Does your phone automatically hang up anytime you try to call someone – perhaps before it even rings one time?

This is a strange issue to experience, especially if it is happening with every number that you try to call, or even with just one specific person.

So, what would cause your phone to automatically hang up, and how can you fix it so you can continue placing calls again?

In this article, I’ll be covering everything that you need to know!

1. There’s An Issue With The Cellular Network

Person On Mobile Phone

If this issue just popped up for the first time, it’s possible that your entire cellular network is experiencing a problem that is causing the calls to automatically drop.

This is possible even if your phone states that it has cellular service.

Between network infrastructure going down or even cell towers experiencing temporary outages, problems with the cellular networks are rare – but they do happen.

To determine whether or not this may be the problem, you have three options:

  1. Call your provider’s customer service number using a different phone.
  2. If somebody else in your household uses the same cellular provider, ask them if they are having issues placing calls.
  3. Look for local Facebook groups or communities for your town. If others are having problems, somebody is likely to have already mentioned it!

2. Poor Service

Next, your phone may automatically hang up if you do not have a strong enough signal to actually place the call.

This one may seem kind of obvious, but it’s worth checking anyway.

If you don’t have an adequate connection to the cell tower, the phone will not be able to even ring when you go to place the call – after all, the ring tones you hear are there because the phone has actually rang for the other person.

Note that the phone call hanging up without ringing at all is usually an issue on your end.

If the other person doesn’t have service (but you do), you will at least get an error message saying the call couldn’t be completed, or be sent immediately to voicemail.

So, check your own reception to make sure it’s adequate enough to place calls!

3. You’ve Been Blocked At The Carrier Level

If you’re having an issue with a certain phone number, you may want to think about whether or not it’s possible that they’ve blocked you.

Depending on the person that you’re trying to call, each one of them handles blocked numbers differently.

For example, when calling a blocked number, you may experience:

  • Being sent immediately to voicemail, after 1 or even 0 rings.
  • The phone ringing the standard 4-5 times, but being sent to voicemail. However, the person on the other end never knows you called.
  • A message stating that the call could not be completed.
  • The phone call immediately, automatically disconnecting without actually pressing the button to hang up.

Again, the exact thing that can happen can vary depending on the carrier, and whether or not you’ve been blocked at the phone or carrier level.

However, because the phone call automatically hanging up is one possibility, I wanted to include it.

To rule this one out, try calling the same number from a different phone. If the call goes through normally, it’s possible that you’ve been blocked!

4. The Phone Number Is A Scam

Did you know that entire phone scams are based around knowing whether or not a phone number is even active?

In fact, there are robocallers out there that will do nothing but call random numbers. When somebody actually picks up the phone to answer their call, the system will automatically disconnect it.

While this may seem pointless, it tells the scammer that the phone number is actively being used, and the person picks up calls from unknown numbers.

So if you’ve ever answered a random call only for it to immediately hang up on you, this is why!

Because these phone numbers are designed to immediately hang up, this may point to the issue if you are calling (or have been called by) that specific number.

5. The Number Isn’t Tied To A Phone

Next, even if you’re calling a legitimate number, it’s possible that this number isn’t tied to a phone!

For example, fax machine numbers can look just like a phone number, but obviously do not result in an actual phone call happening on the other end.

Other devices can be hooked up to phone lines as well, that won’t ring if you try to call them.

So, your carrier may recognize this, and disconnect the call straight away without you actually having to press the button to hang up.

6. You’re Calling A ‘No Response’ Number

If you’re calling a business, it’s a possibility that the number you’re trying to call is a ‘no response’ number.

These phone numbers are not set up to take incoming calls, so they may automatically hang up if you attempt to dial one of them.

No response numbers are often used by businesses for outbound calls, but the business may have a separate, customer-facing phone number they want you to use when you actually make calls to them.

So, if returning a call from one of these ‘no response’ numbers, it simply won’t go through.

Of course, you can test this out by calling a different number, that you know works (such as a friend or family member’s.)

If your call still automatically hangs up when you dial it, chances are there is a different issue instead.

7. Your SIM Card Is Damaged

SIM Card

Finally, it’s also possible that your SIM card is damaged.

If this is the case, you will experience issues regardless of who you’re trying to call, rather than only facing issues with a specific number.

While SIM cards are designed to last a long time – more than 10 years in some cases, the fact of the matter is that they can become damaged. This is particularly common if you handle them frequently, and regularly move them between different phones.

You can learn more about damaged SIM cards – and how to spot the signs of one, by clicking here.

Thankfully, you can get a new SIM card and still keep your same number, so you shouldn’t hesitate to order a replacement if you believe this may be the problem!

What To Do In Order To Fix The Issue

Now that we know some of the possible reasons why your phone may be immediately hanging up upon placing or answering a call, this begs an important question – how do you actually fix it?

First things first, it’s important to read over each item listed above, so you know whether or not it applies to you.

If the issue is only with one specific number, chances are the problem lies with the other person, rather than something that can be fixed by you. So, if you know the person, you should let them know, and ask them if anyone else has also experienced problems trying to call them.

If this happens regardless of who you call, it can point to a more serious issue.

Of course, as mentioned earlier you should try moving to an area with better cellular reception, as well as check your SIM card for signs of damage.

However, if you still experience the problem, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with your cellular provider.

They will be able to look at advanced diagnostic information and figure out exactly what the problem is. If it’s a hardware issue (like a faulty SIM card or cell phone), they may also be able to arrange a replacement being sent out to you.

Here are the customer support numbers for the four largest carriers in the United States. When calling, be sure to mention the specifics of when your phone automatically hangs up – including any actual numbers you’ve tried to call unsuccessfully.

AT&T: 1-800-331-0500

Verizon: 1-800-837-4966

T-Mobile: 1-800-937-8997

Sprint: 1-888-211-4727


It can be extremely frustrating when your phone automatically hangs up when making a call – especially if it is happening regardless of who you try to talk to.

Thankfully however, there is usually just one cause behind it. Once you know what’s causing your phone to hang up, you can take steps towards resolving it.

I hope that you’ve managed to figure out the problem, and your phone now works normally, without dropping calls.

If you have any other questions, please ask them using the comment form below and I’ll try to help as quickly as I can.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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