If you’re going to be shipping something in the mail, it’s convenient to do it right from the post office.

But if you show up without an envelope, will the post office be able to provide one? Can you count on USPS having envelopes, or should you pick one up at the store first?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know, as well as detail all the various shipping supplies that the post office sells – or even provides for free in some cases!

Does The Post Office Sells Envelopes?

Yes. White and manila envelopes of all standard sizes are available for purchase at most USPS locations. However, it’s best to have a backup envelope with you in case your post office is sold out, or is one of the few post offices that do not carry them.

That being said, most of the time you can count one being there.

Whether you’re planning on mailing a letter inside a tiny white envelope or you need a larger envelope to ship a small item in, your local post office branch should have you covered.

What Types Of Envelopes Does The Post Office Sell?

USPS Vehicles

The post office sells a wide variety of envelopes, coming in many different shapes and sizes.

Of course, you have your standard white envelopes that are suitable for mailing letters and other documents. This includes the option with the little see-through windows should your specific letter require it.

Additionally, the post office sells cardboard envelopes, padded envelopes, and even bubble mailers. Their ReadyPost line of products ensures that your package arrives safely regardless of its size or shape.

So, you’ll have something to ship with even for special situations.

Are Envelopes Free At The Post Office?

You may have heard about USPS giving away free boxes to be used for shipping – but do they do the same for envelopes?

Envelopes are free at the post office only when using them with USPS’ Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express service. The envelopes are specifically marked for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express only, so if you try to use them with another shipping service (such as with a stamp, or with USPS First Class shipping), you won’t be able to.

Alternatively, you may be charged the fee for Priority Mail, or the letter / package will arrive with postage due. This can be frustrating for the recipient, as they will have to pay money for postage that they weren’t intending to.

How Much Do Envelopes Cost At The Post Office?

The price of envelopes at USPS can vary, depending on the type, size and design of the envelope, as well as how many you buy at once.

Looking at USPS’ website, we can see that their cheapest single stamped envelope comes in at 90 cents. However, they offer many other stamped envelopes at a cost of $3.65 for 5, bringing the price down to only 73 cents if you are willing to purchase 5 at once.

Note that these envelopes are pre-stamped, meaning you won’t have to pay any additional postage if you’re using them to mail a letter.

Of course, other types of envelopes may be more expensive.

For example, their ReadyPost bubble mailers come out to $1.49 each for the smallest size, and $2.19 each for the largest size.

If you are planning on shipping with Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express, you should certainly take advantage of the free shipping supplies offered for these services – including Priority Mail boxes if your item calls for it!

What Other Shipping Supplies Can You Buy At The Post Office?

In addition to envelopes, the post office carries many other shipping supplies you can use to ship items with!

This includes:

  • Boxes
  • Shipping tubes
  • Packaging tape (and other adhesives)
  • Stamps
  • Bubble wrap
  • Shipping labels
  • Shipping scales

If there’s something you need and you want to know if it’s available for purchase, just ask! The people working at USPS will be happy to help.


Envelopes are available to purchase at most post office locations, should you need them.

Because USPS carries such a diverse selection of envelopes, you are bound to find that works perfect for whatever you’re trying to send in the mail.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about shipping with USPS, please feel free to ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister


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