Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons? (Pricing + Info)

Balloons are an exciting way to add a bit of life and festivity to a party or special occasion.

With Walmart being the largest retailer in the United States and having over 4,700 stores nation wide, it’s an extremely popular place to shop for party or event supplies, with balloons being a must have!

But will Walmart blow up any balloons you purchase with helium, and if so, how much do they charge for this service?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting balloons filled with helium, as well as any alternative stores you may wish to consider.

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Walmart does blow up helium balloons at a portion of its stores (around 10%). The balloons must have been purchased at Walmart and Walmart typically charges about 25 cents per balloon for this service.

However, in addition to blowing up balloons at select locations, most Walmarts also sell helium tanks in store (and online on which can be used to easily blow up balloons yourself from home.

Helium tanks typically run from $25 – $65 and can be used to fill up all of the balloons that you’d need for your event. Some people prefer this option (particularly if buying a lot of balloons) so you don’t have to drive home with all of the filled up balloons floating in your car!

What Walmart Stores Fill Up Balloons Near Me?

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

In order to know whether your local Walmart fills balloons, you should call the store ahead of time or ask a Walmart associate if you are already in the store. They will be able to provide the answer for you and let you know where in the store this service is offered.

Typically, the balloon filling service can be located in the floral section.

In order to find Walmarts near you, you can use their store locator by clicking here.

The store locator will allow you to put in your zip code, and the number of miles away from you that you’re willing to look.

Once you’ve found the Walmart of your choosing, click on the ‘Details’ icon to pull up that store’s phone number. You can then call the store and have your answer within a few moments.

Note that while on the phone with them (after you’ve found a store that fills them), you’ll want to ask what time of day that service is available. Some Walmart locations only offer their balloon filling service at specific times of the day, and may no longer offer the service after a certain hour.

Regardless, calling ahead of time is a good idea. Because Walmart only fills up balloons at a small portion of their stores, you are taking a big risk by simply walking in and hoping that they’ll do it. While you can always purchase a helium tank while out shopping, most Walmarts are unable to fill balloons for you. So, call ahead of time so you won’t end up disappointed!

Can You Bring Balloons From Other Stores For Walmart To Fill Up?

No. At the select stores that offer to fill up balloons with helium, they only do this for balloons purchased at that Walmart location.

This means that in order to fill up other balloons, you will need to buy a helium tank or visit an alternative store.

We will cover other stores that fill up helium balloons in a moment.

What Types Of Balloons Will Walmart Blow Up?

Walmart will blow up all latex and mylar balloons that the store offers, regardless of the shape or size.

Again, Walmart will only fill balloons sold at their stores, so you are limited to whatever Walmart’s selection is.

How Long Does It Take For Balloons To Be Filled?

In a hurry? You may want to arrive to the store early.

Helium balloons can take 2-3 minutes to fill up per balloon, so you will want to factor this in if you are already on your way to the party or event.

If you are buying a large number of balloons, this can really add up to a considerable amount of time.

This is why planning in advance (or buying a DIY helium tank) can be so helpful!

What Other Stores Blow Up Helium Balloons?

If you’re unable to find a Walmart near you that blows up helium balloons, don’t worry! There are many other stores that also offer this service.

Below, we’ve put together a table of stores that fill up helium balloons, along with pricing information. Note that different types of balloons may be more expensive to fill than others.

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Does Walmart blow up balloons with helium? While some stores do, the majority do not.

You can call stores ahead of time to find if your local Walmart is one of the few that offer a helium filling service, or shop around at one of the alternative stores mentioned above.

Regardless of where you get your balloons filled, I hope you have an amazing time at your party or event!

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister


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