If you’re in search of verified authentic merchandise, GOAT is one of the greatest places to buy it.

While commonly known for their deadstock shoes, GOAT sells hoodies, tees, and other apparel from coveted brands such as Gucci, Yeezy and Supreme.

Due to the unique nature of GOAT’s marketplace, it operates a bit differently than most online retailers. Therefore, you may find yourself wondering about their shipping process.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about GOAT’s shipping and delivery.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

Most GOAT orders are delivered within 7 to 10 business days, provided that you are located within the United States. Items marked ‘Instant’ however are able to be delivered in as little as one business day.

Due to the varying time it can take for items to clear customs, international orders can take significantly longer to complete. However, most international orders are delivered within 10 to 24 business days.

How GOAT’s Shipping Works

GOAT Homepage

To fully understand why some items can be delivered so quickly (and why others can take so long), it helps to have a full understanding on how GOAT’s shipping process works.

On GOAT, there are two types of items. Instant items, and non-instant items. Most items are non-instant.

For non-instant items, there are multiple steps in the shipping process. If you’ve ever ordered from StockX, the process is quite similar.

The products are listed for sale on GOAT’s website by individual sellers. When a sale is made, the seller has up to 3 business days to ship this item to GOAT for authentication.

After arriving at GOAT, their expert team ensures that the product is fully authentic, and is fit to be sold to you. Then, they will ship the product to you themselves.

Although it is not as quick as having the seller ship to you directly, this extra step ensures that you’re only purchasing authentic merchandise.

However, you can receive your order more quickly by ordering ‘Instant’ items.

Instant items are items that GOAT already has stocked themselves. They have already verified the authenticity of these items, meaning that they can skip this step when your shoes or other apparel is ordered.

Additionally, because they carry the products themselves, they don’t have to wait for a seller to ship it to them. They can simply ship it to you as soon as your order comes in, cutting down the total transit time drastically.

This is why Instant items can arrive in as little as 1 business day, where as orders shipped by independent sellers take much longer.

Does GOAT Have Any Expedited Shipping Options?

GOAT has expedited shipping options available for ‘Instant’ items that have already been verified. By selecting next day shipping, you can get your order in as little as 1 business day.

However, this only applies to Instant items, which don’t make up the majority of the website.

GOAT prides themselves on only shipping verified, authentic merchandise. This means that they need to ensure all items are authentic before they ship them to customers.

Because Instant items have already been verified and are already in GOAT’s possession, they are able to ship out more quickly.

For all other items however, they need to wait until the seller ships it to them. Only then can they verify the item is not counterfeit, and begin the process of shipping it out to you.

Therefore, expedited shipping is not available for these orders, meaning you’ll need to wait a little longer.

Does GOAT Ship On Weekends?

It is possible for GOAT to ship and deliver on weekends. However, GOAT does not require sellers to ship out orders over the weekend, meaning the first step of shipment may be delayed until the following Monday.

While orders may still be delivered on weekends in some circumstances, sellers are not required to ship orders to GOAT for verification during weekends.

Sellers are given 3 business days to ship orders, however, weekends are not included in this.

Once GOAT has the item in their possession, they may still proceed to verify and ship it on weekends. However, this isn’t always the case.

Therefore, if you need to receive your items urgently, we recommend placing your order as far in advance as possible.

What Shipping Couriers Does GOAT Use?

GOAT uses USPS, Fedex and UPS for orders shipped within the United States.

International orders may use different couriers, depending on which country you’re delivering to and which fulfillment center the order is shipping from.

You will be notified of the exact courier used when your order goes to ship. In addition to tracking on GOAT’s website, you will be able to use the tracking number provided to you within the shipping confirmation email that GOAT sends out.

How Do I Track My GOAT Order?

GOAT orders can be tracked in one of two ways.

The first is to visit GOAT’s website, and sign into your account. Then, visit the ‘Orders’ section to view all of your recent orders.

Within each order, you will find tracking information for your shipment, including a tracking number. You can then paste this tracking number into Google, and follow the on-screen instructions to track your shipment with the courier.

The second way is to look for any emails that GOAT may have sent you, giving you details about the shipment.

This will contain a tracking number that you can copy into Google, and track your package just as easily.

Note that packages shipping from different warehouses will have separate tracking numbers, and may arrive at different times. The likelihood of this occurring goes up if you purchase multiple items with your order.

Where Does GOAT Orders Ship From?

GOAT orders ship from a variety of different warehouses located throughout the globe. The exact location your order will ship from isn’t possible to determine, as it depends on a few factors including:

  • Whether it was an Instant item or not.
  • What item you ordered.
  • What items are stocked at each warehouse.
  • Where the order is being delivered to.

If you Google, ‘Where does GOAT ship from’, you’ll find plenty of websites telling you that they ship all of their orders from Plainview, New York. However, this is incorrect.

The confusion has arisen because of another apparel brand called Goat USA shipping all orders from Plainview. However, this isn’t true for the GOAT marketplace that we’re referring to.


Because GOAT stocks a wide variety of items, the exact shipping time can vary.

For instant items, orders can be received as quickly as 1 business day. However, for most other items, the total delivery time will be between 7 and 10 days for buyers based in the United States, with international orders taking longer.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about shopping on GOAT, please ask them using the comment form below.

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