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Can I Pick Up A Package From UPS Before Delivery? – Answered + Details!

Are you expecting a package from UPS, but want to know whether you can pick it up yourself?

Whether you won’t be home when it’s scheduled to be delivered or you simply want to receive it more quickly, this is something a lot of people ask about.

So, can you pick up packages from UPS before they’re sent out for delivery, and if so, how can it be done?

In this article, I’ll cover everything that you need to know!

Can You Pick Up A Package From UPS Before Delivery?

UPS Delivery Vehicle

Yes! UPS offers several different methods that allow you to pick up packages early. Some of these include utilizing the UPS Delivery Intercept service, as well as picking it up from the facility directly.

Alternatively, you can also have the package held at a UPS Access Point location, such as a UPS store if you’d rather pick it up from there.

Keep in mind however that certain options may be better than others, depending on your specific option. Additionally, some options may no longer be available to you depending on where your package is currently at.

Therefore, I recommend you continue reading to learn more about each option. Let’s look over them now!

1. Calling The UPS Facility With Your Package

If your package is still being held at a UPS facility and has yet to be loaded onto a truck, you may be able to call the UPS facility and request that it be held there.

You can find out the specific facility that is holding your package by looking at the tracking page for your shipment, and then going down to the section that shows the full details. Note that I highly recommend signing up for UPS My Choice, as even the free version will allow you far more information and control over your deliveries from UPS.

The entire process of signing up only takes a few minutes, and viewing additional tracking information does not cost any money.

Once you know the location of your package, call the UPS facility holding it and ask them if they can set it aside for you to pick up. Additionally, you should ask if there are specific hours you are able to pick your package up at, as different UPS locations may have their own restrictions. While packages can usually be picked up on Saturdays, UPS does not allow Sunday pickup.

Note that packages are usually loaded onto the UPS truck by 8 AM, and in some cases may be loaded even earlier.

Therefore, it’s unfortunately not a guarantee that they will be able to locate and set aside your package for you.

Thankfully, there are other options available to us!

Note: Make sure that you’re calling the UPS sorting facility, and not your local UPS store. UPS stores are independently owned and do not handle the movement or delivery of your package to your door.

Additionally, bring photo ID with you when you go to pick up your package so you can prove ownership. UPS locations will only hold packages for up to 5 days, so act quick!

2. Using UPS Delivery Intercept

Did you know that UPS has a service specifically to make changes to your delivery address?

It’s known as UPS Delivery Intercept, and it comes with four options:

  1. You can have the package delivered to another address (such as a neighbor’s house, or a UPS store.)
  2. You can delay the delivery, for a time when you know you’ll be home.
  3. You can have the package held for pickup.
  4. You can have the package returned back to the sender.

Depending on your specific situation, it’s possible that simply picking the package up isn’t the best option – which is why UPS Delivery Intercept can be so powerful!

For example, if you want to pick up your package because you won’t be home on the scheduled delivery day, you can always just have it delivered at a later date and avoid a trip to UPS.

To learn more about UPS Delivery Intercept – and how to begin the process, click here.

Note however that there is a fee, unless you are a UPS My Choice Premium member (which costs $19.99 a year.)

The fees for UPS Delivery Intercept without a premium membership are as follows:

  • Changing the delivery day – $9.99
  • Delivering the package to another address – $14.99 (unless the address in a new delivery area, which may incur additional fees. For example, a different town or city.)
  • Delivering to a UPS Access Point location – $5.99

Out of the three, delivering to a UPS Access Point location is the cheapest option.

UPS Access Points include not just UPS stores, but may even include other small businesses like your local grocery store that can set aside and hold packages for you.

So, this may be a great option if you won’t be home to receive your package! Note however that it may not result in you getting your package more quickly, since UPS still has to deliver it from its current facility to the new delivery location, which takes time.

3. Picking It Up During The Driver’s Route

Finally, in rare cases you may be able to retrieve your package directly from the driver, if it’s already been loaded onto the truck.

This may be possible by calling your local UPS facility, or finding the driver during his route.

There are a few problems with this, however.

First things first, it’s possible the UPS center may just flat-out deny your request, and refuse to give you any information about the driver’s location. Unfortunately, not everybody has good intentions, and this may be done in order to protect the driver’s safety.

Secondly, even if you happen to find a UPS truck, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your package is on that specific vehicle. There may be many different UPS routes going on at the same time within your city, and properly identifying which one your specific package on is often a game of luck.

Next, even if you happen to find the right truck, there’s no way to know whether or not the driver will be even able to access your package.

Trucks are arranged based on the route that the driver has for that day, in order to make things as efficient as possible. If the truck is loaded up and your package is somewhere in the middle, the driver may not be able to get to it even if they wanted to.

Finally, there’s the matter of efficiency. Spending time to stop what they’re doing in order to find and hand you your package results in lost time, and is often not as efficient as them just delivering it to your house.

Because of all of these, it is completely unknown whether or not you’ll be allowed to pick up the package directly from the driver.

Reports from others have indicated however that if your UPS driver knows you and you have a good relationship with them, your chances improve.

In any case, be sure to have photo ID handy so you can prove ownership of your package before you approach the truck!


UPS offers many different options for controlling the delivery of your package, especially if you are a UPS My Choice member.

While you may be able to pick up your package directly form a USPS facility before it is marked as ‘out for delivery’, you can also have the package redirected to one of over 2,800 UPS Access Point locations throughout the United States.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that it’s answered your questions.

If you have any other questions about receiving deliveries from UPS, please ask them via the comment form below.

Thanks, and wishing you the best!

– James McAllister


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