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By: James McAllister


Note: This post is outdated, and the book mentioned is no longer available. Instead, it has been drastically expanded upon, and is now part of my blogging course, which you can view by clicking here!

I’ve kept this post for historical purposes only.

We all reach that point in our lives where we are incredibly busy. The point where we have to put certain things on hold for a while. Unfortunately, that time has come to me for the past few months, and I was unable to work on one of my favorite web sites – this one.

Having just started college, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of extra work I’d have for me. While I’m taking all of the online classes I can, the amount of studying I must do to succeed is proving to be quite the challenge.

However, I couldn’t tame my passion for blogging, so I decided to take up a new challenge – writing a book. And guess what? It’s done! Blogging For Profit: A Beginner’s Guide To Starting Your Very Own Web Business! will be available on Amazon’s Kindle store and the Google Play store later this week. Through writing this book, I’ve gained invaluable experience that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m a better writer and a better blogger as a result.

Fortunately, times are clearing up and I’ll be able to return to working on Help Start My Site Again.

There are also some other changes coming to the website that I think you will love. You’ll see them when they happen :).

Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to getting back to regular schedule!


– James

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James McAllister

James is the owner of He started his first blog at the age of 11, and has since gone on to start several successful businesses. In total, these businesses have sold hundreds of thousands of units and have touched millions of lives. Here on, he shares his knowledge that brought him to where he is today. If you want to connect with James, follow him on your favorite social networks!

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