Are you expecting a package from UPS and want to know whether or not it will still be delivered today?

If the UPS truck has already visited nearby and hasn’t dropped off the packages you were expecting, it can leave you wondering whether or not it will still arrive on time.

So, in this article, we’ll be talk about UPS’ delivery schedule in detail, so you can figure out when UPS is likely to visit next.

Let’s get to it!

Does UPS Deliver Twice In One Day?

UPS Delivery Vehicle

No, UPS typically does not deliver to the same address twice in one day. If an address has multiple packages, these will typically be delivered at the same time, even if the packages were purchased using different shipping classes (UPS 2nd Air, for example.)

However, just because you’ve seen a UPS truck drive past your house – or even deliver to your next door neighbor, does not necessarily mean that your package won’t be delivered today.

Although UPS doesn’t typically deliver to the same address twice in one day, they can deliver to the same street or neighborhood multiple times throughout the day, and this is quite common during peak shipping seasons where more packages are being delivered than normal.

So, it’s still possible that your package may arrive today, even if you’ve already seen a UPS truck drive past you.

Why Did UPS Skip My House?

If a UPS truck delivered within your neighborhood but didn’t stop at your house, this can be confusing and a cause for concern. This is especially true if your tracking page shows that the estimated delivery date is today!

So, why did this happen? Wouldn’t it make sense for UPS to deliver to houses close to each other?

Really, it comes down to a few things.

First of all, it’s possible that someone else in your neighborhood used a more urgent package delivery service, such as UPS Next Day Air Early, which can have packages delivered as early as 8 A.M.

Since certain shipping services have earlier delivery estimates (both in terms of total shipping speed, AND the time of day they’re meant to be delivered), UPS will prioritize these packages over say, UPS Ground shipments. This is true even if they have to skip past houses that will be receiving deliveries later that day.

It’s not uncommon for UPS to deliver certain shipping services first, then come back and deliver packages again to that exact same area later that day.

Secondly, it’s possible that your package may not be on that truck. It seems strange that UPS would have packages split across multiple trucks that are visiting the same neighborhood, but this can happen for a variety of reasons.

Whether the package wasn’t loaded by mistake or simply wouldn’t fit, it’s not uncommon for multiple UPS drivers to visit the same neighborhood, on the same day.

Finally, some of the other reasons UPS may appear to have skipped your house include:

  • The drivers route may have them coming back through the neighborhood later, on your side of the street.
  • The layout of the truck made your package impractical to reach at the time, so the driver will return when there are less packages within the truck.
  • The driver’s route was changed during their shift, and packages that were originally set to be delivered at one time will be pushed back to later in the day.
  • The package was loaded on the wrong truck by mistake.
  • Their route is circular, and they plan to come back by you again later.

A little later on, we’ll cover how likely it is that your package will still arrive today. First, let’s look over UPS’ full delivery hours, so we have some better context!

Full UPS Delivery Hours

Until UPS has stopped delivering packages today or the tracking page updates with a new estimated delivery date, it’s still possible that your package may arrive today.

For reference, it helps to know the full operating hours that UPS makes deliveries in.

For residential addresses using most UPS shipping services, deliveries may start at 9 A.M. and end at 7 P.M, local time. However, for business addresses, the delivery time will be no later than the close of the business.

For certain UPS shipping services however, they may have time-of-day guarantees as well. One such example is UPS Next Day AirĀ® Early, which guarantees delivery by [11:30] AM (but often arrives much earlier than that.)

During the holiday season and other shipping rushes, UPS has also been known to deliver as late as 9 P.M.

However, [7:00] PM is the officially advertised time, and is what seems to be commonly referred to as ‘end of day.’

UPS Already Delivered Nearby, But Tracking Still Shows The Delivery Date Is Today. Why?

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why UPS may have appeared to have skipped your house, even if they deliver nearby.

Typically, the estimated delivery date on UPS’ tracking page is the most accurate source of information you’ll be able to receive, as it is calculated by all the available data UPS has about your information.

If they still say that it will be delivered today, chances are it will be.

Of course, if the reason your house was skipped was due to a mistake (such as it not being loaded on the truck,) than unfortunately it’s possible the tracking estimate won’t update until the end of the day.

Note that if the package doesn’t seem to be delivered and you won’t be home tomorrow to receive it, you can always request UPS hold onto it so you can pick it up yourself.

What Happens If UPS Doesn’t Deliver?

If UPS does not end up coming back later during the day, they will reattempt delivery tomorrow.

Although this is frustrating, there is unfortunately little else that can be done.

For more details on your UPS shipment, I recommend signing up as a UPS My Choice member, which will give you additional tracking updates and control over your delivery!


Typically, UPS won’t deliver to the same address twice in one day.

However, it is quite common for UPS drivers to visit the same neighborhood twice, or even multiple times at different points during the day. So, just because UPS already delivered nearby does not mean you won’t receive your package today as well!

I hope that this article has answered all of your questions. If you have any other questions about UPS, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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