Do you see a message on your Fedex tracking page stating ‘shipment exception, cannot locate recipient?’

This can be frustrating to see, especially if Fedex was going to be delivering your package today!

So, why does this message appear, and what should be done to ensure that your package arrives quickly?

In this article, I’ll be covering everything that you need to know!

What Does ‘Shipment Exception – Cannot Locate Recipient’ Mean On Fedex?

Fedex Delivery Vehicle

When Fedex tracking shows a message stating ‘cannot locate recipient’, this means that Fedex is having trouble finding your address.

This may be due to an invalid or outdated address listed on the shipping label, or a missing apartment / unit number.

Note however that some people have also claimed that Fedex may use this message when they are running behind and don’t want to even attempt delivery, or in situations where there may not be enough packages being delivered in your area to make it worth the trip.

However, these claims are impossible to verify, and should be considered nothing more than rumors at best.

Because this message is used when Fedex legitimately has a problem with the address they’re supposed to deliver to, it is best to be proactive about sorting this out. If they are unable to locate your address, the package may end up being returned back to the sender.

How Long Will This Delay The Delivery Of The Package?

If you see a ‘shipment exception’ and ‘cannot locate recipient’ message on your Fedex tracking page, how long should you expect the package to be delayed?

At a minimum, this will result in a delay of at least 1 business day, since the package will need to be returned back to the nearest Fedex facility before any further action can be taken.

However, the total length of time will heavily depend on how quickly you’re able to take further action.

If you take steps to ensure that you’re able to receive the package, the delay may not be very long at all. If you simply stand by and hope Fedex will sort it out however, it’s possible you may end up not receiving the package at all!

So, let’s look over some things you can do to ensure your package is delivered in a safe, and timely manner.

How To Ensure That Fedex Is Able To Deliver

Currently, there are three ways to fix the issue when Fedex claims they cannot locate the recipient of the package.

I encourage you to look over all of them, so you can choose the option that is most convenient for you!

1. Call Fedex To Confirm Your Address

The first option is to call Fedex, by dialing their customer support number at 1-800-463-3339. If you want to call later instead, this can also be memorized as 1-800-GoFedEx.

Once you call, explain the situation, including the presence of the ‘cannot locate recipient’ message.

When you call, be sure to have your tracking number on hand so the support agent can look it up in their system.

Fedex may need to verify the address provided for the shipment, and will need you to verify that the address is valid.

Simply remain patient, and answer the questions asked by the support agent as best as you can.

If they’re able to, Fedex will attempt to redeliver as early as the next day.

If the customer support agent still isn’t able to get the issue sorted out however, you’ll need to try another option.

2. Have The Package Routed To A Fedex OnSite Location

If you don’t want to deal with calling Fedex or they’re not able to sort out the issue for you, you always have the option to have your package rerouted to a Fedex OnSite location.

Fedex OnSite locations are places designated to dropping off and picking up Fedex packages. While these include Fedex offices, they also include other convenient locations, like Walgreens or Safeway.

You can find a full list of locations using Fedex’s locator here.

Anyhow, picking up your package from a local Fedex OnSite location is simple!

First, make an account with Fedex Delivery Manager, and download the Fedex Mobile app if you haven’t already.

Then, locate your shipment and choose the option to have it rerouted to the Fedex OnSite location.

One benefit of doing it with the app is that pickup is simple. You will be given a QR code on your phone, which you will take the pickup location.

Simply show them the QR code, and it will authenticate it as yours. Then, they will locate your package and give it to you. Easy enough!

So, this is a fantastic solution when Fedex is having problems delivering to your address, or they cannot locate the recipient of the shipment.

3. Explore Alternate Ways To Pick Up The Package Directly

Finally, if you’d prefer other ways to control the delivery of your package (or find other places to pick it up at), click here to learn about the alternatives available to you.

Typically speaking, working with Fedex, or rerouting the package to a Fedex OnSite location is the easiest way to receive it.

However, Fedex gives you a lot of options to work with, particularly if you have an account with Fedex Delivery Manager.

So, as long as you are proactive about it, you should be able to get your package delivered smoothly – despite the shipment exception that occurred!


If Fedex tracking shows that there’s been a shipment exception and they cannot locate the recipient of the shipment, don’t worry.

Although it’s inconvenient, you should be able to have the package delivered to you by contacting Fedex, or pick it up yourself from a Fedex OnSite location at your convenience.

I hope that you’ll manage to receive your package quickly. If you have any other questions about Fedex, please ask them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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