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StockX is one of the greatest ways to purchase authentic, brand-name merchandise online.

It is unique, because StockX has centers for all items to be fully verified as authentic before they shipped out to customers. By doing this, you can be ensured that the merchandise you receive is not counterfeit.

However, because StockX is a marketplace with a large variety of sellers and a few extra steps in their shipping process, shipping unfortunately can take a little bit longer than websites like Amazon.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about StockX’s shipping process, and when you can expect to receive your items!

How Long Does StockX Take To Deliver?

StockX Website

According to StockX’s website, they aim to complete all orders within 7-12 business days. Note that weekends and federal holidays are not considered business days, so you should factor this in when determining when the item will arrive.

Why such a wide delivery range? Well, there’s a few reasons.

First is the time that it takes the seller to ship the item. Most items will ship out from the seller within 2 business days. However, newly released sneakers are given 3 business days, and Supreme products do not have to be shipped out for 5 days.

Next, the product to be verified as authentic by StockX. This process takes 1-2 business days after it’s received by the seller.

Finally, the product ships out to you, which takes additional time.

So, 7-12 business days is a safe window for StockX to stick to. Note that if you’re based outside the United States, it’s more likely your product will be delivered closer to the 12 business day mark.

Note: This is quite similar to the shipping speed for GOAT, one of StockX’s largest competitors!

How StockX Shipping Works

StockX is a marketplace, meaning that StockX doesn’t sell the merchandise directly. Instead, they have built up a giant network of buyers and sellers, who all sell independently on the platform.

However, despite being a marketplace, StockX operates differently than other marketplace websites like Amazon or eBay.

When an item is sold on StockX, it isn’t shipped directly to the buyer. Instead, the item first gets shipped by the seller to one of StockX’s verification centers, so the product can be verified as unworn and authentic.

Once the product has reached a StockX verification center, tracking will update to say it is ‘Received at StockX for Authentication’. From this point, the item is usually verified within two business days.

After it has been verified, StockX will then ship it out to the customers themselves.

As you might imagine, this extra step adds a considerable amount of time to the process. Not only does the product have to be shipped twice, but there’s also time spent waiting for it to be verified.

However, this process is necessary to maintain the integrity of StockX’s marketplace, and ensure that sellers are only selling authentic merchandise.

Note that due to the unique nature of StockX’s marketplace, they rarely accept cancellations and do not allow for returns in most cases. For more information StockX’s return policy, click here.

Does StockX Have Any Expedited Shipping Options?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that StockX has any form of expedited shipping at the moment.

Because there are multiple steps in the process, there is only so much you can do to really speed things up.

However, StockX has stated their commitment to ensuring all orders are processed as quickly as possible.

If you’re on a tight deadline, it is best to order your items as far in advance as possible to ensure that they arrive on time.

What Shipping Courier Does StockX Use?

Currently, StockX uses UPS, USPS, Fedex, SF Express, T-Force, ECMS and DHL to ship their packages. According to their website, the most common shipping courier they use is UPS.

However, on some occasions, StockX may ship using a different courier.

Additionally, reports online suggest that if you are based outside of the United States, StockX is likely to ship using DHL. This makes sense, as DHL has hubs all around the world and are commonly used for international shipments.

Note that you have the option within your StockX account to set your own delivery options.

For more information on how StockX delivers your items, click here.

How Long Does StockX Take To Authenticate?

Most StockX orders take only 1-2 business days to authenticate, once they have reached one of StockX’s verification centers.

You will know if your item is still waiting to be verified, because tracking for the item will state, “Received at StockX for Authentication”.

Once the item has been successfully verified as legit, tracking will update.

Does StockX Ship On Weekends?

Unfortunately not! Because Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days, StockX nor the sellers on the marketplace are required to ship out products on weekends.

Additionally, federal holidays are not considered business days either.

That being said, couriers like USPS and UPS may still deliver on weekends.

This means that as long as your item has actually been shipped out and is en route to your address, it may still be delivered and count towards the order shipment time.


Although StockX takes a little bit longer to ship than other online marketplaces, it is worth it for the peace of mind that they provide.

StockX has branded themselves to only sell merchandise that has been verified as authentic.

Without the extra steps in their shipping process, they would be just another store selling sneakers, hoodies and other apparel online.

Therefore, we consider this extra shipping time to be worth it.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them using the comment form below.

Finally, if you want to check out some of StockX’s competitors, see these articles:

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Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister


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