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Choosing a niche can be difficult. It is one of the first big decisions you have to make, and sets the foundation for everything else you do going forward.

To make matters even more challenging, it’s not something you can easily switch if you change your mind later on. Therefore, you’ve really got to be certain before committing to a decision.

Through my niche reports, my goal is to give you a deeper overview into the market, lay out some ideas for content and monetization, and help you to picture what your business will be like once you’re running it.

Today, we’re going to be focusing on the golf niche.

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It’s amazing how different two businesses can be, even if they’re within the same market, serving the same customers.

The right business has the power to build your dream life, making you excited to get up and work each day. The wrong business can make you so miserable, you’d do anything to get rid of it – even if it’s making you a lot of money.

You may have been told how you need to have a natural interest in the market you’re working in. What’s often neglected however is whether or not you’ll enjoy the day-to-day tasks involved with running your specific type of business.

After all, the day-to-day work involved with manufacturing and selling saxophone accessories, vs. running a business teaching others to play saxophone online will be drastically different – even though these people will likely serve the same customers.

If you’re planning to start a new business, I want to make the case for building something content-based – something like a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast (better yet, building a complete personal brand involving all of them.) While these business can take longer to build up, the numerous benefits I’m about to list more than make up for it!

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Starting a business is tough. Starting it without a strong support network in place? Even harder.

It’s natural to feel that friends and family are supposed to be our biggest supporters – the ones believing in us when nobody else will. That they should back us up on whatever we set our minds and hearts to, because they love and care for us. Unfortunately, with any major life change, this isn’t always the case.

It can be incredibly demoralizing when we reveal our entrepreneurial intentions to those closest to us, and they ultimately shut us down. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, it can cause them to withdrawal from their idea completely, shelving it off into the back of their minds forever.

For your sake and for your family’s sake, do not let that be the case.

This painful hardship can be overcome, and in fact, you may even be able to turn it into an advantage.

Let’s look at what to do when your friends or family do not support your business.

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We live in a beautiful time for entrepreneurship.

The internet has leveled the playing field, and makes it easy for just about anyone to compete in a global marketplace, even without a very large budget. It is even possible to start an online business with no money whatsoever!

However, although it’s possible to start an online business for free, it certainly becomes much easier if you have a little bit of money to work with.

I was one of those people that started from nearly nothing – I remember having to beg my grandmother for $20 to buy web hosting and a domain name. I was only 14 at the time, and had no real income source to work with.

Today, my brands have sold hundreds of thousands of units, and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs around the globe to help them achieve a similar level of success.

Do not let your lack of money stop you from pursuing entrepreneurship – I promise you that it can be done without a large budget. However, if you do, there’s certainly opportunities to build success more quickly.

In this article, I will recommend my best purchases based on your starting budget. This article will be aimed towards people who want to start online businesses – either eCommerce shops (selling physical or digital goods to customers), affiliate marketers, or other content-based entrepreneurs (such as bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters.)

Let’s get into it!

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There is only one thing more frustrating than pouring your heart and soul into a business, only to see it fail.

Doing it several times.

Launching one venture after another, truly giving it your all, only to ultimately realize that its going nowhere.

Each time this happens, you begin to feel worse and worse about this whole entrepreneurship thing. It seems so far out of reach, and you have no idea what could possibly be going wrong so many times. Why it appears so easy to everyone else, but regardless of how hard you work, you just can’t seem to pull it off.

Maybe, you even start believing that you’ve been lied to, and this is all a huge scam.

Don’t worry.

I know how this feels, because it’s something I went through myself. It took me years before I began attaining any success at all, and I have had a large number of failures between them.

The fact of the matter is, even if you do everything right, and you have a solid strategy in place, things still may not work out.

Other times, the shortcomings may be caused by your mindset – a lack of motivation, poor time management skills, or unconsciously setting mental hurdles that make your entrepreneurial journey more difficult.

If any of this sounds like it applies to you, read on – this may be one of the most important articles you’ve come across. We’re going to analyze the root causes of business failures in more detail, and develop a plan that will ensure with absolute certainty that you will achieve success with future ventures.

Let’s begin, with the first step.

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When you’re just starting out as a blogger, it can be tempting to start your blog on a free web host, such as, Blogger, or Blogspot.

However, did you know that this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and not one that can be easily corrected in the future?

It’s true – while you may have seen many people blogging on a domain, starting your blog there is equal to shooting yourself in the foot, and then trying to run a marathon. Simply put, it’s a terrible idea.

Let me explain why.

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