StockX is known to be the ‘stock market of items’, and is one of the greatest ways to buy or sell deadstock merchandise at its true market value.

However, the website operates much differently than most stores online, and one of the areas they differ in regards their return policy.

StockX does not make it easy to return items, and a specific set of criteria must be met in order to qualify for a return, refund or exchange.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about StockX’s return policy, including all of the details.

What Is StockX’s Return Policy?

StockX does not offer returns, refunds or exchanges on any of the items in their store, unless the item can be verified as inauthentic or you received the wrong item.

However, you can relist any items that you receive back on StockX to sell. A lot of the time, you can sell them for around the same price you originally paid for them, meaning that you won’t be out very much money.

It should be noted that receiving fake shoes on StockX, as well as the wrong item is exceptionally rare.

This is because part of StockX’s shipping process requires the shoes (or other items) to be shipped to StockX for authentication – meaning a real person inspects the item in detail before finally shipping it out to you.

If the seller attempts to send a fake, counterfeit, used or incorrect item, it will usually be caught before the item ever reaches you as a customer. And because sending fake merchandise is a bannable offense, it too is extremely rare.

Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of cases, you are unable to return or exchange items purchased on StockX.

What Is StockX’s Return Policy For Fake Or Counterfeit Items?

StockX Website

StockX may accept returns for merchandise that is deemed counterfeit or inauthentic, in accordance with Section 6 of their terms of service.

StockX asks that you notify them about the issue within 3 days of your product arriving. As you can see, you really don’t have a lot of time!

After contacting StockX support, they will advise you of the next steps. This may include providing any evidence (including photos) to support your claim. They may also require you to return the item before a refund can be processed.

Remember that StockX verifies all items for authenticity before they are shipped to you, so receiving shoes that are actually fake is exceptionally rare.

However, you should be able to receive a refund as long as you contact them straight away, and follow all of the instructions that they provide to you.

What If Items Were Damaged During Shipping?

Next, let’s look at items that were damaged during transit, while they were being shipped out to you.

Thankfully, StockX may offer refunds for merchandise that is received damaged.

In order to be eligible for a claim, you should take photos of both the shipping box as well as the item, and contact StockX support with your order number within 3 days of your order being delivered. At least one photo should include the verification tag that StockX includes with all items, and a photo of the QR code on the tag or sticker.

From there, they will be able to either approve or deny your claim.

Based off of other shoppers experiences in the past, it seems that StockX has a certain threshold for what they deem to be acceptable levels of damage. While so minor defects may simply be within normal manufacturer error, major damage is usually eligible for a refund.

What If I Ordered The Wrong Size?

Unfortunately, if you ordered the wrong size, you will not be eligible for a return or exchange with StockX. However, you may still be able to cancel your StockX order if you meet certain criteria.

StockX only accepts returns for things that are their fault or do not meet the promises made at checkout (for example, receiving the wrong item, damaged merchandise, our counterfeit goods.)

If you ordered the wrong size however, it is simple to relist the item back for sale on StockX.

This will allow you to get back around the same price that you paid for the item, assuming the market value hasn’t changed drastically since your order.

StockX Shipped Me The Wrong Item – What Now?

If you were shipped the wrong item, you’re likely eligible to receive a refund for returning the item.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard stories of people receiving the wrong shoes, and this is down to simple human error. In every case, StockX made things right.

Usually, this will require you to send the item back with the StockX verification tag still in tact, and the refund will be issued once the item has been received by StockX.

You should contact customer support within 3 days of receiving the item, and have photos and other evidence ready in case they ask for it. Note that it can take a few business days for StockX to respond to customer support inquiries.

Who Pays Return Shipping?

In the event that you are eligible for a refund or return, StockX will pay all return shipping costs associated with returning the shoes to them.

Therefore, you can return shoes risk-free and be sure that you will have all of the money you’ve spent on the purchase returned to you – including shipping fees.

Note that all refunds will be processed to the original payment method you used to place your order.

How To Maximize Your Chances Of Getting A Return

Unfortunately, getting a return request granted on StockX is difficult, and most orders aren’t eligible.

However, there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances of being allowed to return your purchased merchandise.

1. Contact Support Straight Away

The first thing you’ll want to do is contact support straight away – ideally right after your order arrives.

For most of their return reasons, you are required to reach out to customer support within 3 days of your order being delivered. If you are outside of the return window, you may be ineligible to return your purchase, even if there is a legitimate problem with the order.

StockX has one of the strictest return policies around, so be sure to start the returns process as quick as possible.

2. Take Pictures And Document Everything

One of the most important things you can do to improve your likelihood of return eligibility, is to document everything with photos and video.

Photos can prove the legitimacy of your claim, and can demonstrate your points in a believable and straightforward manner.

Some things to take photos of include:

  • The shipping box when the product arrives.
  • The item inside the box.
  • Any defects or issues affecting the item.
  • The StockX verification tag.
  • The QR code.

You should also use your order number as a reference when contacting StockX support regarding your order, so they will be able to easily look it up in their system.

3. Return The Product In Original Condition

This one is pretty obvious, but it still needs to be said.

StockX is known for selling deadstock merchandise. They have no use for used shoes or clothing, and you may not be eligible for a refund if the condition of the product has changed.

Therefore, you should fully inspect the merchandise before wearing it, and keep the product safe while waiting to return it.

If the product is not returned in the same condition you received it in, you may not be eligible for a full refund.

4. Don’t Try To Deceive Or Scam Them

StockX is a major corporation, and they’ve seen it all.

There is no way to trick or scam StockX into accepting a return or issuing a refund, when they otherwise would not have.

We have heard stories of people damaging shoes on purpose, or returning different items than they’ve actually received.

These little tricks will not fool anyone and will only cost you even more in the long run.

So, only try to initiate a return if you have a legitimate reason for doing so, and be sure to return the item you actually purchased in its original condition.


As you can see, getting a refund on StockX isn’t easy.

However, even if you don’t quality for a refund or an exchange, you can still list your item for sale on StockX to sell to someone else. This can be a great way not only to recoup most of your money, but even make a profit in some cases.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any more questions about StockX, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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