If you were to drop your AirPods or AirPods Pro, how likely are they to break?

This is an important question to ask – especially when you consider how much they cost!

Thankfully, drop tests have been done on both the AirPods as well as the case to see exactly how much damage they can withstand before breaking.

In this article, I’ll be going over the results of those tests. I’ll also share more information about what makes AirPods so durable, and how you can keep them safe!

How Durable Are AirPods?

AirPods And Case

AirPods are made from a very tough plastic, and have been engineered to survive years worth of accidental dropping.

In fact, most people will never experience internal or external damage to their AirPods, even if they drop them regularly from a normal height – such as them falling out of your ears, or out of your pocket.

However, I wanted to know exactly what you could get away with.

Fortunately, somebody put together a video where they dropped the AirPods (and the case!) from heights ranging from 3-4 feet, all the way up to 15 feet – or the height of their house’s roof!

You can watch it below, or keep reading to quickly view the results.

5 Foot Test Drop

When dropped from 5 feet, the AirPods experienced no damage whatsoever.

This is about the height they’d be if they fell directly out of your ears while wearing them.

Keep in mind, the test had it falling onto concrete, so your chances are even better if the AirPods were to fall onto a softer surface, like grass or carpet.

Considering there is little reason for your AirPods to ever fall from a height higher than this, it’s an excellent sign!

10 Foot Test Drop

What if we double the drop distance to 10 feet?

To put this in perspective, this is even higher than if you were to hold them above your head, while on your tiptoes.

So, how do the AirPods fare?

Thankfully, even at 10 feet, they still work perfectly well! That being said, it’s possible that there may be minor loosening of the joint that connects to the AirPods.

This suggests that repeat drops at this height may eventually cause this part of the AirPod to break or disconnect.

15 Foot Test Drop

Finally, let’s look at a 15 foot drop – which may be as high as the roof of your house!

Unfortunately, this is where we start to experience issues.

When dropped from a height of 15 feet, the AirPods were still able to connect via Bluetooth and play audio / music just fine.

However, the noise cancellation (and the sensors that support it) stopped working properly, essentially making these features unusable.

While there is unlikely to ever be a situation where you drop your AirPods from 15 feet – especially outside of the case, it does appear that between 10-15 feet is where it starts getting dangerous.

In addition to the problems with noise cancellation, the 15 foot drop did also lead to loose joints on the AirPods.

How Durable Is The AirPods Case?

Now that we’ve covered the AirPods themselves, what about the case?

It turns out, the AirPods case does fantastic when it comes to drop tests as well.

Due to its size and shape, the case is more likely than the AirPods to experience cosmetic damage when dropped – that is, you may experience scuffs or chips.

However, the thick mix of polycarbonate plastic ensures that there is minimal impact damage, even when dropped from large heights.

That being said, the case is used for more than just to store and protect the AirPods – it also contains sensitive electronics used to charge them as well.

Thankfully, the cases internal components survived the drop tests, and it was still able to function perfectly fine.

So, long story short – you may receive some scuffs, scratches or chips when dropping the AirPods case, but they should still work just fine afterwards.

Are AirPods Pro More Durable Than Regular AirPods?

According to drop tests, there doesn’t appear to be much different between AirPods and AirPods Pro when it comes to the amount of damage that they received.

Of course, the two pairs of earphones have slightly different shapes which may affect how they receive impact damage, even when dropped from the same exact spot.

However, the overall materials are the same, and Apple has done a great job at ensuring both models of AirPods are very durable for normal usage.

Unless you deliberately try to damage them – or you drop them down a multiple story building, you’re unlikely to experience damage to either pair!

That being said, the risk does increase over time, so you shouldn’t be careless.


For most people, both AirPods and AirPods Pro should last multiple years, or even much longer – to the point where most people would want to upgrade anyway.

Drop tests show that even if you were to hold them above your head and drop them onto a hard surface, they will still function perfectly fine. Therefore, as long as you don’t deliberately drop them, you likely have nothing to worry about.

Apple has a reputation for quality, and they’ve certainly done well with all models of their AirPods.

That being said, all AirPods come with a one year warranty, which can be extended up to two years with an AppleCare+ plan.

Have any other questions about AirPods? Ask them via the comment form below, and I’ll be happy to help.

Enjoy your AirPods,

– James McAllister

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