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Crispix has become a beloved breakfast cereal enjoyed by many.

Only in recent months, it’s become terribly hard to find.

This has led many to people to wonder – is Crispix discontinued, and if not, when will it be coming back?

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know!

Is Crispix Discontinued?

No, Crispix cereal has not been discontinued. A representative from Kellogg’s has confirmed that shortages of Crispix are due to supply constraints in manufacturing, not due to a decision to discontinue the cereal by the company.

This means that Kellogg’s is currently working hard to ramp up production and distribute Crispix back to store shelves as quickly as possible.

New shipments are being sent out frequently, so it’s possible that it may arrive in your local grocery stores quite quickly. However, since demand for the cereal hasn’t decreased, it may be bought up and go out of stock quite quickly.

We can only hope that Kellogg’s supply chain issues will be sorted out soon, and you will be able to buy as much Crispix cereal as you’d like.

Here is a statement from Kellogg’s’ official Twitter account, confirming our findings:

When Can We Expect Crispix To Return?

Box Of Crispix Cereal

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when Crispix will fully return to store shelves.

In fact, some people speculate that it may get worse before it gets better.

Before the supply chain issues, you could simply pick up Crispix at your local grocery store whenever you went out for a shopping trip. Since so many stores are experiencing a shortage, this has led people to shop around specifically looking for the cereal – leading to every grocery store in your area being out of it.

Although Kellogg’s has a strong hold on the cereal market, they are certainly losing money by not having enough supply to meet the demand for this cereal.

Therefore, we can be certain that they are working to bring it back as quickly as they can.

Thankfully, as much of the manufacturing world goes back to normal, we can expect the supply to steadily increase soon.

What Are Some Alternatives To Crispix?

If you are currently unable to get your hands on a box of Crispix cereal, there are thankfully a number of good alternatives you may consider trying out.

The most common substitute or alternative to Crispix is Chex cereal, made by General Mills.

However, many people have complained that Chex does not hold up as well in milk compared to Crispix, despite having a relatively similar flavor.

So, it’s clear why many people prefer Crispix instead.

Additionally, some of the major grocery chains also make a private label knockoff of Crispix that tries to resemble Crispix as closely as possible. You will likely find this located around the same area where Crispix would normally be stocked within the grocery store.

Therefore, you may consider giving these a try while you wait for Crispix to return!


We are happy to learn that Crispix has not been discontinued, and will return to store shelves soon.

However, it is currently unknown how long it will take for all of the supply constraints to be sorted out.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about Crispix cereal, please ask them using the comment form below.

Wishing you the best,

– James McAllister

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