How To Choose The Right Topic For Your Website

Wouldn’t it suck for you to put hundreds of hours into a website, in hopes of getting thousands of visitors and paychecks from Google every month? With the wrong website topic, that’s easily possible.

Many people fail at making money online because they make a mistake when choosing their website topic. This often happens when the person copies someone else’s idea based on that person’s success, or they choose a topic they know little to nothing about, (or if they do know a lot, they aren’t passionate enough about it) because they think it will make them a lot of money. Do not make this mistake!

Nobody will want to read the same old stuff, paraphrased from another site. I’m not saying it isn’t ok to write about the same things as other websites do. If it wasn’t, most of the news websites would have no traffic. If you want to take this approach, it is vital  to add your own voice or opinion on the subject. If you don’t, your visitors will leave.

And don’t even think about copying someone else’s article word for word. Not only is that illegal, but it won’t get you ranked on search engines, because search engines ignore duplicate content.

Being passionate about your website topic is even more important. It took me quite a while before I started achieving success online. If I were not passionate about my website topic, I would’ve gotten bored of writing about it, and I would’ve given up. Instead, because I loved writing about my website topic so much, I kept going on with it, and eventually got a lot of traffic to my website. Writing should not seem like a job to you, and it should not be boring. A good topic to write about is one that you enjoy writing. The best topic to write about is the one you think you could write the most about. If you want to maximize the amount of money you can make online, you will want to update your websites often, and that is why it is important that you have a lot to write about.

With that all being said, even if you found a topic you love, and you know a lot about, there are still some things you should watch out for.

1. Don’t Go For An Oversaturated Niche

I’ve seen people try and create the next Facebook. I’ve seen people try and create a website about blogging when they know even about it. Heck, I’ve seen a company try to become the next Google, and even after millions of dollars of advertising for it, Bing still is rarely used by the majority of users. The same idea applies to your niche. If you go for an extremely competitive niche such as making money online, not only are you competing with other people who have been doing this for a very long time, but you’re also not going to get ranked very well in Google.

2. If You Decide To Anyway, Spin It

So let’s say you don’t take my advice with number one. You want to create another website in an already oversaturated niche. Okay, that’s fine. But if you want it to have any chance at success, you must find some way to spin it. As I mentioned earlier, nobody wants to read the same content paraphrased from another site. Make it unique. Add flair, add voice. Add something to make it stand out in the crowd.

I’ll admit, when I created Help Start My Site, the niche for making websites was already oversaturated. But I was able to succeed with it. Why? I give off my own unique spin. I’m in high school, and I’m making more money than both my parents. Everything on here was written by someone who never had to quit their 9 to 5, simply because they never started one in the first place. How many other websites of this niche can say that? Not many, that’s for sure.

3. Choose A Profitable Topic

If your goal is to make money from your website, you’ll want to make sure there are methods to do so. Before selecting a website’s topic and putting hours into it, make sure there are actually ways to make money from a website of that niche. Check out the cost per click for your website’s keyword through Google’s keyword tool, and check to see what affiliate products you’d be able to sell on your website.  Even if you pull in thousands of visitors a day, if you can’t monetize your pages it won’t mean much to you financially.

As you can see, choosing a website’s topic is extremely important and definitely something you should consider before going ahead with your website. Planning is key to success, after all.


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