One of the great things about TikTok is that you have a lot of freedom to express yourself.

Some things however, you may not want your following and friends to find out about.

So, you may be wondering – can your TikTok followers see your comments? How easy are your comments to find, and are there any way to hide certain comments from your followers?

These are excellent questions. In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know!

Will TikTok Followers See My Comments?

Comment On TikTok Video

Yes. It is possible for TikTok followers to see your comments. However, this might not work in the way that you expect.

Currently, there is no way for your followers to pull up a complete list of comments that you’ve left on other videos.

However, if they happen to find the video that you’ve left a comment on and they open up the comment section, the comments of the people that they’re following (including you) will appear above all of the other comments.

This is true even if your comment does not have a lot of likes. Because they’re following you, they will see your comments first.

The only exception to this is if they’ve also left a comment on that video themselves. In these instances, the order of displays comments is:

  1. Their comments, which always appear first.
  2. The comments of people that they’re following.
  3. The video’s other top comments.

Again, they would have to naturally stumble upon the video themselves in order to find your comment. However, it will be easily visible to them if they do find it.

So, you may want to be mindful of what you say. We will share some tips on how to hide comments from followers a little later on, so if you’re interesting in protecting your privacy keep reading!

Will My Followers Receive A Notification When I Comment

We know that followers can receive push notifications when you publish new videos, or go live.

But is there any way for them to receive notifications when you comment as well?

At this time, the answer is no.

Unless you are responding to a comment they have left (either on one of your videos, or someone else’s), they will not receive any sort of push notification to their devices, nor will any notification be available within their TikTok inbox.

This is true even if you are leaving comments on your own videos – again, unless you’re responding to them specifically.

So, you should feel free to comment comfortably without the risk of it getting pushed out to large numbers of people.

Is There Any Way To Hide Comments You Make From Your Followers On TikTok?

Sometimes, you want to be able to express your opinion without worrying about your loyal followers judging you for it.

This is especially true if you are saying something controversial or personal and you’re worried how your followers or friends may react.

So, is there any way to hide comments from followers?

It turns out, there is!

However, it is not an ideal solution.

The easiest way to hide your comments from followers is to create a second account specifically for commenting.

This is one of the best reasons to have a second TikTok account, actually. You can avoid tying your identity to it in any way, allowing you to leave comments almost anonymously, without anyone knowing that it’s you.

Then, whenever you have a comment you want to share, switch accounts and go back to the video. This entire process can be done in just a few moments, so it can work really well!

Note: Turning your main account private won’t prevent followers from seeing your comments, unless you block them.

What About Who I’m Following? Can My Followers See The Accounts I Follow?

Now that we’ve talked about comments, let’s briefly talk about other privacy concerns you may have on TikTok.

For example, can your followers see who you’re following?

It turns out, they can! At least, if you haven’t disabled the ability to do so that is.

They can even see the exact order in which you’ve followed people – something that many people don’t know!

Thankfully, making the switch is actually pretty quick, and you don’t need to turn your account private in order to hide your following list.

To learn how to hide your following list on TikTok, click here!


Currently, TikTok users can see the comments that you leave on other videos.

However, they must first discover the video themselves, and then open up the comment section to view it. They are unable to view all of your comments that you leave, and there is no way for them to see which videos you’ve commented on without manually stumbling across them.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about leaving comments on TikTok, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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