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By: James McAllister


What have you done today?

No, seriously. I want you to sit and ponder this for a moment. From the moment you woke up to right now, I want you to think about what you have done today. Don’t just say you worked. Be specific.


Now I want you to think for a moment about what your goals are. What is it you want most out of life? Why did you start blogging? What is it you are looking forward to?

One last thing – I want you to ask yourself one final question. Are the actions you’ve taken so far today helping you achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself? Are you taking action in great enough quantities to be certain beyond a doubt that your dreams are going to become a reality?

Good Things Come To Those That Hustle

I have spent a lot of time studying successful people. I want to know what traits they have in common, what habits they formed, and what attributes these people have that made them so successful. I want to learn the ideas and principals that allowed them to thrive so well. I want to integrate their systems into my own life so I can benefit from them myself.

If there’s one thing that’s damn well near universal between all successful people, it’s that they are relentless in the pursuit of their goals, taking massive levels of action every day to ensure they achieve what they have set out for themselves.

Throughout my life I have found this to be true. Regardless of the type of success you are wishing to obtain – be it professional success, family success, financial success, or personal success, massive levels of action completing tasks that are aligned with your goals will be the only way you will get there.

Blogging success will not come to you because you meet the right person or get some sort of ‘lucky break.’ It will come to you because of the smart and hard work you’ve put in over extended periods of time, which compounds on itself over and over again infinitely, so long as you keep up the work.

If You’re Lazy, It’s Because Of This One Sole Reason

One of the most common excuses I hear is, “I don’t have time.”

I hate excuses in general, but I hate that one in particular because it’s so blatantly false. You and I have only the same 24 hours in a day to get things done as your favorite successful person has. How you spend your time is a matter of priorities. That’s all.

Some people think us humans are inherently lazy, a trait being hardwired into us from the ancient past where conserving energy was important. I think differently. I think all of us do just enough to where we feel satisfied. If we truly want more of something, we will analyze the tradeoff of expense vs. reward and decide if whatever we want is worth pursuing. If we want the reward more than we dread the work, we will do it anyway.

You started a blog for one reason or another. Maybe you wanted something to do. Maybe you wanted to become free from traditional work. Perhaps you want to make a million dollars.

A little while back I talked about the importance of having a vision. A purpose. Something to drive you. If your goals are truly very important to you, than you will have no problem taking massive action.

Make it a habit of throwing everything you have into something you deem important. Everything. Do whatever it takes to make it happen. Work-life balance is a myth and I promise you the vast majority of people who tout on about it have not yet reached massive levels of success themselves.

Time spent at Chuck E. Cheese is not time spent working… but I knew what was truly important to me!

If you’re a regular reader of James McAllister Online, you know about how my life has shifted dramatically in recent months. You know about my parenting experience and how eager I am to get that back. And finally, you know that I am throwing everything I have into business now so I can throw everything I have into parenting later. There is a time and place for everything in life, and right now it is time to be exceptional in business now so I can be exceptional in parenting down the road.

Now look, I understand you have responsibilities. Another job, a spouse, children. I get it. I know it makes it harder. When I was put in that position, I will admit that the business side of my life suffered drastically. However, at that time, I whole-heartedly felt and knew what was more important to me, and although I have lost her, I use those experiences as inspiration to take massive levels of action so I can hopefully experience them again one day. It is so deeply ingrained into me that I have no problem working 12+ hours a day because what I am working for is so important to me.

If you haven’t been taking the action necessary to make your blog a success, it’s because you don’t care enough to prioritize the work necessary to achieve it. If this sounds like you, it’s time to think about what really matters to you. Think about your purpose and your vision. Then, if blogging success is something that is important to you for one reason or another, it’s time to make changes.

Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule”

You may have heard of Grant Cardone before. He is one of the world’s best salesmen and does a fantastic job at inspiring entrepreneurs and business people to reach out and achieve their goals.

I had been following him for a while before picking up one of his bestsellers, The 10X Rule. The idea behind the 10X rule is this – whatever your goals are, make them 10x larger, and then take 10x as much action to achieve them.

I really enjoyed this book because it reaffirmed a lot of ideas I had already thought of and were using in my own life. The way I see it, it’s far better to say, set a goal of 10 million dollars and end up making 5 than set a goal of 1 million dollars and achieve it.

Mindset books tend to be full of fluff and do little more than inspire or motivate you, but I know that reading this book will aid you in both identifying what’s important to you, and then taking great enough quantities of action to achieve it.

10X your life and pick up a copy of the book on Amazon by clicking here. Not only will you be more productive and achieve more success, but you’ll have a better time doing it because you’ll be working for something you truly care about.

What To Do Now

Ask yourself one more time if what you’ve done so far today has aligned with your goals. If so, keep doing what you’re doing, but do them in much greater quantities and you’ll achieve much greater results. If not, it’s time to make changes.

I want you to make an investment in your education, and sign up for my success mindset course. This is the kind of action you want to take, and I promise that this course will transform the way you think about the world, allowing yourself to put yourself in a position to achieve massive results.

Talk soon!

