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Are you celebrating a holiday, and wondering if you’ll still be able to order DoorDash?

Or perhaps you’re a driver, and you’re wondering just how much money there is to be made delivering orders on these special days of the year.

Regardless of which side of things you’re on, it depends a lot on which holiday you’re referring to.

DoorDash is able to deliver on holidays, and most holidays are busier than normal days. However, some holidays are different than others, which is why we’ve put together a full list on what you can expect for each holiday.

Is DoorDash Busy On Holidays?

Doordash Delivery Worker

Yes. Most holidays experience a large increase in DoorDash orders, making it quite profitable for any driver that wants to spend time delivering food on any of these days.

For customers, this also means potentially longer delivery times – both due to the increased orders DoorDash drivers have to deliver, as well as restaurants operating with limited staff.

But why do orders increase so much? It comes down to a few key reasons.

1. Less People Are Going Out

This is the big one.

For must (but not all) holidays, less people are going out, so they’re unlikely to pick up food on their own.

While there are some holidays that traditionally lead to people cooking more at home (Thanksgiving and 4th of July are two prime examples), many people opt for DoorDash instead if they don’t want to make something they have at home.

Additionally, because it’s common for families to spend holidays together, these orders may be larger than normal as well – leading to larger tips for drivers.

2. Holiday Promotions

It’s no secret that restaurants love to run holiday-themed promotions for their products.

Whether it be limited time offers or even foods that are exclusive to certain holidays, restaurants spend a lot of money advertising around major holidays. This increases the demand for their products.

Fearing that they’ll miss out on the offers that are soon to be discontinued, customers place orders they otherwise would not have on holidays (and even the days leading up to them!)

3. Gift Cards

On holidays in which gifts are exchanged (such as Christmas, Easter or even Mother’s Day), people often receive cash or DoorDash gift cards.

Looking to celebrate, many people opt to spend these immediately, contributing to the uptick in orders that DoorDash experiences.

While this is only a minor factor, it is still part of what increases the number of orders that occur on most holidays.

Which Holidays Are Busy For DoorDash?

Now that we know a little bit about why certain holidays result in more DoorDash orders, let’s take a look at most major holidays in more detail.

As a DoorDash driver, this can help you determine whether or not you may wish to Dash on those days.

Is DoorDash Busy On New Year’s Day?

Yes. DoorDash is very busy on New Year’s Day. This is primarily caused by people partying and drinking the night before.

Because so many people are hung over, they opt to order DoorDash instead, preventing themselves from having to take an uncomfortable trip out.

Reports from other drivers have shown that they’ve been able to earn as much as $400 on New Year’s Day alone!

Is DoorDash Busy On Valentine’s Day?

Typically, Valentine’s Day isn’t very busy for DoorDash.

This is due to it being such a popular night for dates to actually go out and visit restaurants themselves.

Ordering DoorDash isn’t exactly romantic, and few people bother to place orders.

Even if they do, wait times at restaurants (even large chains like Chipotle) are very long, making it not really worth your time to Dash if you’re a driver.

If you’re a customer you may still be able to place an order, but you will likely wait much longer to get your food – just like you would if you actually visited the restaurant yourself.

Is DoorDash Busy On Superbowl Sunday?

Yes, DoorDash is usually quite busy on Superbowl Sunday.

Orders drastically pick up until about a half hour before the game starts, then die down a bit until the game is over. Afterwards, they experience another uptick.

Dashers can make several hundred dollars if they’re Dashing in a busy market. So, if you don’t care about football or can handle not watching the game live, it may be a great time to Dash.

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If you’re a customer, you will want to place your order early to account for any delays. Otherwise, it may arrive after kickoff.

(And yes, I know this one isn’t an actual holiday, but it is certainly treated like one by many people!)

Is DoorDash Busy On Easter?

No. DoorDash does not tend to be very busy on Easter.

Whether it’s from people celebrating to their families or attending church, there just doesn’t seem to be that many orders – especially early in the day.

However, many drivers have reported that orders tend to return to normal a little bit in the evenings.

Is DoorDash Busy On Memorial Day?

According to DoorDash, Memorial Day ranks 8th on the busiest holidays of the year for DoorDash.

