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StockX is a wonderful place to shop for shoes, sneakers and other fashion accessories.

Because every item is verified as authentic, you can be sure that you are getting reputable, non-counterfeit merchandise from some of the world’s most coveted brands.

However, StockX runs their website a little bit different than marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. One of those core differences is that it’s more difficult to cancel an order once it’s been placed.

But how can you cancel your StockX order, and what can you do to get your money back?

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know.

Can You Cancel An Order On StockX?

StockX Website

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel an order on StockX under normal circumstances. This is due to how the site is structured – in order to maintain fairness among buyers and sellers, StockX requires you to commit fully to your purchase.

However, there are rare exceptions where you may be able to cancel your order.

If you think about it, the way StockX has implemented this system makes a lot of sense.

As soon as you place your order, the seller of the item automatically receives a notification so they can prepare sending your item.

Additionally, because you’re purchasing based on the lowest asking price or bidding in an auction, you purchasing the item means that other people were unable to get it. Often, sellers have very limited quantities of the items that they’re selling, so reserving the item only to end up cancelling it later hurts not only the seller, but the integrity of StockX’s marketplace as a whole.

Therefore, StockX wants to make absolutely sure that you fully intend to purchase the item, and gives you multiple opportunities to back out of the purchase before committing to it.

Note: If you are a UK or EU resident, you may exercise the Right to Withdrawal, allowing the item to be returned. For more information, click this link.

Are There Any Exceptions To StockX’s Cancellation Policy?

Now, you may be thinking – are there any exceptions? What if you absolutely must cancel the order, no matter what? Will StockX help you out?

Unfortunately, most of the time the answer is no. Remember, their reputation relies on them honoring their policy – both to buyers, and to sellers.

However, we’ve heard stories of cancellations happening in extremely rare circumstances.

In order to cancel your StockX order, you should immediately email customer support as quick as you possibly can after placing the order.

Once the item has shipped, it is unlikely that StockX will do anything.

In your email, you should be as authentic and transparent as you possibly can. Explain your honest mistake. If you intend to purchase a different pair of shoes for example (or purchase the same shoes in a different size), you should note this as well.

Finally, you may have one out – per StockX’s policy, the seller is supposed to ship most items within two business days. New released sneakers are given three business days, and Supreme products are given five business days.

Note that this is the window for the seller to ship the item – not the window for it to be delivered.

If the promised time window has passed, you may be able to contact StockX and successfully cancel the order. After all, you can claim that the product will be arriving too late for you to use. For example, if you were leaving town too quickly and wouldn’t be home to receive the order, this may be an acceptable reason to cancel as long as the seller failed to ship on time.

Note that it is rare that sellers fail to meet their shipping promises. This is because StockX is quite strict about ensuring that items are shipped on time. If they aren’t, sellers may get hit with a fee, or end up banned from the platform entirely!

Can You Simply File A Chargeback With Your Credit Card Company?

If you’ve purchased an item that you regret or you aren’t really able to afford the purchase, it can be tempting to try and file a chargeback with your credit card company.

However, this is unlikely to work. In fact, StockX even advertises ‘no chargebacks’ on their about page.

When you agree to StockX’s terms and conditions (which is required to checkout in the first place), you are essentially agreeing to a legally binding contract. If you attempt to chargeback simply because you no longer want the item, StockX will present this to your credit card company, who will deny the chargeback.

With a company of StockX’s size, this has surely happened plenty of times now. And they likely win it every time.

Even if you lie and claim the order was fraudulent, it is still unlikely to work.

Therefore, it’s not even worth trying.

What To Do Next

Fortunately, if you end up stuck with the item, you still have some options available to you.

It should be noted that each item from StockX ships with an authenticity tag, verifying that the item is indeed legitimate. This can massively increase the resale value of the item, and you should always include it if you choose to sell the item to someone else.

In a world where market places fluctuate quickly, we’ve even heard stories of accidental purchases ultimately turning a profit!

While eBay and local seller groups are a great place to resell purchased StockX merchandise, it should be noted that StockX allows you to resell your items directly on their platform as well.

This is actually pretty easy – you don’t even have to take any pictures!

Therefore, you should avoid using the item you receive, or tampering with it in any way. If you can sell the item in original condition, you are much more likely to get back most of what you paid for – or even turn a profit.

How To Avoid This Predicament In The Future

Despite the fact that you can resell the product, it’s obviously less than an ideal.

We’re all busy, and have other things we’d probably rather be dealing with.

When it comes to StockX, prevention is the best medicine. Therefore, we’ve put together some tips on how to avoid a similar situation in the future.

1. Order On PC

One of the most frustrating things is to place an order by accident – and not be able to cancel it.

Admittedly, this is much easier to do on your phone.

Other than the fact that the screen is smaller and it’s easier to tap on things accidentally, your phone is more likely to glitch out than your computer is.

For example, it may automatically lock itself or go to sleep, and you may not have realized that you’ve ordered. Some people have even ordered the same exact item twice because of this.

By ordering on a PC, it’s easier to see everything going on at once, and avoid any accidental misclicks.

2. Only Press The Order Button Once

Although this is rare, pressing the order button twice on some websites can cause the order to go through twice.

After pressing the order button, you should wait patiently for the order to process. This can take some time, even if you have a fast internet connection.

Additionally, you should avoid pressing the back button and placing the order again, even if it appears like the order didn’t go through.

If an order went through, you will be able to view it on StockX’s website as well as through the email notification that they will send you.

3. Pay Extra Attention Before Checking Out

Before completing the checkout process, you should take a moment to consciously review your purchase.

You’ll want to make sure…

  • You’re purchasing the right item
  • In the right size and color
  • At the right price

It seems that StockX receives many cancellation requests simply due to the wrong size being selected. Because sellers can price different sizes differently, some shoppers accidentally order whatever item is the cheapest – even if it happens to be in the wrong size.

Therefore, you should definitely look all of this over so you can avoid any situation where you might want to cancel!

4. Block StockX From Your Children

We’ve all heard the stories of children buying themselves toys on Amazon.

Unlike Amazon however, StockX doesn’t allow returns – even if the purchase was made by your kid.

So, that situation can end up a lot worse.

If you use any parental control software, you may wish to block StockX’s website from being accessed by your children. Additionally, avoid giving them unmonitored access to your phone if you believe they may order themselves a nice pair of new shoes.


Although it’s unfortunate for buyer’s remorse, StockX doesn’t allow any sort of cancellations on their website.

This policy has been put in place to protect the interests of both sellers as well as other buyers. Ultimately, it has increased the trust in the website’s transactions, and helped StockX grow into the massive company they are today.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any questions about shopping on StockX, please feel free to ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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