Are you going to be getting a new SIM card for your phone, and you’re wondering whether you’ll keep the same number?

Depending on the exact circumstances, the answer to this can vary.

In this article, I’ll discuss what exactly happens when you get a new SIM card, and how you can choose whether or not you wish to get a new number along with your SIM replacement.

Let’s get to it!

If You Get A New SIM Card, Will That Result In A New Phone Number?

SIM Card

If you get a replacement SIM for your current phone – or a new SIM for your new phone, will it change your phone number?

Generally speaking, the answer is no.

It is true that your SIM card is responsible for providing you your phone number – but at its core, it actually works a bit differently.

Essentially, SIM cards are used to identify you with your cellular carrier. It can be kind of thought of like this:

SIM stands for ‘Subscriber Identity Module’, which can kind of be thought of like a unique ID tied to your account. When you place it into your phone, it tells the carrier, “This is the account being used by this phone. Their account has X plan with us, and the phone number for their account is 555-5555. When a phone call comes in for this number, route it to this phone.”

So, your SIM card doesn’t actually have your phone number itself – it simply tells your carrier what your account is.

Here’s what this means. When you order a replacement SIM or upgrade your phone, your carrier will simply deactivate the old SIM, and activate the new one. However, the SIM card is essentially the same, as it carries the same identifier.

This means that you will keep the same phone number, unless you specifically request to change it. This is why you only ever really get a new phone number when you’re adding a new line for the first time – even if you upgrade to a different phone with a different SIM card, your number will typically stay the same.

Can I Keep The Same Phone Number If I Get A New SIM Card?

Yes. Generally speaking, you will keep the same phone number by default if you get a new SIM card.

This is true whether you’re ordering a replacement SIM for the same phone, or upgrading to a new phone entirely – even if the size of the new SIM card is different.

In order to be absolutely sure however, it’s often a good idea to ask your carrier for clarification – especially if upgrading to a new phone.

They will be able to tell you for certain whether or not your new SIM will result in a new phone number, and can provide some peace of mind during the transition.

In this day and age, getting a new phone number is often a big deal. Since we don’t tend to update our contacts very much (or even stay in touch with most of them), it can be a real hassle to have to update it with everyone.

So, most people generally want to avoid it when upgrading their phones!

How Do I Get A New Cell Phone Number With My Carrier?

In some instances, there may be situations where you wish to have your phone number changed.

For example, if you are looking to avoid phone calls from someone, or you want to start over with a fresh slate. Calls generally will not be forwarded to your new number, so this can be quite useful.

Thankfully, getting your phone number changed is usually quite simple!

For example, Verizon allows you to change your phone number yourself through the My Verizon app, and instructions can be found for this here.

Instructions for changing your phone number on AT&T can be found here.

Information about changing your phone number on Sprint can be found here.

Details about changing your phone number on T-Mobile can be found here, but you will need to contact them in order to have it changed.

If your carrier isn’t listed above, check their website for information how to change your phone number. Many carriers will require you to contact them, and may charge a small fee in order to have it done.


Whether you get a new phone number with your SIM card or not is largely due to your personal choice.

However, typically your phone number will stay the same unless you specifically request that it be changed.

I hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful. If you have any other questions about SIM cards or changing your cell phone number, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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