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Getting started with producing videos for YouTube can be an incredibly daunting task. While the service itself is free to use, preparing to use it can take a lot of resources. It can take your time, preparing you to make the best videos possible. It could take your money, in the form of video equipment and editing software. It can also force you to change yourself, and overcome certain personal issues you may be facing, such as shyness or nervousness.

Honestly, the hardest part of producing videos on YouTube is simply getting started. Once you learn the ropes, and have all the things you need to actually begin producing videos, the entire process only gets easier. However, this will require managing the resources mentioned above. Let’s tackle them one by one, and create a plan to get your YouTube channel up and running as soon as possible. 

Step One: Get The Proper Equipment

YouTube has changed. Years ago, you’d be able to get away using your low quality built-in computer webcam and microphone. Unfortunately, the bar has been raised, and if you want to really stand out from all of your competition (and believe me, there is a lot of competition now), you’ll want to make the highest quality videos you possibly can. This means buying a decent microphone and camera at the bear minimum.

I personally have used and recommend the Blue Yeti Microphone and Logitech C920 Webcam. Although I have since upgraded, these two pieces of equipment have served me well for many years.

For a full list of equipment I use to run my businesses, click here.

The reason I suggest these is because the Blue Yeti microphone and Logitech C920 webcam both offer high quality recordings, as well as being a fairly cheap option. I’ve used both for years and have never had any problems.

Users with cluttered houses may also consider purchasing a green screen, which will allow you to edit the background or your videos with ease. I recommend the Chromakey Green Screen Kit.

Regarding software, any standard video editor will work for most people. Advanced users may consider purchasing software such as Sony Movie Studio.

Step Two: Overcoming Fear

Unfortunately, this step is what stops more people from releasing their great videos out into the world, videos which could’ve potentially made thousands of dollars. Some people are afraid to show their face, other’s are afraid of receiving criticism. Both of these are incredibly common and understandable fears.

Honestly, the easiest way to overcome this fear is to simply try uploading. The fact of the matter is, no matter how great you are, people are going to make fun of you. People are going to criticize you – it’s the nature of the internet. These internet ‘trolls’ will find any and every reason to criticize you. You must ignore them. Far more people will be supportive and appreciate your work, and it’s an incredibly satisfying feeling. Once you start making videos, the fear slowly dwindles away. Before you know it, talking in front of a camera will become completely natural to you!

Step Three: Figuring Out What To Say

In my opinion, there are two ways to create YouTube videos. You can either write out a script, or you can say it straight from your mind. The first is easier and usually more structured, while the latter feels a bit more natural. However, choosing to talk from memory also has its issues. Not only does it require you to have more in-depth knowledge about the subject you’re talking about, it’s also quite easy to forget important things you wanted to say.

For this reason, I suggest combining the two. Say what you want to say from memory, but keep a notecard or a list of points you’d like to cover within the video. This ensures the video sounds natural, while still ensuring that you’ll cover all the points necessary.

Regarding your videos topic, it’s best to keep your channel focused around one main topic. This ensures all of your subscribers will be getting content they’re actually interested in, which will keep them subscribed longer and also make new viewers more inclined to subscribe to your channel. If you’re looking to cover multiple topics, consider making a separate channel. Ever since YouTube’s integration with Google+, this has been extremely quick and easy.

There you have it – you now know how to get started on YouTube. For those who have already started producing on YouTube, how has your experience been thus far? And for those who haven’t, what’s holding you back?

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  1. James!

    You know what? I believe you just have the knack for coming up with great and quality-filled contents….so far so good, I have not been disappointed reading your blog. I just hope I could replicate this on my own blog. I know I’d get there some day. 🙂

    So, with these your steps, I already know the way to go and this post I believe already answered the question I asked you via email.

    Bro, you’re way too knowledgeable to your age, the older ones would say, yes, you really are! Wished I have just little of your brain, I probably would have been able to fly to SA and maybe to USA. 😀

    Thanks again for sharing your heart out here with us, man!



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