Have you recently tracked a Fedex shipment, only to see that the page is stuck on ‘label created?’

Perhaps it also shows a message that says ‘shipment information sent to Fedex’ or, ‘the status will be updated when shipment begins to travel.’

This can be both confusing and frustrating, especially if it’s lasted for several days now, and no other information is available.

So, what does this message mean, and how long should it last? Just as importantly, is there anything you should do to make the package finally start moving?

In this article, I’ll cover everything that you need to know!

What Does It Mean When Fedex Tracking Says Label Created?

Fedex Delivery Vehicle

When Fedex tracking shows ‘label created’, this means that a shipping label has been created and registered into their system.

However, Fedex hasn’t actually acknowledged that they’ve received the package yet, meaning that it is still likely in possession of the shipper. Therefore, they have no other information to provide, as they haven’t actually received it yet.

Many eCommerce merchants buy shipping labels in advance, rather than purchasing them from Fedex directly.

This allows them to print out a large number of shipping labels at once, and give all of the packages to Fedex at the same time. During the period in which the label was printed and Fedex has actually received it, tracking will show ‘label created’ as the status message.

USPS also offers a similar message, though in their case it says ‘pre-shipment‘ or ‘package acceptance pending.’ So, if you’ve ever seen one of these messages on USPS’ website, it’s pretty much the same situation. 

Once the packages have been given to Fedex, each one will be scanned into their system, and tracking will update with a new message.

Why Fedex Gets Stuck On ‘Label Created’

When Fedex tracking remains stuck on ‘label created’, they are claiming that they haven’t received the package.

However, there are actually two different situations in which this message can occur. And depending on which one is happening, the exact amount of time it can take to see an update can vary.

So, let’s look over each situation now!

1. The Shipper Hasn’t Given The Item To Fedex

This is by far the most common one. And sadly, this is often intentional.

Many companies operate off of strict deadlines, and need to get packges shipped out on a certain date.

On Amazon for example, sellers can receive a strike against them for any shipments that are considered late.

To get around this, sellers may print off the shipping label straight away, which technically ends up marking the package as ‘shipped.’ This also gives customers the false belief that the company has shipped the item out very quickly.

Of course, they don’t end up actually delivering the package to Fedex until much later.

This in turn makes Fedex look bad, when in actuality, it was the shipper themselves causing the delay.

Most of the time, when Fedex shows ‘label created’, it is because they honestly haven’t received the package from the shipper yet. So, until they receive it, tracking will be unable to update further.

Note: Although shippers may maliciously create shipping labels to hit deadlines and quotas, they are still likely to deliver the package shortly. Shippers have to pay for shipping labels at the time they create them, so they don’t tend to create fake tracking numbers just for the sake of it. Whether they get the package to Fedex or not, they are still charged the shipping fees!

2. Fedex Missed The Initial Scan

The second reason Fedex may get stuck on ‘label created’, is because the package was delivered, but its initial scan was missed.

When Fedex receives a shipment, they are supposed to scan each package into their system, so each individual package can be tracked.

Of course, mistakes happen, and sometimes scans are missed.

If this occurs, your package is still on its way to you, and shouldn’t experience any delays. However, you won’t receive any updates until it reaches the next stage in its journey, where it’s supposed to be scanned again.

Therefore, it’s possible for Fedex tracking to remain on ‘label created’ for several days, even if they are actually in possession of the package.

What To Do When Fedex Tracking Is Stuck On ‘Label Created’

Now that we know why Fedex is only showing the label created message, what are the next steps? Is there anything you can do to get the package moving?

Ultimately, the responsibility is on the hands of the shipper.

The majority of the time this message appears, it’s because the shipper hasn’t actually given the package to Fedex yet.

So, you should contact the shipper if several days have passed, and Fedex tracking still hasn’t shown any updates. Usually, this is enough time for updates to appear even if Fedex missed the initial scan.

This will either remind the shipper to actually deliver your package to Fedex, or allow them to send you out another unit if they believe they may have lost the original one.

Regardless of the situation, it is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that the package arrives to you in a safe and timely manner.

So, even if this is the fault of Fedex, the shipper should be the one responsible for sorting it out with them.


When Fedex tracking remains stuck on ‘label created’, this means one of two things – either the shipper hasn’t given the package to Fedex yet, or if they did, the initial scan into their system was missed.

If Fedex tracking doesn’t update within a few days, contact the person or company who is responsible for shipping out the item to you. Fedex is claiming they didn’t receive it, and this is usually the case.

I hope that this article has answered all of your questions, and you’ll see some movement on your package soon.

If there are any other questions about Fedex that I can answer for you, ask them using the comment form below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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