Disney and Sony are both some of the largest entertainment companies in the world, owning and producing some of the world’s most popular movies.

At the same time, the two companies have a history of working together on different projects, leading some people to wonder just how close the two companies are.

In fact, this has caused many people to ask a simple question – does Disney own Sony, or have any plans to buy them?

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know!

Does Disney Own Sony?

No. Disney does not own Sony, or any of Sony’s subsidiary companies, and there are no plans for Disney to acquire Sony.

However, Disney and Sony have licensing agreements for the Spiderman franchise. While Sony owns all of the movie rights, Disney owns the rights to sell Spiderman merchandise.

In this way, the two companies are working together to maximize profit from the films.

What Companies Does Disney Own?

Click on the infographic below to see a full list of companies that Disney owns.

As you can see, it’s quite a lot! In fact, Disney owns over 200 different companies and brands.

By TitleMax.com

Many people do not realize just how wide Disney’s reach is, and it’s only grown larger with all of the acquisitions they’ve made in recent years.

However, one company you won’t find in the infographic above is Sony!

Disney And Sony – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look over some frequently asked questions regarding Sony, and their relationship with Disney.

Remember that these are two massive corporations, and things can change at any time!

What Is Sony’s Net Worth?

As of March 2022, Sony’s market cap is over $122 billion, with revenues of over $84 billion annually.

Their market cap has been on a steady rise throughout the years, and is likely to continue increasing as time goes on.

By comparison, Disney’s market cap as of March 2022 is over $239 billion. However, this doesn’t paint a full picture on each company’s financial situation, including the free capital they have on hand to make purchases or fund projects.

Why Doesn’t Disney Buy Sony?

Unfortunately, the situation is quite complex. However, a few reasons Disney may avoid buying Sony include:

  1. They simply can’t afford to.
  2. Sony is a Japanese company, that wouldn’t want to be taken over by American owners.
  3. Anti-monopoly laws may prevent Sony from acquiring another huge movie or entertainment studio.

While it’s extremely unlikely that Disney will buy Sony outright in the near future, there is a chance that Disney could eventually purchase one of Sony’s subsidiaries (such as Columbia Pictures).

Why Doesn’t Disney Own Spiderman?

When it comes to Spiderman, the relationship between Sony and Disney is quite complex. Despite owning Marvel, Sony still holds all the movie rights to Spiderman, while Disney owns all of the merchandising rights.

The fact of the matter is that Sony is making a ton of money off of the Spiderman franchise, and doesn’t want to sell something that’s so incredibly profitable for them.

While Disney may strike a deal to license the streaming rights for their Disney+ platform, the movies will still be owned by Sony.

What Are Merchandising Rights?

Merchandising rights are the rights for a company to sell merchandise and accessories.

Some examples include T-shirts, action figures, toys, and other branded apparel.

Merchandising rights are a key part of a brand’s overall profit, and this is especially true for superheroes, or animated movies targeting children.

Walk into the toy or children’s clothing section of any major store, and you’re sure to see branded merchandise everywhere!

Are Sony Movies Coming To Disney+?

Yes! Disney and Sony have come to an agreement, and some Sony movies will be coming to Disney+, Hulu, and other Disney-owned streaming services after Sony’s deal with Netflix expires.

This will cover theatrical releases from 2022-2026.

Why Did Sony And Disney Split?

Ultimately, this came down to money issues.

The two companies were unable to come to agreements on the profit-sharing aspects of the Spiderman movies, which has caused certain agreements between the two companies to fall apart.

Who Is Worth More, Sony Or Disney?

At this time, Disney holds a greater market cap than Sony.

However, market cap alone does not paint a full picture of the company’s book value.


Does Disney own Sony? No, they do not.

However, the two companies have a history of working together, and the two corporations are tied together by the Spiderman franchise.

Seeing as they’ve been making new deals recently, we hope to see them continue to work together in this future.

Do you have any further questions about Disney’s relationship with Sony? Feel free to ask them using the comment form below!

– James McAllister

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