Are you planning on taking a screenshot on Twitter, and are wondering if the person will find out?

Or, perhaps you’re worried that someone may be saving your content, and you want to know if you can find out for sure.

These are both understandable concerns.

So, does Twitter notify when you screenshot, screen record, or download content from someone’s page?

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know!

Does Twitter Notify When You Screenshot?

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No, currently Twitter does not notify the poster when you screenshot their content.

This is true regardless of the type of Tweet that was shared – whether it was a regular text post, a photo, or a video.

In fact, even for features that are assumed to be private, Twitter does not notify for these, either.

This includes direct messages sent privately to others, and Twitter ‘Fleets’, back when they were still around.

(For those that can’t remember, ‘Fleets’ were Twitter’s take on the story feature available on apps like Snapchat and Instagram.)

Long story short, nothing on Twitter sends a notification when you screenshot it!

Does Twitter Notify When You Screen Record?

Now that we’ve covered screenshotting, what about screen recording?

It turns out, the exact same thing applies to screen recording as well!

This means that you can screen record anything on Twitter, without a notification being sent to the person’s device or account.

This includes things that are meant to be kept private, like Twitter DMs for example.

It also doesn’t matter what you’re device you’re using – regardless of whether you’re on an iPhone, Android, or computer, a notification will not be sent out – both for screenshots, and for screen recordings.

What If You Use A Downloader Extension?

Finally, let’s talk about downloading the Tweets normally. This can either be done by tapping and saving (smartphones), right-clicking images and saving (computer), or using download extensions (for videos.)

In any cases of these cases, are notifications sent out?

Currently, the answer is no.

Although Twitter themselves may be able to see that you’re saving the content, they will not notify the poster that the media has been saved.

Additionally, they will not even be able to see how many times the media was saved, as this information does not appear anywhere in Twitter’s analytics.

Is There Any Way To Find Out Who Has Saved Your Content?

So, we now know that Twitter does not send any sort of notifications out when your posts are saved – neither for screenshots, screen recordings, or even downloader extensions.

This begs an important question – is there any way at all to know if someone’s saved your content?

For better or worse, the answer currently is no – unless they tell you or admit to it, of course.

This means that you should always be mindful of what you post, and assume that it can be saved forever.

If you are particularly worried about somebody saving your content, you may consider turning your Twitter account private.

This will make it so only approved followers can see what you share. While it’s still possible for these people to save your content without your knowledge, it severely limits the amount of people who will see your Tweets in total.

So, it’s worth considering!


Currently, Twitter does not send any sort of notification when you save someone’s content. This true regardless of whether you screenshot it, screen record it, or download it by any means.

Additionally, the status of one’s account – be it public or private, has no effect either.

So, unless you tell someone, they will have no way of knowing whether or not their content has been saved. If you are worried about your own content, remember that it can be out on the internet forever, so be weary what you post.

I hope that this article has answered your questions.

If you have any other questions about Twitter, ask them below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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