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You’re likely here because you have a lot of friends that you want to remove on Snapchat, and want to know how to do this quickly.

It could be because you’re in a new relationship, or you just want to clear out the people you don’t really talk to anymore. Whatever the case may be, sitting through and removing people one-by-one can be an annoying hassle – one that could take a long time.

Therefore, you may be wondering – is it possible to remove multiple friends at once, and how is this accomplished?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know, including two different working methods.

Can You Delete Multiple Snapchat Friends At Once?

It’s important for you to know this up front, so here are the quick facts:

There is currently no built-in feature to select multiple friends to unadd or delete. However, you do have a few options:

  1. You can delete your entire Snapchat account, make a new account, and re-add the friends that you still want to keep.
  2. You can remove each friend individually (which may take a long time.)
  3. You can use a macro tool to speed the entire process up.

There are no exceptions to this. Any article or video claiming to have some way to do this is trying to scam you. Never submit your Snapchat login information to any website, except the official Snapchat website itself or the Snapchat app.

Anyhow, this third option is where things get interesting. Upon researching this topic, I didn’t find anyone else mentioning this.

We’ll talk more about macro tools later on in the article. Essentially, they allow you to record yourself performing an action on your phone (such as unadding a friend), then repeat this process automatically until the macro is finished.

Not only is this quicker, but you could set your phone down and do something else while you wait for it to complete.

Before we get into macros, let’s first talk about the other options. While they’re a bit more drastic, they are also less complicated to set up.

1. Delete Your Entire Snapchat Account

This is the nuclear option, but well… it works.

Deleting your Snapchat account certainly removes all of your friends from your Snapchat friends list.

It also removes your memories, your saved stories, your saved messages, your Snap Score, and everything else tied to your account.

Deleting your Snapchat accounts sends it into a 30 day ‘deactivation period’. After the 30 days are up, everything is permanently deleted.

While waiting, you could make a new Snapchat account and add back all of the friends that you still want to keep.

If the data tied to your Snapchat account isn’t important to you and you have too many friends that you’re trying to remove, this may end up being the best option for you.

Note: strongly urge you to back up your Snapchat Memories before deleting your account, as they aren’t automatically saved to your phone. To learn how to back up your Snapchat Memories, click here!

How To Delete Your Snapchat Account

Deactivating and deleting your Snapchat account can be done in only a few steps. Unfortunately however, it can’t be done directly from the Snapchat app – you have to do it through the account portal on Snapchat’s website.

To begin the process of deleting your account, visit Snapchat’s account portal by clicking here.

You will be prompted to login. Snapchat may also send a verification code to the mobile number attached to your Snapchat account.

From there, just follow the on-screen instructions until your account is deactivated.

2. Remove Friends Individually

This is the tedious one that we want to avoid!

If you’re removing less than 100 friends however, it is probably easiest to just do it the old fashioned way.

If you’re focused, removing a friend should take no more than 10 seconds. This means that you should be able to remove at least 6 friends a minute, or 180 friends an hour.

You can remove a friend on Snapchat by following these instructions:

  1. Open up your friend’s list by clicking on the Bitmoji icon, scrolling down, and tapping on ‘My Friends’.
  2. Find the friend that you want to delete.
  3. Hold down on their name for a second until a box pops up.
  4. Click ‘More’.
  5. Click ‘Remove Friend’.
  6. Click ‘Remove’ on the confirmation box that pops up.

If you’re quick, this process can be done in 5 seconds and less, per friend. Even if you’re removing a whopping 1,000 people, this would still take under 2 hours to complete… and probably serve as a good reminder to be more selective with who you choose to add in the future.

3. Use A Macro

This one is interesting!

If you’ve never heard of a macro before, it is essentially a way to record yourself performing an action, then have your phone play back that action repeatedly as long as you want.

Some macros even allow you to speed them up, allowing you to emulate taps on the screen quicker than humans ever physically could!

So, the idea behind this is that you record a macro of a friend being unadded. Then, you have the macro repeat the process automatically, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

The only downside to this strategy is that obviously, the software has no idea who you want to keep, and who you don’t. It can go down your friends list and remove friends one-by-one for you, but it can’t skip over people that you want to keep.

Still, this may be a better alternative than having to delete your Snapchat account entirely, and lose everything else that’s tied to it.

How To Use A Macro On Your Phone

At this time, macros are only available on Android phones (however, there is a workaround for iPhones that I’ll discuss in a moment.)

Each macro app is different, so their exact programming goes beyond the scope of this article.

However, a few of the most popular Android macro apps include:

  • MacroDroid
  • AnkuLua
  • QuickTouch
  • Automate
  • E-Robot

How To Use A Macro Using A Free Android Emulator

If you don’t have an Android phone (or you want to remove friends from the Snapchat iPhone app), you can use a free Android emulator as a workaround.

Android emulators run on your PC, and allow you to essentially run a virtual Android tablet on your computer.

Two of the most popular PC Android emulators are called Nox and Bluestacks.

Once you have one of these installed (and you install the Snapchat app within the emulator), you can then use a PC macro to record you unadding a friend, and let it run.

Android emulators are completely free and do not require you to actually own an Android phone in order to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now cover some other frequently asked questions regarding removing friends on Snapchat.

What Happens When You Remove A Friend On Snapchat?

Once you’ve removed someone as a friend, they will no longer be able to see any stories or content of yours that is not public. They will also not be able to view you on the Snap Map, and your conversation history will be deleted.

If your stories are public, unadded friends will still be able to view them.

Note that you may not be removed from each other’s recents, however. To learn how to clear or remove someone from your recents, click here.

Will People Know That You’ve Removed Them On Snapchat?

While Snapchat does not directly notify someone that they’ve been removed, they will be able to figure it out if they go poking around.

Delivery may be left as ‘pending’ and their Snapchat icon for you may turn grey. They may also be prompted to add you as a friend if they try visiting your profile, which would show them that they’ve been deleted.

How Do You Remove A Best Friend Without Deleting Them?

Snapchat doesn’t let you deliberately choose who your best friends are. However, best friends are selected based on your level of interaction with them.

In order to have new best friends on Snapchat, you should simply interact more frequently with other people.

Can Removed Friends Still See Your Snapchat Story?

No, by default people should no longer be able to view your Snapchat story after you’re removed them. Likewise, you’ll no longer be able to see theirs.

The only exception to this is if your story is public, in which case anyone can view it even if you two aren’t friends.


Although there is no built-in function to remove multiple friends at once on Snapchat, there are a few workarounds.

While deleting your account will certainly remove everyone from your friends list, it should only be considered a last resort option.

Remove people individually or use a macro if you have a very large number of people to unfriend. Although it is annoying, it really doesn’t take that long if you stay focused.

Wishing you the best!

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