Are you a member of a lot of Discord servers, and are wondering how many more you can join?

While Discord unfortunately does impose a limit, many would agree that the limit is fairly reasonable.

So, what is the limit, and why did Discord put in place? In this article, I’ll be answering these questions, and showing how you can bypass it to join even more servers if you wish to do so!

How Many Servers Can You Join On Discord?

Discord App

Currently, Discord allows regular users to join up to 100 different Discord servers at one time. However, this limit is increased to 200 if you have a Discord Nitro subscription.

It should be noted that Discord servers you have left in the past no longer count towards your limit.

So, this means you can be an active member of up to 100 / 200 servers at one time. If you hit the limit, all you’ve got to do is leave one of them, and you’ll be allowed to join another.

While most users will never hit the limits that Discord has in place, it can still be frustrating to think about.

Therefore, let’s dig a bit deeper as to why Discord put this limit in place at all (and no, it’s not just to sell more Discord Nitro subscriptions!)

Why Does Discord Limit The Number Of Servers You Can Join?

While many Discord users feel that the server limit should be abolished completely, the truth is that it wouldn’t be good for anyone at all.

While Discord does obviously use the extra servers as a selling point for Nitro, the truth is that allowing too many servers would be problematic for Discord as a whole.

First things first, you realistically cannot be in active community member in hundreds of servers at once, even if you were to spend all day on Discord.

Discord is a social platform, and servers full of inactive members hurt the experience for everyone. Therefore, it’s obviously something that Discord wants to discourage.

While there are certainly servers where it makes sense to sit by passively and silently, there are likely less than 100 you actually care a lot about at any one time, if you were to audit every server you were a part of.

Secondly however, is that being a member of hundreds of servers puts a lot of additional work on Discord’s servers.

According to a Discord staff member, there are cross-server calculations (that) become exponentially more expensive with every new server you join.”

So, Discord’s hardware costs quickly increase as you join more servers. And since the costs are exponential, this means that doubling the amount of servers that you join costs far more than just double of what it was before.

Plus, it puts a lot of extra work on your Discord client too – making it use far more system resources, load slower, and generally lead to a poorer experience using the Discord software.

Finally, managing notifications for hundreds of servers at once would be a terrible user experience – especially if you are part of servers that love to use @everyone or @here excessively.

What Happens If Nitro Expires, And You’ve Joined More Than 100 Servers?

Since one of Nitro’s features is that you are able to join more than 100 servers, it begs an interesting question – what happens if you are a member of more than 100 servers, and your Discord Nitro subscription expires?

Will you be kicked out of the excess servers you’ve joined, and how would Discord choose which servers to remove you from?

Thankfully, this isn’t something you have to worry about – you won’t be removed from any servers at all!

However, you won’t be able to join any new servers until you’re back under the limit.

So, let’s say your Nitro subscription expired, and you’re currently a member of 120 servers.

You will need to leave at least 21 of them (putting you back down at 99), before you’re able to join a new one again.

This also leaves you with full control over what servers you choose to leave, meaning that you won’t be surprised with any of your favorites suddenly being gone.

Note: Be sure to save the server names in case you wish to rejoin them in the future!

How To Bypass Discord’s Server Limit

For Discord power users, there are perfectly legitimate reasons why you would want to be able to join more than 100 servers, without paying for a Nitro subscription.

For example, perhaps there are servers that you’ve joined only for occasional updates, or to stay in the loop about a project’s development. These servers may only send out notifications periodically, but you want to be made aware when they do.

So, how should you overcome this?

The easiest thing to do is to simply make a second account that you use specifically for servers you don’t participate in very often.

While you won’t get notifications for the server while logged out, switching accounts once a week or so still allows you to receive updates in a timely manner, while not hitting the limits that Discord has in place.

Some people even go as far as buying a cheap Chromebook or Android phone for $50-150, just to remain signed into their other account on this separate device. This way, they don’t have to bother with logging in and out all the time.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it works!


Although Discord only allows members to join up to 100 servers at one time, this limit can be increased to 200 with a Discord Nitro subscription.

That being said, if there are servers you only use for updates and you aren’t an activate participant, you may wish to join these on a separate account in order to free up space for servers you’ll play a more active role in.

I hope that this article has answered all of your questions about Discord server limits. If you have any other questions about Discord, please ask them below and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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