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FedEx: Package Not Due For Delivery (Cause, Meaning, + Next Steps)

Are you expecting a package from FedEx, but FedEx tracking is stating that the package is not due for delivery?

This can be frustrating, especially if you can see that it is already at your local FedEx location!

So, what causes this message to appear, when will the package arrive, and can you just go and pick it up yourself?

In this article, I’ll be answering all of these questions and more!

What Does ‘Package Not Due For Delivery’ Mean On FedEx Tracking?

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If you are seeing a message stating that your package is not due for delivery, this means that your package is ready to be delivered, but FedEx is choosing not to deliver it because it’s not yet due.

Think about it this way – FedEx offers several shipping options, with different delivery guarantees.

If they have a large volume of packages that are due today, but your package isn’t due until tomorrow, they are going to prioritize the packages that are due today to ensure they hit their shipping guarantees.

Therefore, despite the fact that they have your package ready at your local facility, they are choosing not to deliver it yet.

Often, this is caused because it arrived at your local facility ahead of schedule anyway, so you’re really not missing out on much – you’ll still receive it by the original promised date.

However, some other reasons FedEx may use the ‘package not due for delivery’ message include:

  • The FedEx truck was full, and there wasn’t room for your (deprioritized) package to be placed on it.
  • The shipper requested your package would be delivered on a specific day, and that day has not yet arrived.
  • FedEx is choosing to make sure your package arrives on time, rather than early, so people will continue paying for expedited services.
  • It is Saturday or Sunday, and the delivery service used does not allow for delivery on weekends.
  • FedEx is currently experiencing a higher volume of shipments than normal, and cannot deliver your package early without risking other deliveries being late.

Again, at this point, your package is not yet considered late based on the shipping service that the shipper used for your package. Therefore, your package is still likely to arrive on time – just not today.

When Is The Package Likely To Be Delivered?

Typically speaking, your package will be delivered on the next delivery day.

This is because most packages only arrive at your local FedEx facility one day early. Of course, if it arrived even earlier than that, it becomes increasingly likely that FedEx will choose to deliver your package as its due date approaches.

For the most accurate estimate, reference any estimated delivery date left on FedEx’s tracking page, or promised delivery dates guaranteed by the shipper.

FedEx Ground shipments for example are delivered as long as 5 business days after FedEx has taken possession of the package, where as other delivery services may be quicker.

For a full list of FedEx delivery services (and their expected timelines), reference the table below!

[table id=17 /]

Can I Pick Up The Package From FedEx Myself?

Fedex Delivery Manager, On Fedex Mobile App

As we now know, your local FedEx facility is already in possession of your package. Therefore, you may be wondering – can you simply go pick it up yourself, rather than waiting until it’s finally due for delivery?

Thankfully, you can!

This can be done either through FedEx Delivery Manager, or directly through the tracking page by requesting ‘hold at location.’

If you choose that option, you’ll be notified via text, phone call, or email that your package is ready to be picked up.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring your government-issued ID, and the address on the ID has to match the address that the package is being delivered to.

For more information how to pick up a package from FedEx before delivery, click here!


If FedEx is saying that your package isn’t due for delivery, this is because it hasn’t yet reached it’s due date. Therefore, FedEx is choosing to prioritize other, more urgent shipments ahead of yours.

That being said, the package is already at your local FedEx facility, so it should be arriving soon. You may also pick up the package from there yourself if you don’t want to wait for it to be delivered.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and that you have a greater insight into your package’s status.

If you have any other questions about FedEx, ask them via the comment form below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister


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