Are you expecting mail or a package by USPS to be delivered today, but USPS already delivered once?

This can be confusing, especially if tracking shows that the shipment is still set to be delivered today.

So, can USPS deliver twice in one day, and if so, when does this happen? In this article, I’ll be answering this question and more!

Does USPS Deliver More Than Once Each Day?

USPS Vehicles

Yes, USPS can deliver more than once each day, and this is actually quite common – especially during peak shipping seasons.

USPS will typically separate out letters from packages, and deliver each of these separately. So, it’s not uncommon for USPS to deliver regular mail as well as USPS packages separately, on the same day.

However, usually each one of these deliveries will only happen once. So, if USPS has already delivered packages for example, it’s unlikely that they will deliver packages a second time later that day.

Instead, the packages will be redelivered tomorrow instead, as long as there weren’t any issues preventing delivery. More on that later!

Why Did USPS Miss My House?

Typically speaking, USPS is great at ensuring that they are able to reliably deliver both mail and packages, without any slip ups.

That being said, mistakes do happen.

While mail is almost all delivered together, it’s possible that packages are split up between multiple trucks. Because far fewer addresses receive packages than mail from USPS each day, these routes are calculated differently.

This may result in packages from USPS getting delivered to a neighbor for example, while your package may be on a different truck. Although it would seem to make sense that USPS would ensure packages that are being delivered close by are delivered by the same driver, this isn’t always the case.

It’s also important to note that USPS may have chosen to leave the package inside your mailbox (or parcel locker) rather than delivering it to your door.

Unlike UPS, Fedex and other couriers, USPS is the only delivery service that is legally able to leave packages in your mailbox.

So, it’s possible that your package may have been delivered there instead.

This is true even if the package wasn’t marked as delivered on USPS tracking. Sometimes, the package isn’t scanned correctly when it’s delivered, so it’s worth checking for it anyway if USPS already seems to have delivered packages to your neighborhood.

How Late Does USPS Deliver?

Typically speaking, USPS claims that most mail should be delivered before 5 P.M. each day.

That being said, surges in mail delivery, along with harsher weather conditions can cause mail and packages to be delivered even later than this on occasion.

The one exception to this rule is packages sent using Priority Mail Express, which is delivered by 3 P.M. In certain locations, upgrades can also be purchased to guarantee delivery by [10:30] A.M. as well.

Just for reference, here are the expected delivery windows for various USPS services:

Name:Speed (Business Days):
USPS Marketing Mail3-10 Days
Periodicals3-9 Days
Media Mail2-8 Days
USPS Retail Ground2-8 Days
Parcel Select Lightweight2-8 Days
Parcel Select Ground2-5 Days
First-Class Package Service1-3 Days
Priority Mail1-3 Days
Priority Mail ExpressNext Day - 2 Days, Guaranteed

Will USPS Reimburse For Late Deliveries?

Yes! You may be eligible for reimbursement if your package is delivered late by USPS, but only if you have used the Priority Mail Express service for your shipment.

Priority Mail Express is the only shipping service USPS offers that actually guarantees the delivery time, which is also why it’s much more expensive than say, First Class Mail.

For a Priority Mail Express package to be considered late, it must exceed the promised delivery window (1 to 2 days) or be delivered after 6 PM on the promised delivery date.

For more information on receiving a refund for late Priority Mail Express shipments, click here to learn more.

What Happens If USPS Doesn’t Deliver Today?

If delivery is missed for whatever reason, USPS will almost always attempt to redeliver the next day (as long as it’s a day that mail is delivered, meaning that it’s not a Sunday or federal holiday.)

That being said, if you expected your package today, you should check your tracking information for additional details.

Most commonly, the delivery estimate will simply update to the next day, and nothing new will be present.

In some instances however, USPS may update tracking with an additional message that states why they couldn’t deliver.

For example, USPS may claim they had no access to the delivery location, or the addressee of the package was unknown at that address.

If an additional message like this is present, it helps to look into it further.

In some instances, you may be required to pick up the package yourself at your local post office, so being aware of this is crucial – as the package may be returned to the sender if it is not claimed in a timely manner, which USPS typically considers to be 15 days.


USPS often delivers twice in one day – once for mail, and once for packages. This is because these are typically handled separately, and may be delivered by separate people.

However, they will rarely deliver packages twice in one day, opting to reattempt delivery the next day instead.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that it’s answered your questions. If you have any other questions about USPS, please ask them using the comment form below.

Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping whatever you’re expecting gets delivered quickly!

– James McAllister

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