Are you watching a TikTok LIVE video, and are wondering what actually happens when you double tap the screen?

Live video is a great way for creators to not only build a stronger connection with their following, but even make some money as well.

So, how does double tapping play into this?

In this article, I’ll cover everything that you need to know!

What Does Double Tapping During A TikTok Live Do?

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When you double tap the screen during a TikTok LIVE, this immediately sends a ‘like’ to the viewer.

However, unlike regular TikTok videos, live videos can be liked over and over again as many times as you want during the stream.

Because of this, many people use likes to signify they like a specific moment in the video, or something the streamer said – rather than ‘liking’ the entire stream itself.

Not only that, but you are able to see when other people are sending likes as well – making it possible to know how the other viewers feel about what’s going on!

What Effect Does This Actually Have For The Streamer?

So, how do likes actually help the streamer?

It comes down to two things, primarily.

The first (as we already discussed) is that likes show the streamer when, well, the audience likes what they’re doing.

This allows them to adjust their strategy in real time to do more of what people appreciate, and less of what people don’t really care for. Smart streamers use this to their advantage to ensure that everybody in the LIVE is having a good time.

However, there is another great benefit of likes as well.

It’s believed that likes are considered a positive form of engagement for the streamer. This in turn causes TikTok to push out and promote the stream more heavily.

Streams that are receiving a lot of likes may be more likely to be pushed out to people’s Following and For You pages. Additionally, TikTok may be more likely to send out notifications that a streamer is live, if current videos are already engaging with the stream positively.

While TikTok hasn’t officially confirmed this, it would be in line with other things we know about TikTok’s algorithm.

So, showing your appreciation to your favorite streamer may directly help them grow their audience further, and encourage them to do more live videos in the future.

Does Sending Likes Cost Money?

Some people believe that sending likes on live videos costs them money. But is this actually the case?

Thankfully, the answer is no. Likes on TikTok are completely free to send, regardless of the type of video that you’re liking.

However, I can understand where the confusion comes from.

On TikTok LIVES, viewers have the option to send the streamers gifts. These gifts actually do cost money, and part of that money goes to the streamer once they are done livestreaming.

But did you know that likes can still help the streamer make more money, even if you don’t pay for them?

As mentioned earlier, likes can help the LIVE reach more people.

So, while you may not send any gifts yourself, it’s possible that by liking and engaging with the stream, it helps push it out to new people that will send gifts.

Therefore, even a simple like can go a long way towards helping the streamer financially – which will incentivize them to do more live videos in the future!

Can The Host See Who Has Sent The Most Likes?

One more question – can the streamer actually see who has sent the most likes?

At the end of the TikTok LIVE, they will be able to see a table with the top viewers during the stream.

Unfortunately however, likes don’t play into this at all. Instead, the top viewers are sorted by gifts / diamonds, rather than engagement.

This is likely done to give additional recognition to gift viewers. Since TikTok directly makes money from the purchasing and sending of gifts, this is something they surely want to promote.

Of course, your likes are still appreciated!


When you double tap a live video on TikTok, it sends a like to the streamer. During live videos, you are able to like as many times as you want, so don’t be afraid to double tap the screen repeatedly!

While likes don’t cost nor give the streamer any money, it can boost its performance in the algorithm – helping the stream reach entirely new audiences.

I hope that this article has answered your questions. If you have any other questions about TikTok LIVES, ask them below and I’ll be happy to chime in.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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