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Are you trying to create a TikTok video, but you’re receiving an error about iCloud when you attempt to do so?

Although this can be frustrating, there is usually a simple reason behind this, with a simple fix.

That being said, the exact process can differ depending on whether it’s a picture, or a video causing the issue.

In this article, I’ll be going over exactly what this message means, and how you can fix it quickly, so it never bothers you again!

Why Does TikTok Say That Pictures / Videos Are Syncing From iCloud?

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When TikTok says that photos or videos are syncing from iCloud, this is because they are not yet downloaded onto your actual device.

Although TikTok allows you to browse your iCloud library directly from the app, files must be downloaded onto your device before they can be imported into TikTok, and used for TikTok videos.

So, until the files are actually downloaded, this message will occur.

For large video files, downloading can take a significant period of time, depending on your internet connection – so there may be faster ways to do it than letting the entire video file download!

In any case, I’ll share solutions for this error message in just a moment.

How To Fix iCloud Sync Issues With TikTok

As mentioned earlier, the exact steps to fix iCloud syncing issues on TikTok can vary, depending on whether you are trying to sync a photo, or a video.

Let’s look over the fixes for each!

How To Fix ‘Syncing Video From iCloud’

Videos are often more problematic, due to the large file size that comes with HD video.

It’s especially frustrating when all you need is a brief clip or snippet from it! So, what should you do?

This error occurs because the video isn’t yet downloaded to your device. So, you have three options:

1. Download The Video To Your Phone Via The ‘Edit’ Button

This one is the quickest, that won’t compromise the quality of your video.

You can make your iPhone or iPad immediately download the video from iCloud, by finding the video in your Photos app, then editing it.

If you’d like, you can make a micro edit to it (such as trimming it down a second), then save it as a new copy.

Once you’re done, return back to TikTok and reopen the photo browser.

The video will now be downloaded onto your device, and won’t need to be synced from iCloud! Therefore, it can be selected without any problems.

2. Save A Copy From iCloud

This is the way Apple expects you to do it.

To download a video from iCloud, visit in Safari. Once you’ve signed in, browse to the section where your photos and videos can be found.

Look for the video that you want to use on your TikTok, and download it.

Once the copy is on your device, return back to TikTok, and select this downloaded copy to use within your video.

3. Screen Record The Video

If you are able to view the video within your Photos app without downloading it, you can also take a screen recording of the video.

This will save a new copy of it in your camera roll, which can be uploaded to TikTok without any issues (since it’ll be saved onto your device directly.)

Note however that this may result in a lower-quality version of the video than one of the other two methods were.

How To Fix ‘Syncing The Picture From iCloud’

Now that we’ve covered videos, what about photos?

The cause of the error is exactly the same – the photo not being stored on your device. So, all you have to do is try one of these fixes to get the photo onto your iPhone or iPad, so you can upload it!

1. Save A Copy From iCloud

This works just like it would for video.

Visit in your phone’s internet browser, and sign in. Once there, visit the photos section.

Locate the photo you wish to use in your TikTok video or profile picture, and download it.

Then, return to TikTok, and upload the photo you just downloaded.

2. Screenshot The Photo

This one is significantly faster, and takes less time!

All you’ve got to do is locate the picture you want to use, take a screenshot of it, and upload this copy instead.

Depending on where you screenshot it from, you may need to crop it to avoid anything extra from making its way into the photo.

While this method is the quickest for photos, it may lead to a lower-quality photo than downloading it from iCloud directly.

So, keep this in mind!


When TikTok notifies you that there are issues when syncing from iCloud, this is because the photo or video is not actually stored on your device.

Therefore, if you can get a copy of the file onto your device, TikTok won’t need to pull from iCloud at all. This will make the error go away completely.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that you’ve managed to get it uploaded.

If you run into any issues or you have any questions, let me know below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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