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Have you heard about OpenAI’s new model ChatGPT, which is currently taking the world by storm?

Reaching over a million users in just 5 days, it can cause you to wonder what all the fuss is about.

So, is ChatGPT free to use, and if so, will it remain free forever?

In this article, I’ll cover everything that you need to know!

Is ChatGPT Free?

OpenAI Logo And ChatGPT

Yes! Currently, ChatGPT is free to use, and is open to anyone with an active account with OpenAI.

You can try out ChatGPT yourself by clicking here.

Note however that it is unlikely that ChatGPT remains free forever, due to the expense costs involved with each generation.

In fact, a pro plan has already been discussed, and the details (and cost) will be shared a little later on.

For the time being however, you are welcome to try it out yourself with absolutely no cost – you don’t even need a payment method on file!

What About For Commercial Use?

Some people are wondering whether or not this changes if you intend to use ChatGPT for commercial use.

According to OpenAI, you own the rights to the output. So, as long as you’re generating within their terms of service, you should be fine.

It makes no difference whether you intend to use the output for personal or commercial use, and there are no additional fees if you intend to use ChatGPT commercially.

Why Is OpenAI Making ChatGPT Free? Isn’t It Expensive To Run?

There’s a saying in the software world that, ‘if something is free, you are the product.’

So, why is it free anyway? What is OpenAI – the company behind ChatGPT, getting out of this?

Ultimately, it comes down to research.

There are a few things OpenAI gets out of providing free access to ChatGPT, including:

Ultimately, providing free access allows OpenAI to gather data that will help them improve the model, and train it further in a way that helps them align with their goals and values.

That being said, ChatGPT reportedly costs over $100,000 a day to run, so it makes sense that they’d want to begin charging for it in the future.

Is ChatGPT’s Paid Tier Worth It?

In order to know whether or not the paid tier of ChatGPT is worth it, it’s important to understand what it actually offers.

Currently, for the price of $20 a month, you get the following:

  • Faster generation times.
  • Priority access to ChatGPT (considering how much the website is down, this can be a huge benefit.)
  • Early access to new / experimental features.

Note that the plus plan does not have any changes to the actual model itself – it should generate exactly the same content regardless of whether you’re using it for free, or you’ve signed up to the monthly subscription.

So, is it worth it?

In my opinion, not for most people – at least not while a free option is still available.

If you are using ChatGPT to assist with any business or work-related activities, than the additional productivity that ChatGPT provides certainly pays for itself.

If you are just a casual user or you’re using it for fun however, the extra benefits provided really aren’t worth the extra cost.

That being said, it’s unlikely that ChatGPT will remain free forever – it is extremely expensive to run, and OpenAI loses money with every generation.

At that point, only you can decide whether access is worth the $20 a month to you.


Currently, ChatGPT is free to use. However, due to its expensive operating costs, it’s unlikely that it will remain free forever.

While certain users have been offered a ‘Plus’ plan for $20 a month, this has not yet been entirely rolled out.

So, this may be about the price you’d expect to pay if OpenAI starts charging for access.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that it’s answered your questions.

If you have any other questions about ChatGPT, ask them below and I’ll be happy to help!

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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