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DoorDash is a fantastic way to make some side money and if you take it seriously, can even pay enough to cover what you’d make with a full-time job.

However, because DoorDash pays you as a contractor and not a W-2 employee, you may be wondering – will you be able to use your DoorDash income to rent an apartment, or even a house?

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know.

Can You Use DoorDash To Get An Apartment?

Yes. DoorDash can be used to get an apartment, as long as you have proof of a steady income.

Although DoorDash may not provide full earnings reports for you to print out, you can always prove your DoorDash income in the form of printed bank statements.

Many banking platforms even allow you to filter transactions from specific merchants, allowing you to print only the income deposited from DoorDash. Even if they don’t, you should be able to ask your bank for a printout of your deposits specifically. So, this will allow you to prove your income, without giving away your privacy when it comes to your expenses.

As far as renting goes, landlords primarily want to ensure that you have enough steady income to be able to provide for rent, regardless of whether you receive it as an employee or as a contractor. They are much less strict than banks, who typically prefer to make loans to W-2 employees.

Finally, it should be noted that at the beginning of each year before the end of January, you should receive a 1099 from DoorDash that will show all of the income that you’ve earned from them this year. This is the income that they will send to the IRS for tax reporting purposes.

While your actual income will be lower (1099’s do not take your DoorDash-related expenses into account), 1099’s can still prove how much you received from them in the last year.

Workaround – Get A Temporary Job

Doordash Delivery Worker

If for whatever reason your landlord doesn’t accept your DoorDash income as qualifying to rent an apartment, one workaround is to get a temporary job.

I only mention this because it’s something that other DoorDash drivers have done in the past in order to qualify for certain things.

By getting a temporary job, you prove that you’re capable of receiving the sort of stable, monthly income that landlords love.

After all, this doesn’t have to be something that you keep forever. Some DoorDash drivers have gotten a job for only a couple of months until their lease agreement has been signed, and then quit their jobs shortly after.

As long as you don’t break your lease agreement, this is a perfectly acceptable workaround that still allows you to maximize your hours spent Dashing.


DoorDash can be used as proof of income for an apartment, in the majority of cases.

In a sense, DoorDash is no different than any other contractor-based business. Just because you’re not legally an employee, doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of paying your bills. Landlords know this, and contractor income is usually accepted to qualify for an apartment or even to rent a home.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about DoorDash or renting, please don’t hesitate to ask using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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