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Are you tracking a shipment on USPS (or perhaps received a package back to you), and saw a message that stated ‘no such number?’

Although this is rare to see, there is usually a simple explanation behind this message.

So, what does USPS mean when they say no such number, and how can you avoid this issue from happening again in the future?

In this article, I’ll be answering all of these questions and more!

What Does It Mean When USPS Says ‘No Such Number?’

USPS Vehicles

If USPS states ‘no such number’ on your tracking page or package, this means that the package was addressed to an address that does not exist.

The town name, zip code, and even street name may have been correct, but there is no address on that street with that number.

For example, let’s say that the package was addressed to ‘4100 Main Street.’

If Main Street addresses only go up to 3000, the package may be returned to the sender with ‘no such number’ listed as the reason.

That being said, USPS is still sometimes able to find the address and deliver anyway, especially if the recipient’s name matches. Typos and errors with the address are common, and many areas are well equipped to ensure that mail is still able to be delivered without any issues – USPS is surprisingly efficient at sorting this thing out.

However, if you see ‘no such number’, the package was unable to be delivered regardless, or USPS wasn’t confident they could get the right address.

In a moment, I’ll go over what to do if you see this message, to ensure that it never happens again. First however, let’s continue looking over why it happened in the first place.

Who Is At Fault Here?

Seeing ‘no such number’ on your tracking page can come as a huge surprise, especially if it hasn’t happened before. So, who is at fault here?

Really, it can be hard to know for sure.

Obviously, if you gave the shipper an incorrect address, then this is ultimately why the package ended up being returned to them. If this happens, it’s unfair to expect any sort of reimbursement or refund on shipping fees, since this was an error on your part.

However, many eCommerce merchants use software that attempts to validate an address before shipping it. And unfortunately, these systems do not work perfectly.

If the seller opted to change the address you gave them to something else by their own free will, then it is likely their fault that the package ended up being returned to them.

Of course, this assumes you didn’t also give them an incorrect number on your address.

Finally, if you gave the correct address and the shipper didn’t make any changes to it, then this is a rare issue with USPS, which should be sorted out straight away.

What Should You Do Now?

Most of the time, ‘no such number’ is due to an honest mistake, and won’t end up happening again.

To prevent it from becoming a problem however, you’ll want to review the tips below and implement them as quickly as possible – ideally before receiving another shipment from USPS!

1. Contact The Other Party

The first thing you should do as soon as you see your package has been returned to the shipper, is to contact the other party.

So, if you are the one shipping it, contact the customer to let them know about the issue. If you are the person that was supposed to receive the package, contact the merchant that originally shipped it out to you.

This way, next steps can be taken, reimbursements can be made, and everybody is on the same page regarding the package’s status.

If it was the fault of the merchant, it’s reasonable to assume that you will be refunded any expedited shipping fees you may have paid, and will not be charged for the product to be shipped out to you a second time.

Let’s be honest here, the delay in the package’s arrival is frustrating enough!

2. Visit Your Local Post Office Branch

If you’re noticing a pattern of packages being returned to the sender due to issues with your address, it’s important to visit your local post office straight away so they can sort this out.

This doesn’t just include ‘no such number’ messages, but also other address-related issues like ‘addressee unknown‘ or ‘forward expired.’

They will be able to review everything they have in their system regarding your address, and make any updates necessary to ensure that your mail and packages can be delivered without issues.

Additionally, if there is a specific way your packages should be addressed that may be causing problems, they will be able to make you aware of this as well.

This way, you’re unlikely to see the no such number message pop up again in the future!

3. (Merchants Only) Implement Address Verification

Finally, if you are a merchant and are seeing packages returned to you with ‘no such number’ on the package, it may be a good idea to implement some sort of address verification.

Websites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy have this built into them automatically. However, some shipping label services may not offer this yet.

Personally, I use and recommend Shipstation, as it implements nicely with all major eCommerce marketplaces, as well as systems like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magneto.

Verifying the address is valid prior to shipping can help avoid packages that return as undeliverable, preventing wasted shipping fees and leading to a better customer experience.


When USPS states ‘no such number’ on a package or tracking page, this means that the address provided contained an invalid number.

In other words, the address provided doesn’t actually exist, so the package cannot be delivered there.

By ensuring the address is valid, you can ensure that packages arrive without issue. However, if package delivery becomes a recurring problem, visit your local post office branch for assistance.

I hope that this article has managed to answer all of your questions. If you have any other questions about USPS, please ask them using the comment form below.

Thanks, and here’s hoping everything gets sorted out soon!

– James McAllister

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  1. I have had packages come back because of customer error (and sometimes my own error) in providing addresses, but the most recent one, the local postman at the office (not the driver) says I must pay to get the box back although is was NSN RTS. I have never had to do this previously- just pay to ship it again. Is this new policy or is the postman ill-informed?


    1. Hi Heather, that is an excellent question! Certain shipping services like Media Mail, Parcel Post, and Retail Ground do not cover return costs if the package wasn’t able to be delivered (regardless of the reason, if I remember correctly.) Even if the buyer simply refuses delivery, which is frustrating!

      If you are used to shipping First Class or Priority Mail, this may be the first time why it’s happened.

      Hope this helps!

      – James McAllister


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