There may come a time when somebody you’re Facetiming has fallen asleep, and you want to wake them up.

Fortunately, even if somebody has fallen asleep while on a video call with you, there are some things you can do to gently and kindly wake them up.

In this article, we’ll go over some ways you can wake up someone who has fallen asleep on FaceTime, in a nice and thoughtful way.

1. Hang Up And Call Them

Woman Using Smartphone In Bed

If you’re looking to wake them up at any costs, this is probably the most effective way.

After you disconnect the FaceTime call, you can place another call to their phone number, causing their phone to ring.

This one will wake most people up, even if their phone is on vibrate. However, you may need to try calling several times before it works.

Additionally, if the person is in very deep sleep, you may wish to space out your calls – calling every 10 minutes or so, until they wake up.

Keep in mind that this method is a little bit risky, because after the FaceTime call has been disconnected, you won’t be able to get back on a video call with them until they wake up.

This means that some of the other methods on this list will no longer work.

Therefore, you may wish to keep it as a last resort option.

2. Repeatedly Cover The Camera, And Uncover It

While the phone call works by engaging sound (hearing) or tactile feedback (the phone’s vibrations), this method instead engages their sight.

It can be hard to know which thing is more likely to wake them up.

By covering the camera and uncovering it repeatedly, you will cause their screen to quickly go dark, and light up again.

This bright flashing can help to wake them up, as it’s kind of similar to flicking their light on and off a bunch of times.

This strategy works best if the person fell asleep on their side, facing their phone screen. It also works best if your room is particularly well lit.

So, get up and turn your light on, then try this strategy out. It may just be enough to wake them up!

3. Talk About Topics They’re Interested In

Many people don’t know this, but the brain is still processing everything that’s happening around you, even when you’re asleep.

This means that it’s still listening to everything you say, even if it’s not consciously registered by the other person.

In ancient times, this helped to keep us alive. While we may have ignored the sound of light rain, our brains certainly wouldn’t have ignored the sound of a tiger approaching!

This means that ‘selective hearing’ is very real, even when we’re unconscious.

So, how can you use this to your advantage? Easy! Talk about things that the other person is really interested in, or really cares about – particularly if it’s something that the person wants, but they haven’t acquired yet. For example, an upcoming goal or event.

Alternatively if you’re evil, you can start painting the image of a real life horror movie for their brain to pick up on.

Either way, this stands a much higher chance of waking them up than simply talking about normal, day-to-day stuff!

4. Sing A Song

If you’re looking for something cute or romantic, you could try singing a song!

Our brains are hardwired to respond to music, and as just mentioned they also pay extra attention to things that are unusual.

Singing a song may just be enticing enough to wake them up and get them to pay attention.

Either way, this is kind of a win-win, at least if you’re shy.

Either you sing and successfully wake them up, or you got to sing to them without them actually hearing it (which may make you more comfortable in the future.)

This isn’t guaranteed to work of course, but it’s a fun little idea, especially for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush.

5. Try Everything Early (Or During Their Light Sleep)

Each person goes through different stages of sleep, during each one of their sleep cycles.

While almost anything can wake people up in their lightest stages of sleep, it is very difficult for people to wake up once they are in deep sleep.

In fact, even shouting may not be enough to wake them up!

Therefore, you’ll want to try each of these strategies out when the person is in their light stages of sleep.

Light sleep lasts for about 10 minutes after falling asleep, and during each sleep cycle (which lasts for about 1 and a half hours.)

Most people don’t know this, but we all actually wake up several times a night. We just don’t remember it, because we tend to fall back asleep straight away.

Light sleep will repeat itself during each sleep cycle. If the person you’re Facetiming with is tossing and turning, or moving around a lot in their sleep, this may be a good time to try to wake them up.


Falling asleep with someone on FaceTime is a wonderful thing to share, especially if you have a romantic interest in the other person.

However, sometimes you may want or need to wake them up.

By trying out the five strategies mentioned in this article, you’re likely to find something that works!

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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James McAllister

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