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Have you posted a Story on Snapchat, and are wondering which people have viewed it multiple times?

Or perhaps you’re viewing someone else’s Story, and you’re curious if they can see how many times you viewed it.

In either case, it’s normal to wonder if there’s any way to find this information out.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know – including when and how it can be done!

Does Snapchat Show When You Replay A Story Multiple Times?

Snapchat App

The answer for this is ‘it depends.’

Most Snapchat users are unable to view whether you’ve replayed a Story, or watched the same Story several times. This is something that Snapchat usually keeps hidden, and doesn’t choose to share with the person that posted the Story.

However, in June 2022, Snapchat launched their subscription service, Snapchat+.

One of the highlighted features of Snapchat+ is the ability to see how many times friends have rewatched your Stories.

So, this feature is currently reserved for Snapchat+ members. At this time however, it’s unlikely most of your friends actually use Snapchat+ – it’s not a very popular service thus far.

To put these in perspective, in August of 2022 Snapchat+ has crossed 1 million active subscribers, despite Snapchat having over 300 million monthly users.

It’s important to note however that Snapchat has specifically told The Verge that features that involve other users may be released to all Snapchat users at a later date. This may include Story rewatch counts.

Additionally, Snapchat’s own announcement page for Snapchat+ describes some features as ‘pre-release’.

So, it’s possible that the ability to see who has rewatched your Story may come to all Snapchat users in the future.

What Is Snapchat+?

Snapchat+ is a new subscription service launched by Snapchat in June 2022. Along with it comes a number of new features that are reserved for Snapchat+ members.

Some of these include:

Story Rewatch Count

As already mentioned, Snapchat+ allows you to see how many times your Stories have been rewatched.

#1 BFF

Snapchat+ allows you to pin your #1 BFF to the top of your chat window.

All you’ve got to do is hold down on their name while on your recents list, and tap on the ‘Pin (Name) as your #1 BFF’ to pin them to the top.

Star Icon Next To Your Name

Subscribing to Snapchat+ will put a special star badge next to your name while on your Snapchat profile.

You can actually use this to find out who is a Snapchat+ subscriber, and know whether or not that specific person will be able to see when you replay their Story!

Emoji While Viewing Snaps

Snapchat+ users can set an emoji to appear after someone views your Snap, which can make your Snaps a little more unique.

Extra Bitmoji Backgrounds

Snapchat+ users will have extra backgrounds to select from for their Bitmoji.

Ghost Trails

If you’re subscribed to Snapchat+, you’ll be able to view the location of all of your friends over the last 24 hours via Snap Map, rather than just their current location.

While I personally find this to be a little bit invasive, this feature could be valuable to some people.

New Snapchat Icons

Snapchat+ subscribers are able to choose from more than 30 different icons for the Snapchat icon itself.

It’s possible that more of them will become available in the future.

Prioritized Replies To Snap Stars

If replying to the Stories posted by celebrities or influencers on Snapchat, Snapchat+ users will be prioritized over all other Snapchat users.

This means that Snapchat+ user replies will appear first.

Unfortunately, because celebrities are still bombarded with Snaps, this still means you have relatively low chances of connecting with them, even with Snapchat+.

Snapchat On The Web

Finally, my favorite feature – Snapchat on the web!

If you prefer to chat on your computer rather than on your phone, Snapchat now has a website version that you’re able to use as well.

It’s been noted that this will eventually roll out to all Snapchat users though. At the time of publishing however, it’s exclusive to Snapchat+ members.

So, there you have it!

Note that as just mentioned, some features are considered to be pre-release, meaning that they may come out to everyone else at a later date.

It’s also possible that the number of Snapchat+ features will increase in the future, in order to make it appealing to a larger number of people.

Are There Any Third-Party Apps That Let You See If Your Story Has Been Rewatched?

Now that we’ve covered Snapchat+, let’s look over to third-party apps.

Are there any third-party Snapchat apps that allow you to get Snapchat+ features for free – most notably, the ability to see who rewatched your Story?

Currently, the answer is no – and this is unlikely to change in the future.

Although third-party apps may add additional features, the ability to view story rewatches isn’t one of them.

This is because the only way to find this information out was if you had access to Snapchat’s servers directly. Third-party apps can’t magically pull information from their servers that they don’t have access to, so even if Snapchat has this information, a third-party app won’t be able to pull it for you.

Third-party apps are against Snapchat’s terms of service anyway, so its best to just avoid them altogether.

If you want to view who has rewatched your Story on Snapchat more than once, you’ll need to subscribe to Snapchat+.


At this time, it is possible to view how many times your Story has been replayed on Snapchat.

However, this will require you to sign up for Snapchat+, which currently runs for $3.99 a month.

Without a Snapchat+ subscription, you won’t be able to view this information. So, if you’re the one rewatching someone’s Story, you likely have nothing to worry about – only a very small percentage of Snapchat users have Snapchat+.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about Snapchat or Snapchat+, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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