Are you expecting a package to be delivered from Fedex soon, but the weather outside is concerning?

Whether you’re experiencing heavy rain, snow, or even lightning storms, it is reasonable to wonder whether or not Fedex will still be able to deliver your package.

In this article, I’ll be covering Fedex’s policies surrounding deliveries during bad weather. I’ll also be covering what you can do to prevent any sort of damage to your package, even if you won’t be home to receive it!

Does Fedex Deliver During Bad Weather?

Fedex Delivery Vehicle

Yes! Fedex will attempt to deliver your package as long it is safe to do so – even during heavy rain, wind, snow, or lightning storms.

Delivery will only be delayed in the event of extreme weather circumstances that make it unsafe for the driver to deliver, including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods
  • Extreme Ice
  • Anything else that makes it dangerous to be on the road.

Fedex has employed teams of meteorologists that can accurately forecast weather longer than two weeks in advance.

By doing this, they are able to plan deliveries while still ensuring accurate tracking estimates on when your product will arrive.

Remember – Weather Elsewhere Can Still Cause Delays!

Although your local weather may not be that extreme, it’s important to remember that your package goes on quite a long journey before it gets to you!

Between being loaded in trucks driving across the country to planes that have to take off and land at various airports across the globe, the weather at each stage of your shipment’s journey impacts the speed in which it can arrive.

For example, if your shipment is scheduled to get on a cargo plane, but that plane can’t take off due to dangerous weather conditions, your package may end up being delayed even if your local weather is perfectly normal.

Even when it gets to your city, Fedex may delay delivery if they are unable to physically reach your address, or there is no safe place to leave the package that would prevent it from being damaged by rain or snow.

If this happens however, they are likely to leave a slip explaining the details, along with whether or not they plan to redeliver.

You may also be able to choose your own personal preference by utilizing the Fedex Delivery Manager, which you can learn more about here!

Does Fedex Leave Packages In The Rain?

Yes, Fedex will leave packages in the rain as long as there is a safe place to do so.

That being said, Fedex will make every reasonable attempt to ensure your package is safe, and may wait to redeliver if if they believe it will be damaged by the weather.

For example, Fedex will try to place the package in a covered area, where it can not be rained on directly.

Additionally, they also carry waterproof plastic bags to wrap the box in, so even if it does end up getting rained on, the rain will not be able to soak through the cardboard and damage the contents of the package.

This gesture goes a long way to preventing packages from suffering water damage, especially for sensitive items like food or electronics!

How To Protect Your Fedex Package During Bad Weather

If you don’t believe you’ll have a safe place for Fedex to leave your package and you’re worried about it getting damaged by the elements, don’t worry!

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you’ll be able to receive it safely, even during heavy rain or snow.

The first thing you should consider is picking the package up from Fedex directly.

Fedex allows you to request that the package be held by them, for you to pick up yourself at your convenience. This is a completely free service, and can be done through the Fedex Delivery Manager.

Additionally, you may consider specifically requesting a signature for future packages you’re planning on receiving.

Many merchants allow you to request signature confirmation, and this will ensure that Fedex does not leave the package without someone being there to be sign and collect it.

Keep in mind however that signature delivery usually requires an additional fee. In 2022, this costs $5.90 for a normal signature, and $7.15 for an adult-only signature.


As long as it is safe for them to do, Fedex will deliver your package. This is true, regardless of rain, wind, hail, snow, or even lightning storms!

Of course, if weather has gotten so bad that they are unable to safely reach your address, they will wait until delivery conditions have improved before attempting redelivery.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that it’s answered your questions.

If you have any other questions about Fedex, ask them using the comment form below and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks, and here’s hoping your package arrives safely!

– James McAllister

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