’t have to spend nearly as much time marketing as you would if you had just started your website. Your articles are probably ranking well, and they’re being shared by your readers.

When this happens, you can focus more time on creating quality content. But even then, should you still blog every day?

It depends a lot on your niche. Blogging regularly and consistently can help you build a connection with your readers, but blogging too often can overload and annoy your audience.

The best philosophy to go by is to only publish an article that’s of your highest quality. Before hitting the publish button, ask yourself, “Is this my best content? Or am I only publishing this because I feel I need to?” If it’s the latter, you’re better off not publishing the article. Why?

It matters far less how often you publish, than how good the content is when it is published. You don’t want to waste your readers time – do this, and you can guarantee they won’t be coming back to your website.

Plus, there are always new people to market to. New visitors to attract to your blog. New connections to form. Unless you’re in a very news-worthy niche, it’d still probably be a better use of your time to market more often than you write.

How often do you publish new content onto your blog? How has it worked for you?


13 responses to “Should You Blog Every Day?”

  1. You are right it depends upon your niche how frequently you should publish post; if your niche is newsy you don’t any choice but to keep updating your readers; otherwise you arguments are very correct that first we need to bring traffic after that we should think about increasing the frequency of posting

  2. santosh Avatar

    In my point of view yep we should do blogging daily, daily write a post and commenting can help you to build a good reputation in blogging.

    1. You have a point Santosh but like James rightly pointed out, if you’re just starting up, it might cripple you and it will get to a time when you don’t have post to write about again as you’ve shared all your great post when you don’t yet have enough people reading your works.

      I think at that stage, what you should do is publish at least twice a week and do more of marketing those post.

      Because after all said and done, what makes your content great is the amount of shares and comments it get and how many people it reached to change their lives…..that’s where marketing comes in. Hope you get that?


  3. Edson Hale Avatar
    Edson Hale

    It’s a long debated topic about frequency of post but the way your argued in favor of not unneccessarily posting daily is plausible. You put it in much heated debate to follow on this issue

  4. I think that it really sums up to your niche. You can’t write 365 articles per year if you have a blog about how to make cotton candy at home, but you could write a ton more if your niche is sports, for example. Content that helps your readers in a way or another should be the way to go and I say it from the point of view of a guy who used to write up to 15 articles per day before realizing that a single good one is preferable.

    1. You make a really good point here Lucian! Some niches will require you to blog more than others. Of course, quality is better than quantity but if you’re running a newsy type site it’s important that you get the word out there quickly as readers expect that new content is published regularly.

      If your blog is in an evergreen type niche, I don’t think it’s as important to blog as often, although I still believe consistency is key to get your readers coming back. As soon as you can get them into a pattern, you’ll see them return far more often.

      I hate to drag this on, but just to prove my point, I owned another blog a while back where I posted one article every two days at near the same exact time every day. You could tell the readers knew my posting schedule because some of them would actually come onto the site around the time it was published! It was crazy, but it just shows the power of consistency.

      Anyway thanks for stopping by and leaving a valuable comment. You’re definitely correct.

  5. Pst Bless Avatar
    Pst Bless

    Actually, you made some very good points here, but the truth remains that blogging is an interactive thing, so if you are not saying new things regularly, your followers may get bored. All the same, thanks for making this points.

  6. Hi James,

    How are you mate? Hmm this is what I think. don’t stretch yourself too ‘thin’.

    Post an article at least once a week and that’s a must (or at least try to). If you are doing full time blogging, then yes you need to post more! If you have a day job or doing part time blogging, then start at least one to two a week.

    For me, i got with one blog post per week 🙂

    Thanks for sharing James!

    1. Hi Reginald, I’m doing well, good to see you again!

      You make a great point – if you don’t blog enough, it’s very easy to become disconnected and even forgotten by your audience. It’s all about finding the right balance.

      Thanks for your contribution!

  7. Aman Bansal Avatar
    Aman Bansal

    Hello James,

    Nice to see your author bio where you have mentioned your age. That is something special that inspires me again that yes blogging can be started at the teenage also. A school going boy can also start his blog and earn some fame and money through internet.

    Writing an article daily is not an easy task to do. Now days content marketing is the main, hence writing excellent article then its marketing is very important. So we need to work hard here. To me writing article once in a week can also give you great response if you market it properly.

    Keep in touch. 🙂

    1. Hello Aman, thanks for stopping by!

      I completely agree that people of any age can start a blog – especially today, where we have great content management systems such as WordPress to handle most of the technical stuff. If you can write, you can blog.

      You’re completely right, blogging every day is a hard task, especially if you want to ensure your articles are of high quality. As an owner of several blogs, it’d take me hours a day just to write all the content, let alone the marketing. Years ago, you could get found in Google just for writing something, simply because there wasn’t a whole lot of content out there.

      Man, have times changed!

  8. Hey James,

    You have a great blog over here. I love your colour combination.

    For a new blog with no email list on ground, publishing a new article everyday is insane.

    For some expert bloggers like Jon Morrow, he said he would not publish a single article on his blog until he gather a total of 10,000 email subscribers via guest posting.

    But i think publishing an article or two articles per week is okay for a new blog because what is most important is publishing wow articles that solves readers’ article, that is when google would start to show some love.

    This is going to lead to more traffic, more email subscribers and of course more money.

    Thank you for writing this and have a nice day ahead.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

    1. Hey Oloyede, good to see you!

      I’ve done a lot of site redesigning lately and I’m hoping to finish it off by adding a bit more color and getting a new logo. I’ve been really busy so I’ve put it off for a while. I’m glad you like what I’ve done so far!

      I definitely agree it’s a good idea to publish regularly, just not obsessively. I’ve seen some single-author blogs publish full length articles multiple times a day, and I can’t help but wonder – how do they have to market what they’ve written? Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

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