However, reports from other Dashers online appear to offer contradictory information.

While some people claim they were able to make over $50 an hour dashing on Memorial Day, other people have claimed that it’s been completely dead for them in the past.

Therefore, it may depend a lot on your market.

Memorial Day is typically a dangerous day to drive due to people drinking. So, if you choose to Dash on Memorial Day, please stay safe!

Is DoorDash Busy On Mother’s Day?

This one may seem a little crazy, but DoorDash has revealed that Mother’s Day is actually the single biggest day of the year for food delivery!

Whether it’s adult children ordering for their mothers or husbands ordering for their wives, this is an incredibly profitable day for DoorDash drivers.

And what could be more romantic than bringing home a nice big paycheck (okay, I’m kidding!)

Is DoorDash Busy On Father’s Day?

Yes, DoorDash is busy on Father’s Day.

However, it is not quite as busy on Father’s Day as it is on Mother’s Day.

Still, there have been reports from other drives making upwards of $300 for 9 hours of Dashing, which is much better than the typical day!

Is DoorDash Busy On 4th of July?

No. DoorDash does not tend to be very busy on the 4th of July, because most people are making food at home.

Barbecues, picnics and homemade meals are common, and large family gettogethers ensure there is already more than enough food to go around.

In addition to fireworks, a nice meal is a staple of Independence Day – and this means that DoorDash is quite slow as a result.

It is also one of the more dangerous days to drive on, so most DoorDash drivers simply opt not to Dash on this day.

Is DoorDash Busy On Labor Day?

Yes. According to DoorDash, Labor Day ranks 6th on their list of busiest holidays.

Reports from other DoorDash drivers suggest that orders pick up more as the day goes on. While the mornings may not be particularly busy, it gets busier and busier as the evening approaches.

So, you may wish to time your Dashing hours around the late afternoon and evening to maximize your income.

Is DoorDash Busy On Halloween?

Yes. Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year for DoorDash drivers, and the only other holidays that rank ahead of it are Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

Parents who are exhausted from a long work day and trick or treating with the kids are happy to order DoorDash in order to have some time to relax.

At the same time, many people are out at parties that may place group orders.

Just be sure to drive slow, especially in areas with lots of trick or treaters!

Is DoorDash Busy On Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of the slowest days of the years for DoorDash.

Because most people are cooking meals at home and much of the holiday is based around eating, there is usually plenty of food already available.

Therefore, it may not be worth driving for DoorDash on Thanksgiving, as you are unlikely to receive many orders.

It should be noted however that the day before Thanksgiving tends to be much more busy than normal.

Is DoorDash Busy On Black Friday?

Most Dashers agree that Black Friday tends to be pretty slow. However, DoorDash still ranks it in their top 10 busiest holidays.

The general consensus seems to be that the daytime is much slower than usual, likely due to people out shopping and picking up food themselves.

However, orders increase drastically in the evening. So, you may wish to plan to Dash around this time.

Is DoorDash Busy On Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve tends to be quite a busy day for DoorDash. This is especially true if you work in a market that allows delivery of alcohol and groceries.

Many people are preparing for Christmas Day and want to save time and trips out by ordering DoorDash instead.

However, orders tend to be most frequent earlier in the day on Christmas Eve.

Is DoorDash Busy On Christmas Day?

Christmas is not usually a busy day for DoorDash drivers.

Although DoorDash is still open and people can place orders, the majority of restaurants will be closed.

Chinese restaurants are an exception as they tend to stay open on Christmas Day, but the low order volume means that it’s usually not worth it to Dash on Christmas Day.

Is DoorDash Busy On New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest days of the year.

There are a lot of people that have gotten together for celebrations, meaning that there are large group orders being placed.

Unlike 4th of July however, it’s not quite as common for people to cook their own meals at home. Because people don’t want to spend time away from their group on New Year’s Eve, this means lots of people opt to order DoorDash instead!


As you can see, DoorDash is certainly busy on a lot of holidays. However, certain holidays are busier than others, and some even experience drastically less orders than normal.

Therefore, by referring to the information above, you can gain a better idea on what DoorDash order volume will look like.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about DoorDash, please ask them using the comment form below.

Thank you for reading,

– James McAllister

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