Are you looking to create a logo for your business, and are thinking about using Canva to do so?

Depending on your use cases for your logo as well as how ambitious you are for your company, using Canva for your logo may pose problems – or not be permitted at all.

Thankfully, the details are relatively straightforward, and easy to understand.

So, I’ll be covering whether or not Canva allows you to use their service for logos, use cases that aren’t allowed, and other important information you’ll need to know!

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One of the most disheartening things that can happen to entrepreneurs and content creators goes a little like this:

You pour your heart and soul into something, really working hard to make it into the best possible thing it can be.

You release it into the world, excited for people to find it. You just know that they’ll love it.

Except nobody ever does. Instead, everyone flocks to a competitor, to someone who clearly didn’t invest in much time and effort as you did.

Why is that?

It hurts to say it, but a good product with great marketing, will always be out a great product that isn’t marketed well.

The product is important, but in today’s busy world, the marketing is even more important.

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When choosing a niche or simply measuring your business progress, it’s easy to focus on your total audience size.

We all want to have as big of an audience as possible. We see websites with hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors and think,

“Why couldn’t that be me? What am I doing wrong? My content is a lot better then theirs, and look how successful they are!”

This is a dangerous way to think, and can set you up for the wrong targets.

The reality is, it is possible to make 10x the income with an audience a fraction of the size, and it’s dependent on several different factors.

Let’s look over some of these now, and prove that audience size – for the most part, doesn’t matter when it comes to online business success.

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Every action you take in business either costs you money, or it costs you time.

As entrepreneurs, it goes without saying that we very well may be low on both of these. From the new business owner working a full-time job on top of running their business, to the cash-strapped company that can’t afford to make that extra hire, we are often spread extremely thin without much to show for it.

Unfortunately, unless we change the way that we approach business, it is easy to stay stuck in this trap forever.

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You probably already know everything that you need to succeed.

And if you’re like most people, there’s a chance you’re not actually doing it each day.

I had an interesting realization the other day. When progress comes to us slower than we feel that it should, our natural inclination is to look for the reason why.

We want to know what we’re doing wrong, and why the results are not showing up.

By doing so, we jump on opportunity after opportunity, but never stick with any of them long enough to actually see them through.

The funny thing is, there are no secrets. Chances are, you’ve already been told everything you need to find some initial success with your brand. I call these actions ‘The Basics’, and I’m going to share them with you here.

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What price would you sell your soul for?

What price would you pay for ‘success’? Would you trade your entire life away for a chance to make it, even if it left you miserable, and you were working in a company that wasn’t right for you?

Just like a job, it doesn’t make sense to work on a company that doesn’t bring you satisfaction, even if it makes you a lot of money.

This year, I had to make a very tough decision, and confront some harsh realities.

After nearly 5 years, I have stepped away from my eCommerce companies to return back to my roots – building and marketing online businesses, that don’t require my constant presence in order to grow and thrive. I’ll be providing strategic guidance to the new people running it, but it will no longer be my day-to-day focus.

I believe that it’s possible to build a business that helps to support your entire life, rather than consuming it.

When you realize that your business model is simply not going to fit into the life that you want and there’s no way you can make it work, it’s important to recognize that and make the appropriate changes.

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