Have you recently received a temporary block from Instagram Live?

It could be that you’ve been banned from livestreaming yourself, or you’re unable to join or comment on other people’s streams. Thankfully, these bans tend to be temporary, and end rather quickly.

So, how long will you be temporarily blocked on Instagram, and is there anything you can do to bypass it in the meantime?

In this article, I’ll be covering everything that you need to know!

How Long Does An Instagram Live Ban Last?

Instagram App

Typically, temporary bans from Instagram Live last a minimum of 24 hours, and a maximum of 72 hours.

However, the time can vary depending on the cause of your ban, and whether you’ve been blocked in the past as well.

People who receive blocks more frequently may find that their bans get longer, as Instagram pushes you to stop engaging in rule-breaking behavior.

Additionally, severe rule breaking can even get you banned permanently – not just from Instagram Live, but from the platform as a whole!

So, you’ll want to be extra careful once your ban is lifted, to ensure that it’s not more serious the next time.

It should be noted that Instagram often blocks you from specific features, but not the platform as a whole. You may still be able to utilize other features – like posting a new photo, Story or Reel to let your followers know that you’ve been temporarily blocked from going live.

Is There Any Way To Get Around A Temporary Instagram Live Ban?

Now that you’ve been blocked from going live, what now? Is there any way to get around it?

Depending on the severity of the offense, possibly.

As just mentioned, the first thing you should do is let your followers know you’ve been temporarily banned, by posting a new update or changing your Instagram bio.

Then, you may still be able to go live by using an alternate account. Instagram allows you to have multiple accounts, and it’s possible the ban does not extend to all of them.

In other words, you can simply switch accounts, and go live on the other one without being blocked.

If livestreaming is an important part of your Instagram strategy, this will still allow you to connect with your followers, without having to wait for the ban to be lifted.

What Caused The Ban In The First Place?

Seeing that you’ve been banned or action blocked on Instagram can be quite alarming, especially if you aren’t sure when or why it happened.

Typically, Instagram action blocks accounts when they do something too frequently, such as following too many people, or liking too many posts. This is primarily done to cut down on spammy behavior.

To get blocked on Instagram Live however, you will have needed to break another rule.

A full list of Instagram’s community guidelines can be found here. However, many of the common reasons people get banned from broadcasting live – either temporary or permanently, include:

  • Copyright infringement (for example, livestreaming a movie.)
  • Breaking real-world laws.
  • Hate speech / harassment.
  • Inappropriate behavior.
  • Adult content.

Use common sense when livestreaming, and always err on the side of caution. If you wouldn’t post it to your Instagram page permanently, it shouldn’t be done on Instagram Live – even for a split-second!


If you’ve been temporarily blocked from going live on Instagram, chances are the ban will be lifted within 24 to 72 hours.

However, bans can be longer – even permanent for serious or repeat offenders. So, make sure that you’re more careful in the future, so you don’t end up receiving a harsher punishment.

I hope that this article has answered your questions, and you’ll be back to broadcasting soon.

If you have any other questions about Instagram Live, ask them below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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