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Amazon Package Delayed In Transit (Meaning + Next Steps)

Have you recently checked your tracking on an Amazon order, only to see a message that the order has been delayed in transit?

This message can not only be confusing but also frustrating, especially if you need the item quickly.

So, what does this mean, when will you receive your order, and how do you receive reimbursement for late deliveries?

In this article, I’ll cover everything that you need to know!

What Does It Mean If An Amazon Package Is Delayed In Transit?

Amazon Packages On Doorstep

If Amazon’s tracking page is stating that your order is ‘delayed in transit’, this means that there is a shipping delay that is causing the package to be delivered slower than what was expected.

For example, it could be that the product was delayed due to severe weather, or mistakes by the courier at some point in its journey towards your door.

Typically, Amazon tracking will update to show when the new expected delivery date is.

Shipping Service Used For Amazon Order

Additionally, you can also grab the tracking number on Amazon’s order page, and visit the courier’s website to track the package yourself. Sometimes, this can give you more information about the package’s status, along with specific details on why a delay occurred.

So, how long will this delay your package arriving?

Most commonly, a ‘delayed in transit’ message will result in your package being delivered one day later than it otherwise would have.

In rare cases however, delays can be much more significant.

When Should I Contact Amazon Customer Service?

If Amazon tracking is showing a ‘delayed in transit’ message, the first thing to do is to remain patient.

You are still protected by Amazon’s delivery guarantees, and the delay is almost always only one additional delay. At this point, there is not much Amazon can do to help, and you’ll just have to wait for the package to arrive tomorrow.

However, I recommend contacting Amazon customer support if at least 3 days have past since the delayed in transit first appeared, and the delivery window you were promised at checkout has already past.

While you can contact Amazon customer support over the phone, I recommend using their live chat support option by clicking here.

An Amazon customer service agent will be able to look over your order, and take further action on your behalf.

What Reimbursement Will I Get For Amazon Packages Delayed In Transit?

Amazon is an incredibly customer-focused company, and their customer service goes far beyond what’s considered normal for online retailers.

So, if you are experiencing issues with delivery that are no fault of your own, Amazon will usually go out of their way to make you happy!

If your package is late and tracking is stating that there’s a delay, you can often receive some form of help or reimbursement from Amazon. These may include:

  • An additional replacement mailed out to you, straight away.
  • A full or partial refund on the item.
  • A refund of any expedited or additional shipping fees you may have paid to receive the item more quickly.
  • A credit towards future purchases.

Unfortunately, reimbursements are not guaranteed, however the sending of replacements is quite common.

If the other item ends up coming later, you may be able to keep it for free. Alternatively, Amazon may issue you a prepaid label and ask you to send one of them back, at no charge to you.

Note that even if you don’t contact Amazon customer service, a button will usually appear to request a refund on the order page once Amazon’s system registers the package as being lost. This can occur as early as 3-5 days after the package is considered late.

The Package Is Late, And I No Longer Want It. What Should I Do?

If you were needing your order by a certain date, it can be incredibly frustrating if there are any delays – especially if you were already cutting it close!

So, if the package is now going to be arriving too late to be of any use to you, it’s natural to want to be reimbursed for this unexpected delay.

Thankfully, Amazon allows you to return most orders that arrive outside of the promised delivery window for a full refund, without requiring you to pay any sort of return shipments.

Amazon Returns And Orders - Desktop

To start, visit your Returns & Orders page on Amazon, and locate the order that you wish to return.

Then, when you go to select the return reason for your order, choose ‘Item arrived too late.’

Amazon will immediately issue you a prepaid return label, and you won’t be billed anything for the return shipping!

This allows you to return the product and get back all of the money that you used to purchase it. To ensure you aren’t charged any restocking fees however (when ordering from third-party sellers), leave the item in its original packaging, and don’t open / use it before returning.


If Amazon tracking states that the package has been delayed in transit, this means that it is running late.

Typically, the package will be delivered the following day. In rare cases however, the package may be delayed significantly, or even end up lost entirely.

Thankfully, Amazon’s customer-first approach ensures that you’ll be able to receive a full refund or replacement if the product does not end up being delivered. Additionally, most products can be returned without requiring to pay return shipping if they are delivered past their promised delivery window.

I hope that this article has answered all of your questions. If you have any other questions about shopping on Amazon, please ask them using the comment form below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping your purchase is delivered shortly!

– James McAllister


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