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If you’re planning on becoming a DoorDash driver or you already are one, you may be wondering about perks.

DoorDash can be a fantastic way to make a bit of side money, but they aren’t that well known for their benefits. Being a gig job, you’re paid as a contractor and DoorDash doesn’t cover any insurance.

You may be wondering however, if they at least give a discount on their own services.

Do Dashers get a discount on food, or any other perks such as free delivery?

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know.

Do Dashers Get A Discount?

No. Dashers do not get any sort of discount on food, nor do they receive free deliveries.

However, like other DoorDash customers, DoorDash drivers may receive free deliveries if they sign up for DashPass.

This has sparked a bit of controversy among DoorDash drivers, who feel undervalued by the company.

After all, this really wouldn’t be that big of an ask, especially if the discount was reserved to drivers who had made a certain number of deliveries.

While DoorDash offers other perks for drivers, discounts on DoorDash unfortunately isn’t one of them.

Note: DoorDash drivers (also known as Dashers) are not technically employees, meaning there will never be a DoorDash employee discount. However, there have been temporary offers made available to Dashers that offer discounts on pickup only. Because there is little point in using DoorDash if you still have to travel to the restaurant, this wasn’t considered satisfactory among drivers.

DoorDash Drivers Used To Receive Discounts – But Not Anymore

Doordash Delivery Worker

In the early days of DoorDash, drivers used to receive discounts if they delivered for the company.

According to former drivers, this program required you to have made at least 100 DoorDash deliveries before you became eligible for it.

However, this program has been discontinued for over five years, and is no longer a goal new drivers can work towards.

Why Discounts For DoorDash Drivers May Not Make Sense

If you think about it, it may not be that big of a loss if DoorDash drivers aren’t given any sort of discount. At the same time, it makes it all the more silly that DoorDash doesn’t offer it.

If you’re a driver, you’re already spending much of your time out and about, doing deliveries. You’re probably also spending and ending your Dashing session near the area of town where most restaurants are located.

It makes you wonder, why pay all of the extra fees and markup for DoorDash, if you’re already there anyway? This would still end up costing you more, even if you did have some sort of discount.

Still, during the times where you don’t want to leave the house, it is a shame you can’t get discounts on delivery.

Do Dashers Get Free DashPass?

No. DoorDash does not offer free DashPass to their drivers. In fact, this is the one that upsets many delivery drivers the most!

However, as of December 2022, DoorDash now offers one free month of DashPass – and 50% off a DashPass subscription to drivers that complete at least one delivery per month.

DashPass is a membership that offers discounts on various DoorDash fees, for a monthly subscription of $10 a month. It is relatively cheap, and our analysis shows that DashPass almost always pays for itself with just 2 deliveries a month.

To a massive company like DoorDash, many drivers consider it to be insulting that you can’t even get DashPass for free, even if you’re an active driver.

Still, the update offering it for 50% off is a step in the right direction!

Other DoorDash Benefits

Although DoorDash drivers do not get a discount on DoorDash or even on the DashPass membership, there are a few driver-specific perks that the company offers.

Most of these are due to partnerships DoorDash has in place with other companies, in order to offer discounts to their drivers.

For example, DoorDash has partnered with Hertz to give a discount if you are using a rental car for DoorDash.

Additionally, DoorDash offers a card that gives money off of fuel purchases, and has partnered with TurboTax to aid Dashers with their taxes.

The exact partnerships and perks DoorDash offers to their drivers varies, with new ones coming and going all the time.

Therefore, you should view the current benefits offered by clicking here.


DoorDash does not offer any discounts to its services for DoorDash drivers.

There is no employee discount policy, and Dashers are also not able to get free DashPass memberships.

That being said, DoorDash is still a great way to earn some additional money, even if they do not offer the same level of benefits that a traditional job would.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any questions about driving for DoorDash, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

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