Is there a font that you like on Canva, and you’re wondering whether or not you can download it to your computer?

While it’s very easy to upload a font to Canva, it isn’t as clear how you download one yourself from Canva.

So, in this article I’ll be going over how you can get Canva fonts downloaded to your computer, for use in other software.

Let’s get to it!

Can You Download A Front From Canva To Your Computer?

Canva Website And App

Yes and no.

While Canva does not allow you to download fonts directly from their service, their fonts aren’t proprietary either.

This means that you can download them for free from other sources to use within other software, install to your system, or send to others as you wish.

And thankfully, doing this only takes a few seconds once you know what to do with them!

Font Name Canva

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find the name of the font that you’re looking to download.

You can do this by highlighting the text within Canva’s design, and then looking up to the font selection menu to find out the name.

Once you’ve got it noted, move onto the next step!

Top Websites To Download Fonts From

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites available on the web that offer fonts.

In fact, some of them have tens of thousands of them to choose from!

A few examples include:

When you land on one of these sites, you’ll want to find the search bar (usually located towards the top of the page), and type in the name of the font that you were using on Canva.

1001Fonts Example

In this example, I will be using 1001Fonts. I like this site because it allows you to type in preview text, so you can see what your text looks like which a lot of different fonts at once.

Additionally, the license terms are clear and easy to see, so you avoid getting in any sort of legal trouble. More on that a little later.

Once you’ve found the font that you’re looking for, just click on the download button! Some sites may require a captcha to be filled out, to prevent bots from mass downloading fonts.

The file will save in one of three formats – .ttf, .otf, or .zip.

If it downloads a .ttf or .otf file, you can simply click on it to open up the font installation screen, and install the font to your system.

If it’s a .zip file, you will first need to extract it using software like 7-Zip.

Once you’ve got it installed, congratulations! You’ve now got the same fonts that you were using on Canva.

However, depending on your use case, you may need a license for the font. More on that in a moment.

Be Sure To Pay Attention To Its License!

Unfortunately, just because a font is available to download doesn’t mean that you can legally use it – at least not for all purposes.

Most commonly, font designers place limitations on commercial use. This means you can’t use the font for any sort of commercial purpose, including on merchandise or within advertisements for your business.

Typically, you will need to pay to get access to a commercial license, which often ranges between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars, depending on the font.

A good benchmark to expect is around $10 for most commercial licenses.

Thankfully, most websites make it clear whether or not a font can be used for commercial purposes or not.

For example, on 1001fonts it will either say ‘This font is free for commercial use’ or ‘This font is free for personal use.’

Details on how to purchase a license are usually available on the font’s download page, or within the .zip file depending on the site.

Find Fonts That Go Good Together!

When you visit one of the websites above, it can be exciting – but also overwhelming seeing just how many fonts are available!

So, how do you know which would go well together in your design?

Choosing great typography is an art and a skill in its own, and it really depends on the vibe you’re going for with your design.

Thankfully, websites like Skillshare have courses that are based solely around typography for different projects.

Three that are highly recommended include:

  • Mastering Typography 1: Introduction to Typographic Contrast by Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand.
  • Typography That Works: Typographic Composition and Fonts by Ellen Lupton.
  • How to Look at Type: Fundamentals of Web Typography by Jason Santa Maria.


Unfortunately, you can’t download fonts from Canva directly.

However, there are websites available that let you download all of the fonts that you’ll find on Canva – and many more as well! Just make sure that you’re only using fonts that you have the proper license for.

I hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful. If you have any other questions about Canva or typography, ask them using the comment from below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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