About the author 

James McAllister

James is the owner of He started his first blog at the age of 11, and has since gone on to start several successful businesses. In total, these businesses have sold hundreds of thousands of units and have touched millions of lives. Here on, he shares his knowledge that brought him to where he is today. If you want to connect with James, follow him on your favorite social networks!

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  1. Hey James what a wonderful read and you scared the living carnage out of me, here’s why.

    You really put me on the spot when I thought about what I’ve done today so far. Woke up late, scrambled my kids out of bed to get them ready for school just in time, sat down and read a bunch of emails and posted a few comments on blogs, messed about on Facebook and Twitter. Then I came across your blog post and it stopped me in my tracks.

    Wow, what I’ve done so far today has contributed to nothing to helping me reach my goals and that’s scary. After all the pre-new year planning and motivation, I’m still clinging onto the same old routine as last year lol.

    I will never say I don’t have time to do things because I have 6 hours a day to work my butt off without interruption. Thanks for this post buddy, it’s just the kick up the behind that I needed this morning. Started the week off pretty good, but now it’s Wednesday I can feel myself slacking already lol.

    Have a great rest of the week buddy.


    1. Hi Fabrizio!

      Hey, I’m glad to hear this post had an impact on you, so hopefully changes can be made. But don’t feel too badly, lots of people are in the same situation. Sometimes, myself included. I have to stop and remind myself of the truths within this article periodically so I can stay focused and stay productive.

      I get that we all have other things going on. It’s necessary to sleep. It’s necessary to spend time with the kids. But when we have a slot of time we can use working, we have to make sure we are using that efficiently and taking massive action during that time. This is even more true when we have less time to work. In the end it’s about results. If you can do something in 10 minutes that would have normally would have taken you 30, you just earned yourself an extra 20 minutes to get even more done. That’s powerful. When we’re self-employed we can literally create time for ourselves this way. Those who want to see massive results will use this extra time to get even more done.

      Remember what’s important and I guarantee you won’t ever have this problem again.

      Good to talk to you again Fabrizio, you have a great week too!


  2. Hi James,

    No doubt that most people I work with who complain “I’ve been doing this and that and getting nowhere”… are usually spending very little TIME on “this” and probably none at all on “that.”

    10x. That’s where to start. Massive action for sure.

    You just have to make sure you know that your massive action is taking you down the right path. That’s why I always tell people to get some good coaching BEFORE they start taking a 10x approach on anything, because they may be running real fast and heading right over the cliff.. haha.. I guess it’s not funny, though.

    Great advice here, James. Hope all is working out for you these days.



    1. Hey Donna, ain’t that the truth. So many people think they are taking ‘massive action’ and while it may be massive in comparison to what they’ve done before, it’s not really all that much. And even if they are spending a lot of time on something, it’s not productive. We want massive action, not just massive time spent towards something. The two need to go hand-in-hand.

      You’re right that we need a plan, and it is important to find the balance between working and planning. Too much of either and you’re wasting time. I like to commit first and figure out the details as I go along because that forces me to get creative and work harder to stay on track. Understandably, this isn’t the right approach for everyone but I’m one that thrives under pressure so I enjoy it.

      In any case, nothing bad comes from taking more action than what we may have deemed necessary, in my opinion. At the very least, great learning experiences are gained.

      Appreciate the visit Donna, lots going on outside of IM but I’m getting through. Hope things have been going well for you as well!


  3. Hi James
    You’re talking a lot of sense – as usual!
    At the moment I’m not in a massive action phase for my blogging – just steadily making a post a week and commenting. Not much else, but that’s for two very important reasons (1) I have paid work in my offline business taking up the major part of my day (and doing a mega-overhaul of my PC network), but more importantly (2) my elder son Russ is over on holiday from his business in Spain.
    I don’t see a lot of him, so the online business is taking a back seat at the moment. I’m self-employed so I CAN decide when I work 🙂
    I’m sure you know that once Russ has gone back to Spain I’ll be redoubling my efforts to make up for lost time – but at the moment enjoying his company is my priority.
    I should be here more often than of late because I’ve added your blog as a feed to my Facebook business page.
    Good luck with your project! I KNOW you’ll get there.



    1. Hi Joy!

      Hey, no need to worry. What we lack in time we can make up for in productivity and efficiency. When you’re working on your offline business, be exceptional at it. When you’re with your family, be exceptional at that. When you’re blogging, be exceptional and get as much done as you possibly can in the time that you have.

      The way I see it if we’re going to spend time on something either way, we may as well make the best of it. If you can get done in 20 minutes what would have normally taken 60, than you have either created 40 minutes of time for yourself that can be put towards something else, or you can get 3x more done. And that’s powerful!

      So pleased to hear that you’ve considered my blog to be a great enough resource to add it to your Facebook page. 🙂 I’ll do my best to engage with posts when I see them!

      Thanks Joy!


  4. Hey James! I’ll have to check give that book a read. I think personal development is a must for business and personal growth.

    One of my favorite books is The Compound Effect by Dan Hardy. It was the book that gave me the extra push to give blogging another go!


    1. Awesome, I highly recommend it!

      The Compound Effect is currently on my Amazon wishlist, so I’m glad to hear you recommend it. I tend to buy my books in batches, so this one will be in the next batch I order.

      Thanks Laria!


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