Snapchat has always been known as a go-to app for private, disappearing conversations.

However, just because something disappears from the app, does not mean that it is completely forgotten.

When the phone bill comes around at the end of the month, it can reveal a lot of information about your phone usage. But are Snapchat calls stored on the phone bill? If so, what information is shared?

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know!

Will Snapchat Calls Show Up On The Phone Bill?

Snapchat App

No. Snapchat calls will not show up on your phone bill, and no details related to the calls you make on Snapchat will be visible.

This is because Snapchat operates entirely over the internet.

When cellular providers (like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc) log calls, this is only for calls made using their actual cell towers.

Snapchat is a private service, and calls made over the platform happen entirely on Snapchat’s own private servers. All data is transmitted over the internet, from server to server and device to device.

It operates entirely differently than traditional calls are made.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry – regardless of how many calls you make, none of them will show up on your cell phone bill at the end of the month.

What If The Snapchat Call Was Made Over Cellular Data?

Although Snapchat operates over the internet, this poses an interesting question. If the calls are made using your carrier’s mobile data rather than with a Wi-Fi connection, will that affect anything?

It turns out, even if you place your calls while connected to mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, the calls still will not appear on your bill.

Your carrier’s mobile data network is used to deliver internet. It too operates separately than what’s used for calls.

Additionally, most internet data is encrypted in transit. While your carrier may be able to see that you’re using data connecting to Snapchat, they may not be able to see specific data that’s being transmitted between Snapchat’s servers and your device.

Long story short, providers likely couldn’t share call information even if they wanted to – they have no way of seeing it.

So, even if you don’t use Wi-Fi, you have nothing to worry about. No data related to Snapchat will be present on your bill – not calls, Snaps, contacts, messages, or anything else!

Will You Be Charged If The Person You’re Calling Is In Another Country?

While we’re on the topic of cell phone carriers and Snapchat, let’s talk about another important question.

Say that you’re traveling, or you’re talking with someone who is based in another country. Will you be charged for long-distance or international calls?

Thankfully, the answer is no.

Because Snapchat operates over the internet, it doesn’t matter where in the world the other person is located. You shouldn’t incur any extra fees based on the location of the other person.

While this sort of thing applies to regular calls and perhaps standard SMS messages (even iMessage is exempt!), this doesn’t apply for internet-based chatting like Snapchat.

However, if you are traveling in another country and you are using international / roaming data, you may experience extra charges for this depending on your plan.

This can usually be avoided by connecting to Wi-Fi, however!

Privacy-Friendly Platforms For Calling

Although Snapchat is known for their disappearing messages, the platform itself isn’t actually that private!

In fact, Snapchat can view a lot of data about your account usage, and even peek into the content that you’re sharing with on the platform. While calls aren’t recorded or monitored, a lot of other account data is stored.

Therefore, you may wish to consider switching to a more privacy-friendly app.

At this time, I recommend looking over the suggestions provided by, and looking over their ‘Instant Messaging’ section.

Many of these tools support a number of useful features, such as end-to-end encryption, auto-deleting messages, and of course, free audio / video calls that won’t be logged or stored.

Try them out!

How To Place A Snapchat Call

Snapchat itself is fairly intuitive, and sending a Snap or a message is pretty easy.

However, many people don’t know how to place a call!

Thankfully, doing so is actually pretty simple.

To call someone on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Find the person you want to call and open up the messaging screen.
  3. In the top-right corner, click on the phone icon for an audio call, or the video camera icon for a video call.
  4. Wait while the call connects!

Once the other person answers, you will be connected.

Note that your recents page on Snapchat will show the most recent people that you’ve interacted with. Therefore, for maximum privacy, click here to learn how to clear your recents list on Snapchat.


Currently, there is no way for your Snapchat calling history to appear on your phone bill.

Therefore, you can safely call whoever you’d like without anyone ever finding out who you called – unless of course, they are able to access your Snapchat account themselves.

I hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions about calling people on Snapchat, feel free to ask them using the comment form below – I will respond as quickly as I can.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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